Preparing Neopia for the Meepits Circulation: 173,432,373 Issue: 405 | 14th day of Hiding, Y11
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I finally got a quest from the Fountain Faerie. Yay, me! I want to paint my Quiggle robot, but that is not a Fountain Faerie option. Is this a mistake, or does she just not like robot? Thanks. ~tu_ma_max2
Congrats on the quest! Alas, not all colours are available from the Fountain Faerie. If you want a robot Quiggle you'll have to take your chances with the Secret Lab Ray. *dramatic music*

Hi, TNT! If you feed your Neopet an Everlasting Apple, will it still remain in your Inventory? After all, "no matter how many bites you take out of this apple, it will never get any smaller." :) ~oh_champs_elysees
That's exactly how it works. You can feed your Neopet the Everlasting Apple all you want and it will never go away. Unless, of course, the Pant Devil or some other nefarious villain decides to relieve you of the item.

Hi there, TNT. *pokes you with the awesome stick* On Half-Price Day, does that include the Hidden Tower? Thanks, you guys! ~the_lost_heros
Hahahahaha, no.

Aloha! I hear that the new Draik Eggs are having some difficulty hatching. Can you change this? It would be rather disappointing to have an empty egg right about now. ~cutecoolchick963
It looks like they were a little too comfortable in their egg shells. No worries, though; putting them in that comfy Draik Nest should work like a charm now.

Hey, TNT! Why does the Silver Dubloon Necklace restrict the gloves zone in customization? My Neopet wants to wear it on her neck! Thanks! ~shayaalliard
Ack! It looks like it was accidentally listed as gloves, but just on Yurbles and Zafaras. D: It should be all fixed now.

I still think I would have made a pretty bracelet! *sigh* Oh well.

Hey guys, during the last issue you said that you'd be willing to add some colours (your spelling) for the poor Vaeolus. Well, my poor Flishy also has no new colours. Could you at least make him invisible so that he can match his Neopet keeper? I wouldn't think the graphics on that one would be too hard, lol. Thanks for Neopets! ~momnpets
Plenty of people wrote in to help us identify other Petpets that had apparently been forsaken in the colour department. The Flishy, Mimbi, Crystacat, and Hermiteese have all been duly noted and will be worked into upcoming content. Additionally, we know that there are still plenty of others, and we'll get to them as soon as we can. :)

Is it just me, or does everyone get that problem in Scamander Swarm where no words appear in the game? Can you fix this, TNT? If you do, I shall give you a lizard on a stick fried in the desert sun, because the game is corrupted now. I mean, I don't understand anything. ~penguin_101_
Egads, yeah... that game was being rather bonkers, wasn't it? It's all fixed now, so you can stare at scurrying little Scamanders at your leisure.

I was just thinking, and I wanted to know why you charge people for adopting Neopets from The Neopian Pound. Why aren't we allowed to just adopt Neopets for free? ~yavon311
Someone has to pay to feed and shelter all those poor Neopets in The Pound. Just think of it as a charitable donation. :)

Hey, TNT! *gives box of cookies* Thank you so much for changing the name of the Sinister Krawk clothing. Could you possibly also change the name of the I Club Sloth T-Shirt to include the word Grundo in it? I have a wearable shop and it is hard for people to tell that it is a species-specific item. Thanks for making shopping easier! :) ~lisaacloud
Egads, thanks for pointing that out. It's been fixed now. Are there any more clothes we missed, guys?

Good job on the new Kelpbeard's Trident, TNT. It's exactly the kind of weapon the Battledome needed to spice things up a bit. However, the trident seems to not be affected by the classic Hidden Tower item "Bent Fork," which traditionally has disabled all fork and trident weapons in the Battledome. Did you guys just forget about it? ~neo_knyghtmare
Yay! We're very happy to hear you guys are enjoying the new Hidden Tower item. As far as the Bent Fork, yeah, we did forget about it, hehe. Thanks for reminding us! It's been fixed to recognise Kelpbeard's Trident.

You just had to tell on me, didn't you? QQ

Hey, TNT. *gives basket of chocolate and some sugar free stuff to those diabetic people there in the office* I just have a question: my friend swears in Dutch and Japanese sometimes. Is that allowed? Will swearing in different languages like that not get you in trouble? Thanks, TNT. You rock. Also, please keep me anonymous. (: ~username removed
Swearing or trying to get around the filters isn't tolerated, no matter what the language. We have monitors who are bilingual, so we don't recommend trying to sneak anything past them.

I have recently gotten a Neomail telling me that I can become a "Neopet Moderator," get free stuff, earn tons of Neopoints, and become a more responsible Neopet owner. I tried Neomailing a response to ask if this was legal, but the account of the person who wrote me had been self-frozen. Therefore (industrious me), I went and looked it up on the Internet; it seemed legit... so, can I be a Neopet Moderator? ~xaliia
Neopets will never, ever contact you and offer you a staff position. The only way to become a monitor or staff is by sending in your resume to us and being interviewed. We know that there are plenty of scammers out there claiming to offer Neopets jobs, or who say they are ex-staff and can give you Neopoints and all sorts of other ridiculous things. These are ALL scams designed to trick you into giving up your account information.

Hey, TNT! I was just wondering, out of curiosity, approximately how many items are bought from the Hidden Tower each day? (remove my username please) ~username removed
Well, we looked at our handy-dandy chart and the Hidden Tower sells roughly 200 items a day. Wow, you guys really do like that new trident! They're selling like hotcakes! :O Baby Paint Brushes seem to be the best sellers overall, though.

Is the Bonju Avatar going to be expensive? Because, if it is, then lots of people will never be able to get it! ~dsdude2837
Nope, it's really quite affordable... especially right now, since people haven't figured out how to get it yet.

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