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This has been bothering me for a long, long time. In past Editorials you've said that trading Neopets shouldn't involve paint brushes, Neopoints, etc. So now my question: is offering a custom against the rules? I know things such as royal customs or unlimited customs are really popular, but since paint brushes are used... I would really appreciate if you cleared this up, thanks! ^_^ (Please remove my username.) ~username removed
As long as the painting is done before the trade, that's fine. No items / Neopoints / additional Neopets can be traded along with the Neopet.

I've heard it's possible to lose an avatar that you'd already earned by, for example, playing some avatar game or doing a daily again. Is it really possible to lose a once-earned avatar (not counting the Emo Usul), and if that happens, is it a reportable bug? ~tramiel
The only avatars we're aware of that you can "lose" are the Emo Usul avatar and the Count Von Roo avatar (oh, and the Premium-exclusive Space Faerie avatar). If avatars other than those disappear on you, please contact our Support Department.

Hi, TNT! I was just curious: are you allowed to play Deadly Dice on side accounts? There aren't any Neopoints involved, so I would assume it's okay, but I'd rather not chance it. Thanks! ~tiketot4
Speaking of Von Roo! Hmm... we've discussed this among ourselves and, yes, as there are no Neopoints or items awarded, it's fine to challenge Von Roo to a game of Deadly Dice on side accounts.

Hello, TNT! *hands you homemade banana bread fresh out of the oven* :D The other day, one of my friends was telling me of a most bizarre dream that she had, which was about this world that was made entirely of jelly. I checked and she had a fever, but in her fever-influenced dream, she was telling me there was this Giant Jelly that gave away free jelly every day to hungry Neopets. I assumed she meant the Giant Omelette, but she insisted that it was different, that there are all sorts of flavors of "jelly" available from this bizarre giant jelly, ranging from chocolate to fish to dung (ew!). For some reason, though, there wasn't any banana flavored jelly. Apparently her fever was worse than I thought, since who could possibly have such a weird dream and NOT include banana jelly?!? Do you guys have any suggestions for what I can do to help my poor friend? Thanks! ~mid_night989
*stops stuffing banana bread into mouth long enough to reply* Clearly your friend had an episode of fever-induced genius. Make way for Banana Jelly!

Do you think you'll ever make some of the cures for diseases wearable? I think my Kyrii would look fabulous wearing a Sore Hand Wrap, for example. :) ~ninna10_3_3_3
Cures don't work that way. D: There are a couple of wearable hand wrap items on the site, however. We'll see if we can get more variety scheduled for the future.

No creativity in my question: does the Wishing Well give out retired items? Thanks. ~chuckie_the_clown
No creativity in this answer: nope!

We're all wondering: how do you pronounce Xandra's name? Personally I pronounce it ex-AND-rah, yet some people pronounce it ZAHN-dra. I think they're right, but I got attached to calling her that. So, TNT, please settle this: who is right? ~emily_a_baker
Her name is pronounced "ZANN-druh." Thankfully she is not currently in a position to seek revenge on those that mispronounced her name, so you're safe!

Let's just hope she stays stone.

Welcome back! Even if my Neopets and I don't always agree with some of TNT's promulgations, we missed you. You probably don't realize it, but the Water Faerie isn't healing Neopets any longer. The remedy for my Neopet's illness costs 165,000 Neopoints and she can't fight until she is healed. Please help us. We swear we will never go apple bobbing again! ~sherrishasta
The faerie that runs the Healing Springs was still in a bit of shock from the whole "Faerieland-plummeting-into-the-ground" thing, but it seems she's starting to recover from the ordeal and is once again able to use her faerie magic to heal sick and injured Neopets. Hooray!

Hi, TNT! *gives you chocolate* I'm always hearing about people getting suspended or frozen for discussing politics on Neopets. I have a backstory for one of my Neopets that involves politics. Nothing with specific countries / political parties / whatever, just saying that he ran for office and found it wasn't as great as it had seemed. Is this against the rules? Please remove my username. Thanks so much!!! ~username removed
Neopian politics is fine, as long as it doesn't relate to real life politics or hot topics in any way (or is used as a way to get around filters). For example:

Totally okay:
"Who would you elect to be ruler of Lutari Island? Sloth, Queen Fyora, a Neocola Machine, or a basic Campfire?"

Not okay:
"Fyora would totally support *hot topic real world issue*"
"Did you guys see what Sarah (the Zafara) said about Obama?"

Hey, TNT! I thought of this scenario today and wanted to pick your brain about it. If I used a morphing potion on my Kougra to change it into a JubJub, then my Kougra would turn into a JubJub. Let's say that, in the future, I wanted to paint my JubJub. If I did, would it turn back to a Kougra or would it stay a JubJub? ~dplover13
It would stay whichever species it was currently. (In this case, it would stay a JubJub.)

I was going to freeze my side account, so I asked on the Help Board what the link was. Well, I got a warning for it. I didn't say anything bad and I wasn't trying to give away my account or anything. I don't know why I got a warning. Could you please explain? I don't want my account to get frozen. ~kou399
What you received was a message from TNT, not a warning. The monitor was providing you with the requested link. Don't worry, messages from TNT do not reflect poorly on your account. :)

Happy New Year, Neopia! I have a question: how exactly did you choose the Neopets that would be auto-converted? I like to think that you lost half of the original art files for the royal and Halloween Neopets, etc. Others like to say that you drew names from a hat. Then there are those who say that it's because they fit in the customization window. Please solve our debate of almost three years. How did you decide? Thank you for 11 years! ~lilangel
We went through each unique Neopet and determined how big a change we were making to it. If we felt the change was really extreme, we allowed it to have the option of remaining unconverted. Of course, we're sure some of you may disagree with some of our choices, and to be sure there were a lot of tough calls, but it was something we had to do. We were actually planning to eventually convert all of them after people'd had time to adjust, but--stop panicking, guys! For now, after seeing the efforts you guys have gone through to procure unconverted Neopets, we are not planning on doing that anymore.

Happy New Year, TNT! Could someone in the Art Department please take a look at the island Buzz's wings? They have the normal island wings when sad, angry, or hurt, but they change to normal Buzz wings when happy (which surely must be uncomfortable). Thank you! ~indish222
My goodness, we imagine that is uncomfortable without some kind of cocoon stage. We'll ask the artists if they can assist these discombobulated Buzz. In the meantime, we think mr.coconut wants to say something...


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