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Hey, TNT! Symol Clockwork Windups have been stocking with the stamps recently and I was wondering if the poor things were just lost or if this is the start of a Symol invasion of Neopia? Thanks! ~chirigami
We hope they're not planning anything; we've got enough trouble trying to deal with the Meepits. It just seems that those darn clockwork toys always seem to wind up in the silliest of places! /kneeslap Ahem, we've stuck them back in the Toy Shop where they belong.

Hi, TNT! I just wanted to suggest a little something for us more "private" Neopians, myself being one of them. Would it be possible to add an option to the Preferences section that allows us to choose whether or not non-Neofriends can view our User Lookup / Profile? I just get a little unnerved sometimes when I wonder how many random people view my User Lookup, ha ha. Thanks for reading this, and if it gets in, would you mind removing my username? Thanks! ~[username removed]
Neopets User Lookups do not offer much personal information about our players at all, as we do care a lot about your privacy. However, User Lookups must have Neopets account-specific information available for your fellow players to easily view. If you would prefer a higher level of privacy, then you are welcome to remove any of the additional text you've added regarding yourself, any interests you have selected, or other information that is not required.

I was just wondering if it was "legal" to use the Neolodge on side accounts? I've been doing it, and based upon the answers of those whom I've asked, it's okay. I wanted to make sure with the "big dogs," though. Please clear this up for me! ~codelyokorox
Yep, you're more than welcome to use the Neolodge and Healing Springs to keep your Neopets on your side accounts in good health. If you need Neopoints on your side, you can transfer some from your main account. :)

I got my first set of worms and then found my first Red Moltite. I then went back to the lamp shop and got my wearable lantern and all my worms escaped. It was very slow going to get back to nine worms, but for many days (I believe well over a week, maybe two) I haven't seen a Rainbow Worm. My other worms are currently in my Gallery so that they don't accidentally get stolen from my Inventory by a Random Event. Is there anything I can do to improve my odds of seeing a Rainbow Worm? ~chularose
Rest assured, we feel your pain as far as trying to capture those elusive Rainbow Worms. Unfortunately there isn't anything you can really do to improve your odds except keep a sharp lookout. Our own Dragona went a week and a half without one sighting of a Rainbow Worm, then found one right away for the next three days in a row. It's all random luck.

You'd hide too with so many Neopians trying to
grab you and stuff you in a lantern!

I was just curious about how we're supposed to paint Neopets custard at the Rainbow Pool when there isn't a Custard Paint Brush to use?! I thought custard was a Lab Ray colour only, but maybe I am mistaken. If you could clear that up for me, I would be greatly appreciative. ~podge1993
The listing you can find at the Rainbow Pool area of the site shows you all possible colours, even Lab Ray-only ones. As you thought, custard is only available for Neopets via the Lab Ray (there is a Custard Petpet Paint Brush, though). If you ever want to double check what paint brushes exist, you can take a peek at the Rainbow Pool's brushes listing.

Hey, TNT! I've noticed that you guys have been activating a lot of items, but it all seems to be junk and the stuff is just filling up the shops. Could you start releasing some Rarity 99 items and such to go with all of these junky items? Thanks. :) ~moneylover995
Oh, we're sure all the Jhudora / Illusen questers would just LOVE it if we released a bunch of brand new r99s for those lovely faeries to ask for! :D *can hear screams of agony from the BD Chat from here* I'm sure you restockers and resellers wouldn't mind at all, though. ;) We're doing what we can to release a good variety of items of various rarities. Remember, one Neopian's junk is another's treasure.

Hey, TNT! Okay, so a lot of people have messages on their User Lookups that say something like, "Dear TNT, please do not freeze my account. My sister has an account on this computer and I use a few different computers to get on Neopets." My question is: does that actually work? Do you guys even read those messages? And, if you do read them, do they just make you more suspicious? Thanks! ~dragonnnyyy
No, they don't work. We see them as glorified chain letters. Other people see them and post them on their own User Lookups because, for some reason, they think we might take this into account (as if any site abuser couldn't just put that on their User Lookup as well). We investigate accounts and make our decisions based on the best evidence available to us. Imagine if you were at a criminal trial and the accused stated, "Oh, I didn't steal it. It was... uh, my sister!" Could you imagine the judge and jury just taking their word for it? If they did you'd probably be outraged, especially if there were evidence to the contrary. This is why we just get annoyed by these notices, as they make people think that they have to have them on their User Lookup as a safeguard. In the instances where we see them, they are removed from the User Lookup to stop this spam from spreading.

I got a piece of Scrap Paper! It has the same name as the Scrap Paper that was given out on Day 7 of the 2009 Games Master Challenge. Why does it have the same name? Is this some type of mistake? This Scrap Paper I have is rainbow colored. How can I price the item if it has the same name as the white Scrap Paper? This is the first time I've found an item on Neopets with the exact same name as something else. ~iluvmice4ever
Whoops. That is an error we do occasionally make, as we have close to 50,000 items on the site. Thanks for the heads up. You can find the new colourful scrap paper under its new name, "Pieces of Scrap Paper." We've been releasing a lot of backlogged items recently, so if you guys catch any more "oops" please feel free to contact us about the item so we can fix it. :)

As if poor Scrap hadn't already had enough problems in life...

Dear TNT, you are so wonderful... so how could this happen?!? All the Gnorbu in Neopia let out a collective groan when the news for January 6th came out - and there wasn't even a brief mention of Gnorb-ocity! There will be wailing on the planet tonight! How could you forget our fluffy friends?!? Sincerely, a disgruntled Gnorbu owner. ~absolutesurrender
We're terribly sorry to any Gnorbu who may have been disgruntled by their special day being a day late this year. We promise, however, that our intentions were good! By having a buffer between Aisha and Gnorbu Day we were able to make sure they got the quality clothing, colours, and art that our fluffy friends fully deserve! ^_^

The Advent Calendar should be functional throughout the year. ~killer_bee13
Hmm... perhaps you're not quite familiar with the concept of an Advent Calendar? ;) Though free items are always nice, if it was every day of the year it wouldn't feel so special or be something to look forward to.

The news page said that "collector plush is retiring." What does this mean to the prize codes on the tags? Will those also become retired? How long do we have until the codes on the tags become unusable? I have a feeling I know the answer (since the old TCG codes still work after so many years!), but it would still be nice to reassure everybody with an answer. ~captain_dh
We don't have any intention of removing the coding for the collector plush prize codes from the site, so don't worry about it. :)

'Ello, TNT! I hope you enjoyed your nice long break! =P Anyway, my question is with regard to the adorable little worms you can get randomly around Moltara. I have collected all of my worms and was getting ready to enter the cave when that mean ol' Pant Devil appeared and stole my Red Worm!!! I've been refreshing and have been unable to find another one. My question is: am I now doomed to never be able to complete the task? Thanks and *thumbs up!* for all that you do! ~bama_girl12
Is there anything that dreaded Pant Devil won't steal? We mean, they're just worms for goodness' sake! (Though we think he steals stuff just to be annoying.) It's doubtful he had a use for it, and probably just dropped it after he stole it. Don't worry, just keep looking and you'll find it again. :)

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