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Hello. I was trying for the "I heart happiness" avatar, but the only faerie I can view in the gallery is the Space Faerie. I was wondering if this is a glitch, and if so then could it be fixed, please? Thank you. :) Please remove my username if this is shown. ~username removed
Sorry about that! We did manage to fix this relatively early in the day on the 14th, so hopefully everyone was able to get their avatars.

Please stop giving us faerie quests asking for unreleased items. I know the Faerie Queen really wants her cool Royal Girl Wocky Plushie, but I can't buy it, as it has not restocked yet! Thank you. ~henreiman1
As many of you have noticed by now, we've finally gotten on top of the backlogged items. (Huzzah!) Unfortunately, that also means a lot of items are still finding their balance in the market and waiting to restock. There's nothing we can do at the moment regarding newly-released items being asked for by faeries, but it should settle down soon.

All hail mighty TNT. For the past few days I have been seeing Techo Toothpaste restock in the Desert Petpets Shop. It says it's a Petpet, but the option it gives is to eat it. I was wondering if this is a glitch. ~chuppacabrashelper
Hahaha, yes. As we mentioned last week, during the mass release we might have accidentally set some items to the wrong type (along with other funky things). We appreciate your help in identifying any items that have the same name, or are suspected of having the wrong item type or use, so that they can be promptly fixed. Techo Toothpaste now stocks properly as a grooming item and is no longer edible, since toothpaste isn't something anyone should be eating (even Neopets).

My question is this: why can't Krawks and other limited edition Neopets have equal rights like the non-limited edition Neopets? Why do they need to be limited edition? Everyone should be able to adopt / create them. I don't think people want to play over a million games just to get one Neopet that they might lose from scams / frozen accounts. ~macxiiey
Well, limited edition Neopets do have all the rights that other Neopets enjoy, including the right to partake in such activities as visiting the Healing Springs and whatnot. However, we do think that limited edition Neopets are just fine the way they are. If we just removed Neopoints entirely, gave everybody one of each item, and made things completely equal across Neopia, there wouldn't be much of a game left, would there? We think the fun of Neopets is fueled by players trying to improve their accounts and enjoying a little competition. If no Neopet or paint brush was more impressive than any other, we think that Neopets would be little more than a really colourful chat board. D:

If I performed a custom for a Neopet but then Boochi zapped it, is the other trader obliged to continue the trade? Please omit my username. ~username removed
Hmm... well, let's put it this way. Let's say someone orders a queen-sized bed from your company. They come into your shop and you present them with a baby crib, then ask them to pay you for the bed they ordered. We imagine that wouldn't go over well. D: It's the same thing with this trade. They requested a certain Neopet / colour combination, and that's what you both agreed to trade for. Unless you offer them what was agreed upon, they can certainly back out of the deal. Now, we understand that you probably spent a lot of Neopoints customising the Neopet, but unfortunate Random Events are a part of the game we all have to deal with.

Eat cute! *bzzzaat!*

I know that directing people away from Neopets is reportable, but can you report the people who did it? An example would be for someone to say, "Go to this website to vote for my friend in a singing contest." Could you then report the people who said "I voted," because I'm wondering if I should report them. ~mew5436
No, only report the person posting the link. While we do not encourage players following links off the site for their safety, we certainly can't punish people for leaving the site. Well, except by not returning their accounts when they fall for scams like, "Click here to get some illegal program!" We don't have much sympathy for players who lose their account by attempting to engage in an activity that would get them frozen anyway.

Hello. I have a question about Petpetpets. One day I was searching the Shop Wizard and found a Petpetpet in my Petpet's mouth, but now I'm wondering if your Petpet can find Petpetpets when they already have a Petpetpet attached to them? Thank you. ~rouge703
Yep, that's just part of the Random Event that gives out Petpets. It doesn't matter if your Petpet already has a Petpetpet equipped.

