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Hi, TNT! I was wondering: would it be possible to make it so that Faerie Quests and Kitchen Quests only affect your active Neopet? I recently created a new Neopet (I now have two Neopets) and I'm sort of disappointed to find out that, when doing these quests, it randomly selects the Neopet to give the stats to (which doesn't help when it goes to the Neopet I am not wanting to train!) Is there any way you can change this? Thanks! :* ~therichestneopian1
Ah... yes, it might be time to update this. We will look into it. :)

Hi there, TNT! I just have a quick question for you. See, I'm a dedicated plushie collector on Neopets. In fact, I have over 203 plushies! Sometimes, though, I just feel like collecting other things. So, if I wanted to collect something like... musical instruments on my side account with a separate Gallery, would I be allowed? I guess the question is, more so: can you have Galleries on both your side and main accounts? Thank you! ~inatizzie
Yep! That's just fine, as long as all the funding comes from your main account. :)

Heya, TNT. I'm writing in to the Editorial with concerns about custom Neopet trading. The Neopets always have to be at least seven days old before they can be traded, and this is really a troublesome rule. During the seven days of aging, people can back out of offers or simply disappear after a few days and not ever go on afterward. I've gone through this experience, where the person who was offering a baby custom simply created the Neopet, disappeared after 2 days, and was never online again. Against the rules or not, people have backed out of offers, and this is really giving a lot of people a headache. :/ Could this seven days thing be removed (or, perhaps, shortened) so that, well... you know. xD A lot of Neopians would definitely benefit from this! Thanks and GOOD NIGHT mr.coconut. ~galaxy__1995
This rule is here to protect the Neopets. It is quite traumatic for them to be born, painted / dressed-up that day, and given to another owner the next day. Neopets shouldn't be treated as commodities. If you're trading for that Neopet of your dreams, just make sure you trust the person enough to stick with the deal, or don't trade at all.

Whoever you are, are you ABSOLUTELY SURE that you activated the Wishing Well avatar? I ask because it would really stink if we tried all those theories, only to get told that the avatar wasn't active yet. Can you make sure? Please? ~805icecream
Yup, we tested it ourselves both pre- and post-release. It's active and obtainable. :)

Hey, TNT! *throws non-bouncing codestone at you* What happened to the codestone smiley? It was so cool. It was a bouncing codestone, but now it just sits there and stares at me. What did you do to it?!? Why isn't it bouncy anymore? Please tell me! I loved that bouncy codestone. ~madisonlovese
Unfortunately it was being abused and used in... unintended ways. Don't worry, animation will return -- it will just shake like a proper codestone should (unless people figure out a way to horribly abuse that as well).

This is why we can't have nice things, people!

Hi, TNT! I want to take some stamps and charms out of my album so that I can trade them, but I can't figure out how. Is this even possible? Thank you for reading. ~willowwisp98
Sorry, once a stamp has been placed in your album it cannot be removed. D:

Hey, I know you guys have a lot on your plates right now and this is probably really far down on the to-do list, but there's an error on the Altador Cup Neopedia article. It says there are four types of Yooyus: snow, fire, faerie, and mutant. What happened to Darigan and robot? I think they deserve to be on there as well. Thanks, and keep up the great work with the site. ~pattyellen
It looks like that Neopedia article was written before more types of Yooyus were added to the Altador Cup. We'll ask our writers to update the article since they are pretty bad at programming, anyway. ;)

Okay, we all know mr.coconut is pretty much the coolest thing ever. 8D Therefore, I'm sure plenty of us are wondering: who was the user that sent in that caption for Caption Contest #1106? I do suppose that, if their name is mentioned in The Neopian Times, they might be bombarded with fan mail and have to freeze their account. Then again, I MUST KNOW!!! ~the_golden_moon
Alas, as we just picked those captions at random and did not post the usernames, we are sad to say that the brilliant mind that gave birth to mr.coconut is unknown to even us. *holds hat over heart and looks down solemnly* We can only thank him or her for sharing the absolute brilliance that is fance tops and mr.coconut. WE SALUTE YOU.

This is the most serious question you will ever get. Please help me, or this will haunt me forever: dear TNT, I need a lot of help, but I'm not going to bribe you with cakes or flying lawnmowers. I've played Neopets for five years, and I just realized something. What is Sloth? Having noticed his hair, I think I've figured it out. Sloth is a Chia. WHY TNT?!? ;; Is he really a Chia? Please, make it not so! Thanks and much love. ~cat234543
We're sure Dr. Sloth would strike you down for even harbouring the notion that he is an adorable Neopet. What is Dr. Sloth, really? One word: brilliant.

Can you get a Mystery Island Paint Brush at the Almost Abandoned Attic? If so, how much does it cost? ~lasergu
No, paint brushes and other special rarity items (101+) do not restock, and therefore will not appear at the AAA.

If mr.coconut were to wish for one thing from the Wishing Well, what would it be? ~cacophsms
I guess it doesn't hurt to ask. What would you wish for mr.coconut?


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