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TNT! Wockies all over Neopia are very upset with you! Why was Wocky Day delayed this year? Do you have something against them? Please remove my username. ~username removed
We meant no disrespect to the Wockies of Neopia. In fact, if a Neopet's special day is a bit later, it's often an act of love. While scheduling, we need to play a constant mini-game of resource management. If a week has too much content in it, our artists may have to rush to get it all done. We like our Neopet days done with care, so if one week is too crowded (or we'll get better results by having a Neopet day late instead of early) it's worth it to us. :) Just to warn you -- Chomby Day will be on its following Monday, so we can bring you better content on Buzz and Sloth Appreciation Day. This is one such example of how we need to plan things ahead of time.

Hello, TNT! I was wondering if there is a Petpet that looks like a leopard? If there isn't, could you create one? Thanks. ~shiny_suicune_lover
Hmm... we'd say the Tasu and Blugar most resemble a leopard. We'll see if we can get them the option of being painted in more "leopard-y" colours. :)

Hello, TNT! How do we get the items that are not sold in the Hidden Tower anymore? For example, the Everlasting Apple. Oh, and is an Everlasting Apple a food or a weapon, or... ? If it's a food, does it really last forever no matter how many times my Neopets eat it? ~erlin2002
Well, the Everlasting Apple is still available in the Hidden Tower, so that's not a great example. Other items that were previously in the tower but have since been retired would have to be purchased from players who bought those items while they were still in the tower. Also, yes, the Everlasting Apple is a food item, and it lasts forever, regardless of how many bites your Neopets take from it. :)

Would you please consider making October 5th a special day, in memory of poor Hubrid Nox? ;_; Perhaps a Villain Memorial Day or something along those lines? *lays flowers on Nox's grave* ~not_so_shorty_12
*hangs head in silence* Alas, poor Nox -- blasted away in the prime of your villainy. Yes, we shall honour Hubrid Nox this next October 5th. It's the least we can do for MAGAX; he's been pretty listless without his favourite super-villain to wage battle against.

People will often say something like "BOARD CLOSED" if they're either being flamed or are just done with the board. I see it all the time, but was never really sure if it counts. So, if someone says that, do you actually have to stop posting there? Isn't that a power left to TNT, to lock threads? Thank you for answering! ~liveitup48
Only TNT monitors have the right to decide what can and cannot be posted on boards. Requests, rules, and other instructions made by the posters on a thread have no authority (though it is polite to respect the request). A related reminder: spamming or harassing someone is never allowed.

Hey, TNT! *throws Invisible Paint Brush* Just wondering: why do we have to include an item in a trade, rather than just Neopoints? ~ciara7862
Because, if you were just offering Neopoints in exchange for an item, you might as well use the Auction House or shops? ;D All joking aside, we know how the Trading Post is used -- often with the offer being Neopoints and a worthless item. It's still the Trading Post, though, so you'll always have to trade something.

*cough* So... the faeries are currently, uh, not themselves at the moment. My darling Neopets were wondering: why are there clips of the faeries doing winter activities at the Advent Calendar? I suppose the clips could have been recorded before this Xandra mess started... also, when Faerieland fell out of the sky, were its Neopian inhabitants harmed? Did they have parachutes handy? ~warriorsluverdbook
Those special recordings the faeries and Neopets made for us were prior to their unfortunate incident. We here at Virtupets Recording Network bring you these videos with a heavy heart, but hope that the holiday message overshadows the faeries' plight. As for the Neopet inhabitants of Faerieland, we've heard from reliable sources that most were safely evacuated when Faerieland first began to plummet.

"Everyone, we hope you've played a lot of Ugga Drop."

Hey, did you know the page that lists what gourmet foods you've fed your Neopets is really, really broken in Internet Explorer, and has been for ages? Check it out!


As you can see, it stretches the page on a big, long, one item-tall list. It didn't do that before, and on Firefox it's still fine (capping each line at ten foods). Could you guys maybe fix that? It drives me crazy, as my gourmet Neopet lives on my side account and I access my side accounts in IE. Thanks! ~lobstermagnetcty
D: So it is. We've put in a ticket with our Programming Department requesting that they look into it.

