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Hey TNT, can our Neopets have babies? I was just wondering because it's kind of... weird. It would be neat to be a grandma Neopet owner, but it's like how did this happen in the first place? Excuse me if this is a strange thing to be asking you because there are still so many things I do not know. Also, if you're wondering why I'm asking this, it's because I read something about baby Neopets or something like that. Please remove my username. ~username removed
We agree that it would be terribly weird. D: That's why we offer baby Neopets as a colour, just like any other paint brush. Check out the Hidden Tower if you're interested. That way everyone can enjoy adorable baby Neopets without the weird parts.

So, if our Neopets on side accounts have Petpets and they are the species and colour for that week's PPL, won't it count as earning on side accounts since we get Neopoints as part of the prize? ~dhullu
No, we understand that some things are beyond a player's control. Just like Random Events, it's fine if the Petpet Protection League selects a qualifying Petpet that happens to be on your side account. Just think of it as some bonus Neopoints to help feed your Neopets on that account. ;D

How about doing what many real countries did and knock off one digit's value from all prices and bank accounts? This way, one Neopoint will be the new ten Neopoints and low-point games made during a simpler time will be worth more! Imagine 100,000 NP being the new million! Non-value items, such as wooden shields, will have slightly more value. It'll be so good for the economy. ~lewdish
We don't think our numbers are quite out of hand enough to warrant dropping zeros from everything. It sounds like a lot of mess for not really fixing much. Those items with basically no value would still be worthless, and we think everyone would have a rough time adjusting to the change.

Hi, TNT! *hands you a scary white Meepit* So, I have a question. Do Rarity 99 items ever stock in the main shops? I had a feeling Thyora's Tear could restock in the Battle Magic Shop, so can they? Please keep my username anonymous! :) ~username removed
Yes, items with a rarity of one through 100 can stock in Neopian stores. Rarity 99 items like Thyora's Tear restock very rarely, and Rarity 100 items like the Glittery Scorchstone are all but non-existent.

Shhh! The Emerald Eyrie Coin and I are hiding.

I was thinking of creating a new Neopet the other day and couldn't come up with a good name. Finally, I turned to the suggestion box, which came up with _8e_prince_sq6_28. Now, I don't know about you, but I absolutely loved this name! 0:-) Anyway, I think everyone (myself included) would like to know when some of those long-abandoned and frozen Neopet and account names will become available again. Thanks. :) ~cmoney4
D: That's, uh... quite a name. Glad you liked it. ;D The Neopets that got stuck in the Pound while it was down are still being released into Neopia, and as we mentioned some Editorials back, an unused account purge is scheduled in the not-terribly-distant future, which will free up quality names like __t4_happy_dance_201b!

How many staff members are "well-versed in the ways of Moltara" and capable of entering the Magma Pool? What does it take to become "True Masters of the Ways of Moltara," and why is it so difficult to do? Seeing as how some Neopians got that right almost immediately, it seems like it may just be random, but I'm sure it's really something quite simple. Could you provide just a hint? *pretty, pretty please begging cookies* ~cassmay23
Staff members? Not many. The secret to unlimited access to the Magma Pool is well guarded, even here. Honestly we were hoping you guys would figure it out for us so we could know, too. *hangs head in shame*

Hey, TNT. I just wanted to know: how do you make a mall in the Marketplace? ~kittenmitten_1
In order for your shop to appear in the Marketplace, you need to keep upgrading your shop until it is large enough in shop size to appear on the map. If you mean more along the line of the graphics and links you often see in those shops, those are groups of players working cooperatively by linking their shops to form a "mall." If you have the funds or shop size to appear in the Marketplace, you can contact the players from your favourite mall to see if they have an opening. It's totally up to them, though. We have nothing to do with these "malls" and cannot force them to let you play along with them.

Hey, TNT! I've procured a Petpet painting problem (say that five times fast!). I've got a Fire Petpet Paint Brush, but when I try to paint Clyde the Antwerph with it, an error shows up, saying the combination couldn't be found. The Petpet Puddle does say that fire is an available color for them, though... ~mint_green_
Odd... we'll look into that and see if we can fix it. Thanks!

One must wonder... do fire Antwerphs eat fire ants?

*gives Kadoaties* Way back in Year 6 you guys wrote in the Editorial that we could win a Kadoatie by feeding Kadoaties at the Kadoatery. Is that still true? Thanks! ~phdinmagic
Originally it was our intent for the Kadoatery to randomly (and rarely) award a Kadoatie, but if we remember correctly we decided against it, although afterward we mentioned it in the Editorial. (This is all based off of some very rusty memories, forgive us.) Please remember that the information we offer in Editorials is what we believe to be the most accurate information at the time. This means, however, that sometimes things unexpectedly change or just develop as the site ages (or, heck, sometimes we just plain mess up and are wrong about something). Aside from Lawyerbot, we're all human here and can only do our best.

Has something happened to the Petpet Protection League? They keep announcing a new PPL award each week, but the list is still on week 338 (which is from two weeks ago). Is a minion of Sloth holding them for ransom so they can fund an expedition to find the Space Faerie Charm? Did a Snowbeast eat them all? ~scifi_crazy
Urf, we'll look into that and figure out what the issue is. It's probably Meepits, judging by our past history. They get into everything.

Hi, TNT! *offers a plate full of cookies* I noticed that there haven't been any new colors for the Cybunny species in a really long time. Being a proud owner of one, it would make me really happy to see some new colors for them, especially with the Cybunny Carnival coming up in a month or so. :) ~risa00000
We expect you'll be seeing some new Cybunny colours during the upcoming carnival. Usually we only release Neopet colours on their Neopet day, or related holidays such as Halloween or Christmas, or other special event days where a paint brush makes sense.

What happens if you go to the Lever Of Doom with 0 NP? ~ponzi1999
Absolutely nothing. It's like it knows somehow. *shifty eyes*

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