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If you get a 1st place game trophy, then later (like, say, the next month) get a 2nd or 3rd place score, does the 2nd or 3rd place trophy supersede the 1st place one? If so, that seems a bit unfair. D: ~angelwritergirl
Once you get a gold trophy, it always stays gold. Any subsequent wins, no matter the place (2nd, 3rd) will simply add a x2 or x3, etc. to your trophy (the exception to this rule is the Caption Contest trophy; once you get a gold Caption Contest trophy, the only way to increase your total is by getting another gold). This only holds true for the trophies on your User Lookup, though. The ones on your Neopets' User Lookups function differently.

Does Mr. Insane really smell like fish? If so, what kind? Why does he smell like fish? ~77thbigby
We asked him, and he responded: "The question is not whether I smell like fish, the question is whether I fish like smell." We... just kind of slowly backed away and went back to our desks, but uhh... yeah. There's your answer. o_O Enjoy?

Hey TNT, you rock. I was wondering if you could tell me if magical Chia pops exist? People keep saying there are these items that can make your Neopet a food-shaped Chia, but I tried searching everywhere and couldn't find any proof that such a thing exists outside of the Rainbow Pool. Is this some kind of running joke people pull on new members, or are there actually magical Chia pops? If they're real, why can't I find any in auctions or trades? I'm very confused. ~sarantuyaa
Yes, there are magical Chia pops. If fed to your Chias, they will morph them into food-shaped Chias. They are pretty rare though, and uhh... rather poorly named. We took a look at them and realised there was really no consistency in helping players recognise which ones were magical ones that altered Chias and which were just plain old food. We've taken care of that. Any Chia pop that will morph your Chia is now appropriately labelled as "Magical (flavour) Chia Pop." We've also removed any that had "non-magical" in the name as it's now a bit redundant.

About time!

Hey, TNT! I was recently told that covering up my Neopets with images was reportable. Is this true? ~greenday198555
It is okay to cover your Neopets with your own art if you're so inclined, as long as the correct species / colour is depicted. However you may not cover your Neopets up with a different species / colour, a different image from our site, or an unconverted image of that Neopet. It has to be clear to anyone visiting what kind of Neopets you have.

Are Petpets given out by the Advent Calendar eligible to win the PPL? ~iluvspike4ever365
Yep! Just check out week #118. Gotta be quick to get on those lists, though! ;)

I have recently seen loads of huge shops that have all the item sections bookmarked with special animations, sounds, and all of that stuff. How do they get these things? ~olliethecoolguy789
We think we remember touching upon those shops last week. All the art, buttons, animations, and everything else is user created content, either using their own art or graphic art derived from Neopets images. Slap that up with a little coding magic, and you have a fancy shop face! :D

Hey, guys! I was just wondering: why are there so many Petpets that appear in shops but don't appear in the search function or at the Petpet Puddle? Is it an issue of rarity, or that there is only one color for that Petpet at the time? Thanks for all your good work and keep dodging cookies! ~sugarmagnolia33
Your second guess was on the spot. Though this doesn't always occur in an entirely consistent way, Petpets that don't have any alternate colours shouldn't appear at the Petpet Puddle.

Hi, TNT! I was just wondering if you'd noticed that the Neggery is having problems. I have tried to trade in my Green Festival Negg for tokens multiple times, but nothing has happened... please fix this, since I would very much like my tokens. :( ~heidibeckykate
Sorry about that, guys! We're aware of the issue with that Negg and are attempting to get it working properly. :)

Are tokens all I'm good for? T_T

NO MORE COOKIES! Hey TNT, I just saw someone offer and receive a 10,000 Neocash custom for a retired background. Is this allowed? Does TNT have any jurisdiction on capping how much $ is spent on Neocash trading? Please remove my username, and thank you! ~username removed
Daaaang. O_O It's amazing what some things are worth to people. As it stands, as long as there aren't any shenanigans going on, there's really no reason for us to step in. As long as the person feels good about the trade, who are we to judge? Just like the standard Neopian economy, we prefer just to let you guys handle it and not stick our noses in too much, unless something really does need to be looked in to.

How do you edit your Neopets' Petpages? I want to change mine, but I cannot find out anywhere else! ~lasergu
All those fancy code editing areas can be located by clicking the "My Account" button at the top of the page. This will take you to a page where there are different sections for you to alter various aspects of your account such as your own profile, that of your Neopets, social areas (like guilds / Neofriends), etc.

Hi TNT! In quest 6 of the Negg festival, I noticed that the 'Edible Guide to Jelly World' didn't get given as an item, like earlier items in the quests. Was this on purpose? Please remove my username. ~username removed
Unfortunately there was a printing error in the shipment of Edible Guide to Jelly World books we received, and we had to send them back to the printer to be fixed. The corrected versions should arrive in about two weeks and we'll make sure that everyone who should have earned one will get one. :)

Hey, TNT! You know, I love games like Cellblock, Cheat!, Pyramids, and Sakhmet Solitaire. Are there any plans to upgrade these into Flash-based games to improve quality and such? ~rastani
Mr. Insane won't be pleased to hear that you just said Flash games are of a better quality than those made with PHP. You'd best start running, since you've seen how insane he is! D: That said, we also mightily fear Mr. Insane, and are unlikely to further aggravate him by updating those games into Flash.

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