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This is kind of a random question (I know y'all get tons of those, though)... is there a correct way to capitalize the names of Neopets? Is it peophin or Peophin? Xweetok or xweetok? ~muffin6083
All Neopet species names are capitalised, as well as specific item names, locations, and of course proper names or characters. For example: the words "faerie" or "codestone" by themselves are not capitalised, but Bottled Fire Faerie or Main Codestone would be, as would the Faerie Queen. There are also about a bazillion rules concerning capitalisation and British spellings, etc. It's amazing our writers are still (relatively) sane. For more clarification, here's an example:

Wrong: The faerie xweetok left the trading post, bottle of blue sand in hand. With a leap, the neopet spread her wings wide and began her flight to faerieland.
Right: The faerie Xweetok left the Trading Post, Bottle of Blue Sand in hand. With a leap, the Neopet spread her wings wide and began her flight to Faerieland.

How is it that stamps that have a rarity index of 99 are impossible to find, yet the Old Rotten Left Shoe I get from Underwater Fishing has a rarity index of 101 and I got it for free? ~bengtson_98
Rarity 101+ items aren't necessarily more rare than r1-r100 items; it just means the items don't restock in shops. They are given out in other ways that can make them incredibly common (like a Pile of Dung) or ridiculously rare (like the Midnight Jelly World Stamp).

So, when Tarla generously gave me a Question Mark Cupcake during her tour, I noticed that I could read it to my Neopet. I discovered I had two more in my Safety Deposit Box and thought I'd try to read one to another of my Neopets, but now the only thing they can do is eat it. 0.o Is this the case of an item error that you had fixed, or was it a limited-time opportunity to read it during the tour? ~racoon188
That was an item error. It was incorrectly flagged as a book in our database and later corrected. Devouring a good book should never be taken that literally. Ba-dum-CHA!

Hi, TNT! I was wondering: along with everyone on Meridell and Maraqua's teams, why aren't there Meridellian and Maraquan representatives in the Altador Cup Staff Tounament this year? We understand that (due to the way it's set up) there can only be 16 teams, but how are those teams chosen? Did no one want to be a knight or fishy? Did the staffers who would've supported MD and MQ just not get their applications in on time? Does TNT *gaspeth* not like Meridell and Maraqua? Please ease our troubled minds. Thanks and good luck to all the staff members in the tourney! ~stephi_n_geoff
Alas, yes, you are correct in that, the way the staff tournament rankings were set up, we only had room for 16 teams. We chose 16 staffers to participate, and they chose the team they wished to represent. That's not to say that we have no Meridell and Maraqua supporters here, it's just that they weren't among the 16 staff members selected this time around.

Hello, TNT! In the Editorial for issue 443 of The Neopian Times, you mentioned you may be introducing more Neopoint "sinks" to the site. What does this mean? Will there be an increase in Random Events where we lose Neopoints? Are our Neopoints decreased by a certain percent? I don't want to become poor! Thanks! ~12mercury
Haha, no... we're not going to be sending out extra Random Events to start robbing you guys blind, or shave percentages or zeroes off of your Neopoints. Rather, we prefer to offer you new items and activities that encourage you to spend your NP. :)

Like purchasing sinks from shops?

Hi, TNT! *offers cake* I think that you should notify users if their Editorial question is answered, because some might forget to check, etc. Plus, it might be a big deal for some. *cough* ~ouigbvaen
*cough* Our system isn't set up for that, and unfortunately there's a lot of stuff we'd rather our programmers work on. If it's really that big of a deal to a player, we're sure they'll learn from their past not-checking mistakes and remember to check next time. *cough*

¿sʇǝdʇǝd ɔılǝɹ / ɐɯƃɐɯ ƃuıʇʇǝƃ sn ɟo ǝɔuɐɥɔ ʎuɐ ǝɹǝɥʇ sı ~redherochild
Suuuuure, why not?

Hi, TNT! So I was randomly inspired by my Calculus Class to see what the difference would be in my National Neopian Bank account if you guys compounded continuously (A=Pe^(rt)). Well, in my small account (I still cant buy a Royal Paint Brush D:) the difference was astronomical! It came out to 97,000 Neopoints! Can you imagine what that number would be for a Neomillionaire?!? Is it possible that, in the future, the Natl. Neopian will switch to compounding continuously? ~razzlekitten

Dear TNT, today I went to the pronunciation page and was extremely shocked by the pronunciation of Aisha. Apparently it is an EYE-SHA instead of an Aisha. I thought that the ai vowel cluster made the long a sound. Are the pronunciations in British english? ~sarahloos
Yep! Neopia uses British english. Hence the "u" in colour, and the "trousers" instead of "pants," etc.

I really love you, TNT!!! I didn't think you would be so quick about making my biggest Neopian dream come true, the creation of the black Morkou!!! And on Petpet Appreciation Day, too -- a sweet thing to do! Is there any way to send gifts to one of your accounts? I'm pretty sure TNT members must have their own accounts. Well, anyway, my best regards to the artists who have created my sweet little black Morkou, okay? *leaves a huge box of virtual chocolate on your table* Thanks again!!! :) ~emmerlaus
Oh, hello! Nice to hear from you again. We're sorry we didn't publish your request for a black Morkou in the Editorial, but as you can see, we did see it and had it scheduled. We're glad you're happy with it; no need to send any gifts. A happy player and a box of pretend chocolate is more than enough for us. :D

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please fix the glitch at the Petpet Puddle. The Ombat has new colours that can't be painted. Please move this glitch up your to-do list!!! Please, please, please, please, please, please, please! ~stargate_area_51
Weeeeeell, you DID say please *counts* fifteen times, so we suppoooose... all fixed! (We also fixed the Blugar and Dartail while we were at it, as we're assuming they were having the same difficulties due to what the issue was.)

Hi, TNT. *hands mr.coconut fan mask* Could you possibly give us a hint for the new Wishing Well avatar? Thanks! ~happy_gilmore1side
Nope! We checked out the Avatar Chat and we couldn't even find a board with people trying to figure out the avatar. Tsk! We know of one Petpage that is dedicated to solving the mystery, but beyond that we haven't seen the kind of effort going into this that would warrant giving you guys a clue. ;D It seems everyone is content to wait for someone else to cough up the Neopoints to solve this avatar. If that's the case, you'll have a long wait, friends. Buahahaha! Perhaps mr.coconut will be more forthcoming?


Or not.

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