Dear TNT, while browsing for different wearables to buy for my Neopets, I came across a few different backgrounds that somebody told me are from the "Neopets Customization Beta." A couple of examples are the Lost Desert Background and the Tyrannian Background. I can't find any for sale, and I was wondering if the items are still available? If these items are no sale / no trade, I'll stop looking for them.... ~starry_night8806
Those particular backgrounds are from our early days of customisation. And yes, it seems (as you suspected) that they are flagged as no trade / no sell items. :(

I've been playing Neopets for around 10 years or so now. (Wow, yeah I know.) I just want to thank you very much for being a big part of my life. I started when I was a kid and now I'm a grown adult. I just want to thank you for all your many years of hard work and ask if, perhaps (if you guys have the time or interest), would it be possible for users who have been around for so many years to have a special avatar for them? I don't think anything else would deserve an avatar if not to prove loyalty to the site by remaining a member for such a great amount of time. Thank you. ~firzt_lady
We do have several things planned to let our long-term players know how much we appreciate them. We'll have to check and see if an avatar is among the things we came up with, but do keep your eyes peeled for other little perks that should start showing up soon. :)

I was wondering: can you do faerie quests on side accounts? I can see not doing most of them, but what about Fountain Faerie quests? Also, if this gets in, please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed
Yes, the faerie quests that you get from Random Events are fine to do on side accounts, as they reward stats, paint colours, and whatnot. Please use your main account to fund your item purchases, though.

Have you ever made the Mystery Pic a picture of the contest prize? I feel like that would be dreadfully devious and sneaky... and awesome. :D ~rex3388
Hmm... we think we did that once. Hehehe. A lot of people seemed to think that that's what we tried recently with Round #873, considering the answers we got. We were quite happy to see that two players didn't fall for it (and knew to keep their mouths zipped), earning themselves 1,000,000 NP each. *two big thumbs up to them*

Hopefully we didn't crush them when we dropped all that NP into their accounts. D:

Hello, TNT. This has kind of been bothering me for a while. Sometimes a person will claim that another user has essentially plagiarized their work because they stole their content, layout, etc. I was wondering: what would be the appropriate manner of handling such plagiarism? Should the plagiarizer be reported, or is it something a user has to deal with on his / her own? Please remove my username. Thank you. ~username removed
If your creative work on Neopets has been plagiarised by another, by all means please report it to us so we can handle the situation, especially if you have already (politely!) contacted the person in regard to the issue and found them uncooperative. While we do appreciate you trying to settle it first on your own, if you feel uncomfortable doing so just report the matter directly to us.

So, I went to visit The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity and left with a Thyassa Gormball Action Figure. Having not heard of this item before, I looked it up on the Shop Wizard but found nothing there. I then went to the Trading Post, thinking that maybe it was worth more than 100k, but found nothing there, either. Lastly I went to the Auction House, where I also found nothing. The item says that its rarity is only 66. Why can't I find it anywhere? ~skeeky20
As mentioned earlier, this is yet another result of the mass release of items we did. You just happened to be lucky and get an item that hadn't stocked yet. This should happen less and less as the new items filter into Neopia.

I was browsing through the Petpet Puddle today, intent on finding a nice colour to paint my Ukali. I looked on the drop down list to search by species and, to my shock, the Ukali wasn't listed! I knew I had seen it there before, so I searched by colour - white - and found it... twice. The white Dua was also listed twice. The Petpet Puddle has always been a little messy, but I thought this was a little odd. Would it be possible for the Petpet Puddle to be "cleaned up" at some point in the future to make it easier for us Neopians to navigate? Ta! ~elish111
It has come to our attention that there are several Petpets that are not displaying properly at the Petpet Puddle. We're trying to make sure they're all added, so if you notice other Petpets that aren't showing up there, please feel free to give us a list. Hopefully we'll be able to get the puddle cleaned up soon, but it's quite a zoo in there!

How is "Neopies" pronounced? Personally, I think "Neo-Pies" sounds just a little silly. ~falloutboy_is4lovers
Think "trophies" but with "Neo" in front. :) Just say "nee-oh-peas" really fast.

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