Hey, TNT! *flings sardines at you* Why yes, I do know they're retired. Anyway, I have a question that's been bothering me for a bit, something my friends were debating about a couple of months ago: when you write a Neopet and its color, is the color capitalized as well as the Neopet's species, or is the color not capitalized? I know that the Christmas color is definitely capitalized, but for "red," "shadow," "striped," etc. I'm not sure. I know I've seen them without capitalization and on occasion capitalized, so... ~faerierainbow3
Ahh, the fun of Neopian capitalisations! Only the species name is capitalised, unless (as you mentioned) it's a proper noun like "Christmas" or "Mystery Island," etc. Also, it will be capitalised if the entire thing is a proper noun, or it is the name of an existing Neopian item. Some examples would be:

"Oh look, it's a shadow Usul."
"Oh look, it's the Shadow Usul."

"Let's go visit the Snow Faerie."
"Is that a fire faerie over there?"
"Let's open this Bottled Dark Faerie."

"Let's go to Moltara and paint my Krawk magma."
"I'm going to the Rainbow Pool in Neopia Central and using my Blue Paint Brush to change Harvey1238232 into a blue Lupe."

Dear TNT,
I am pretty sure it used to be forbidden to give your account to someone else when you decided to quit Neopets, even if that person happened to be your real life sibling. I have tried to find that rule recently, but couldn't. Is it still forbidden? If the answer is no, can you tell me if it ever was forbidden, or if I am imagining things? Please remove my username. ~username removed

Sharing an account is not allowed. You can find it under section 10 of the Neopets Terms and Conditions. We'll repost it here and save you the wear and tear on your mouse button:

"10. Do Not Share Your Account. You shall not share your account with anyone or allow anyone else other than you personally to access or use your account, other than your parent(s) or guardian(s) who have rights to access and manage your account if you are a minor. You will be held responsible for any activity that occurs on an account registered to you."

Hello, TNT! I've been meaning to ask this for a long time now, as it was something that came up ages ago. My Neopet kamerisa has been baby for as long as I can remember, and when she was first converted she never had a bandanna, and I'm almost certain no baby Lupes did. A while ago, though, they were added and I was disappointed to see that kamerisa didn't get one! Why should I have to pay another 600,000 NP just to get her signature bandanna back?!? D: ~sunset_star260
D: You certainly shouldn't have to. We thought we had fixed that quite some time ago, but perhaps the inoculations Dr. Sloth has been giving us have dulled our memory. If you have a baby Neopet that is missing existing clothes that it had prior to Neopets being converted, please write in and let us know. When granted, you'll find the items in your active Inventories. Please move them to your Closet to use them. :)
P.S.: We're aware that baby Elephantes previously had diapers. However, there is no current existing wearable diaper for them. We're looking into this to find out if it was purposely omitted or an oversight.

*throws dubloons* Why is the game called Black Pawkeet Slots when the game features green Pawkeets? ~xaliaz
The Black Pawkeet is just the name of the ship. :)

I've been wondering about your Dream Neopet Giveaway. My Neopet is currently a boy and I plan on choosing royal, but if my Neopet happens to be a girl by the time the giveaway is over will I get a royal girl or royal boy? ~bizoukasa
It will be whatever gender your Neopet was when (and if) they are selected and changed. So, if you change your Neopet to a girl by then, you'll get a royal girl. Therefore, make sure your Neopet is the gender you prefer (if choosing a colour like royal) before the Day of Giving.
If you missed the news announcement, be sure to visit the Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway page and enter for your chance to win the Neopet of your dreams. No purchases, surveys, or twirling on your toes required. :) (Well, you can twirl on your toes if you win. We won't tell anyone!) Hmm... mr.coconut, what colour would you want to be painted?


With regard to entries for the Gallery Spotlight, please make sure there are no extraneous items in your Gallery. This is because, when a Gallery is spotlighted, ALL items are shown at once. So, if you have a spork Gallery and then one section of unrelated Neocash items, it will disqualify your Gallery. Also, before entering, select to view your Gallery with "show all" enabled so that you can see how it will look to the judges. You may want to organise it to make it look nicer and improve your chances of winning. :)

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