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PLEASE don't end the Site Spotlight! I know I've spent several months on a page for the spotlight, and I'm nowhere near done. Ending it just stifles our Petpage creativity! Please, don't end it! ~username removed
We are sorry. The Site Spotlight has been around for a very long time and many of us love it too, but it is a bit outdated and isn't getting as much love from Neopians as it used to. You never know, we might find a way to bring it back and give users credit for the wonderful guides and creative stories that they do on their Petpages. *sniffles*

Hello, TNT staff! I love the new look of the wheels that the Save the Wheels group have rescued so far. I also don't mind that it costs more to spin the Wheel of Excitement, especially since the prizes have been updated. But... since the revamp, we have only been able to spin the wheel once per day, even though the description says it can be spun every two hours. So, which is it? Daily or every two hours? Inquiring minds want to know. *grin* Thanks for all your hard work! ~smseal
Most of the wheels are daily, so there was a bit of "human" error that resulted in it only being able to be spun once a "day." While a programmer works on fixing it, we'll entertain ourselves by adding quotation marks around "random" words.

Hey, Editor-person! :) Um... in a past Editorial, you talked about an RP called "socks in a dryer." Do you have a link to that particular board? I would really like to read it. ^^ Thankies! ~froggypet23
Hahahhaa! Did we tell you guys about that? Alas, that board was made years ago and no longer exists. We also recall we did an RP board where we role-played soda bottles sitting on a shelf. We got quite a few compliments on that one by players that joined in with us! Apparently everyone had a ton of fun. :)

TNT, I was just wondering: did the name purge mentioned in January really take place? Also, when will the next name purge be? Does the name purge only delete unused accounts, frozen accounts, or both? If this makes it in, please remove my username. Thanks! *throws chocolate* ~username removed
The purge is currently going on, but slowly, unlike previous times when we deleted massive numbers of accounts at once. The purge deletes long-abandoned accounts that were never used much at all, as well as very, very old frozen accounts.

Hello, TNT. Look at your artists. Now at me. Artists. Me. Artists. Me. Too bad your artists aren't me, but they can smell like me. I'm on a horse. ~spartasown
Look again. Your horse is now diamonds!

Look down. Look back; it's tickets to that thing you love.

Hi, TNT. I was recently trying to customize a Hissi on a side account with a Bomber Jacket Shrug, only to find that, when you put it on, it overlays a different Neopet species' (I think an Acara) version of the Bomber Jacket Shrug on the Hissi. I'm not sure if this has already been brought to your attention, but is there a time frame for when this will be fixed? My Hissi really wants that jacket. :[ Thanks! ~tamadeski
It seems like it was actually trying to put on the Ixi version! D: Apparently there was an upload error regarding the Hissi version of the outfit, but it's been fixed now. Huzzah! How's that for a time frame? :D

Hey, TNT! Is it still possible to obtain the Helpful Zafara avatar? I tried getting it with the new Help section, but it doesn't work. :P ~muffin6083
We made a note that it should be moved over as well, but perhaps someone didn't get the memo. We'll make sure that the avatar will be available again as soon as programmer-ly possible.

Hi, TNT! *shakes violently in the presence of TNT* So, I was wondering: is there ever going be a morphing potion that can change a Neopet's species but not their colour? Thank you so much if this gets published! ~grape0lot
We've discussed this and, while it might not be in the form of a morphing potion, it's something we're not opposed to. We'll keep this idea in our heads and see what we can develop. Please no breath-holding while you wait, but yes, there is a very good chance we will do this in the future.

Hi, TNT! *hands home-baked brownies* I love the whole Save the Wheels thing, on account of it deflating the Neopian economy and such. A round of applause from all of the poorer Neopians. One thing, though: the Wheel of Excitement cost 150 Neopoints before. It now costs 500 NP. Why the price change? P.S.: I think the Wheel of Misfortune looks really old. Why not have it saved (made over)? ~bridget9993
Despite our attempts at deflation, things these days are just more expensive than they were back when the Wheel of Excitement originally made its debut. We've made it more expensive to spin, but it also gives bigger rewards when you win. :) As for the Wheel of Misfortune, who says it won't? ;)

Hi, TNT! The default Petpages need updating. :3 What do you think? ~cookiebookie766
We think we couldn't agree more; that's going to be something that will take some time to do, though. We already have a LOT of fun things planned for the upcoming months, so we'll have to see what our resources can provide.

Hey, TNT! *slaps with a pancake* On the account theneopetsteam, do you have more Neopets than just rackatackata? He looks lonely. :( ~luckygirl86102
He actually has two brothers, both equally well-named! He also seems to be happier these days. We fed him some scammers, so he isn't pouting about being hungry anymore. ;)

*sets up a tray of assorted cheeses* I was organizing my gallery of plushies and everything was going swell -- that is, until I ran into my Blugthak Plushie. In my gallery I like to organize my plushies by Neopet, and when I came across the Blugthak Plushie, I realized I have no clue what he is! What type of Neopet is Blugthak? ~sammygdog_1
We were torn between deciding if he was a unique creature or an extreeeeeemely mutated Quiggle, so we figured we should just ask the artist that drew him. It turns out that Subordinate Prime drew him way back during the days when we badgered him for art instead of... well, just about everything these days. We learned that Blugthak is actually unique before fleeing his office.

Hi, TNT! I just wanted to know: why does mr.coconut only say GOOD NIGHT? Also, how was he born into this world? =o Lastly, why do you make such a big fuss about Meepits? It's not like they're ev-- *is dragged away by Meepits* ~charmandersforever
*watches in horror as they take another one* And this, folks, is why we make a fuss about Meepits. You never know when they are going to strik-- *is also dragged away by Meepits*


To clear up any confusion from last week, the avatar you are rewarded for reaching rank 1 in the Altador Cup is this avatar:

The Altador Cup Fanatic Avatar (the one with the Techo shaking his fist) is retired however.

To address further questions we've received, you'll be most likely be able to get your Altador Cup site themes mid next week when our Mynci programmers manage to hit the correct buttons in the correct order to make it work again. Also note that if you've received the avatar or site theme from a previous AC you won't receive them again this year.

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