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Sorry! The page you requested could not be found on Neopets.

Just kidding! :D

It seems inflation is a problem on this site and that users are becoming increasingly frustrated with the growing costs of some of the more expensive paint brushes. I was wondering why the payout for games cannot be increased, maybe even if for a little while, to help remedy this? For example, instead of the maximum being 1,000 NP per game played, it could be raised to 5,000 NP. ~teratogen
Though it may seem counterintuitive, creating more Neopoints and putting them into the economy would only make the situation worse. Games are where most Neopoints are created, and inflation is being caused by there being too much NP floating around. If solely playing games isn't fetching the Neopoints you need to buy your dream Neohome, we suggest exploring more areas of the site where Neopoints can be made, such as the Neopian Stock Market, restocking, or using your shop. :)

Dear TNT, I saw a quarrel on the guild chats the other day about a guild review site. It seems that there was a guild review site reviewing guilds without their permission. Now, there is no issue at all with this, but when the owners of the reviewed guilds kindly asked to have the reviews removed, the word "idiotic" and "no" came into use. Now, are these pages allowed? And if the owner of the page refuses to take it down, can this be considered harassment? *PLEASE LEAVE THIS AS ANONYMOUS* ~username removed
Yes, if a request has been made that the player remove the review and the request is being ignored or responded to in a rude manner, then it's time to call us in to help settle things.

One of the recent questions for the Editorial was "Do you fix minor [grammatical / spelling] mistakes?" This got me thinking about what you would consider a mistake. As I was thinking of this, I began to ask myself, "What if they made the mistake on purpose?" Not to annoy you, but let's say a Grundo was speaking and they wanted the reader to actually read what the Grundo was saying in the way it was being said (as an example, writing "Hewo" instead of "Hello" or other "typos" like that). How do you know when to fix the typos and when not to? ~jayceedee
We're mostly the creative sort here as well, so we're pretty good at figuring out when something is meant how it was typed and when it's not. As you can see in the Editorial, there's plenty of "Hai TNT!" and "Okies" and other such phrases, which are just alternate ways of spelling or saying things, and we know it. In fact, we sometimes even use them ourselves, because if we were really mature enough to not use playful talk like that then our desks probably wouldn't be covered in action figures and Neopet plushies. :D

Could you possibly rename the Sinister Neovian clothing set to have "Krawk" in the name? Unlike all the other species-specific items, these don't have the species in the name, and it causes people to think they're wearable by all Neopets. D8 ~ghostkomorichu
Ahh, we think that's one of the first sets of clothing we made species-specific and probably hadn't adopted our whole clarifying naming scheme yet. We'll fix it up to help avoid confusion.

I bought the adorable MME1-S1: Tiny Striped Wonderworm. And I know he's supposed to change and I'll get additional items but, what I want to know is even after his metamorphosis is complete will I still have a Tiny Striped Wonderworm? He's so cute. Oh and will giving him to a Neopet affect the metamorphosis process? Thanks!!! ~soul_rune1984
When your Experiment makes its last morph and reaches its final stage, all of the previous stages for that particular Experiment (including the Tiny Striped Wonderworm in this case) will appear in your Inventory. From there, you can do whatever you like with the items (just like other "normal" items). And yes, you may gift an Experiment to another Neopet (Neofriend). Just keep in mind that the Experiment may morph into a new state between the time you gift it and the time it is accepted by your Neofriend. A gifted Experiment will follow the same secret morphing schedule as all other Experiments of its kind, so no worries there. You may also gift the individual stages (items) once your Experiment has reached its final stage and all of its previous stages have been deposited into your Inventory. For more information about Mysterious Morphing Experiments, please visit the NC Mall FAQ (Section 12). Thank you and Happy Morphing!

I want to ask about "Shrimp Powder" from Remarkable Restoratives. The item description reads "Mix this with a glass of milk and your pet's throat will open up a bit so they can say more than Ugga." I made one of my Poogles ill with Ugga-Ugga, then used it to cure him. I tried 6 times, each time receiving the message that this was the wrong medicine (and my Poogle remained sick). Is this a mistake? Does this medicine really cure Ugga-Ugga, as the description suggests? ~mellen48
D'oh! We'll look into the item and make sure it's working correctly. Thanks for catching that!

Hey guys, I've had my Vaeolus for a while now and I was hoping you would come out with some new colors for it. Do you have any planned? ~max569323
Oh dear, you're right. We didn't realise that poor Petpet was only available in its original colour. We'll make it up to this brave little Petpet in a big way!

It's about time. *glare*

Hey TNT, a couple questions. After reading the Style Showdown's FAQ I am under the impression that the rules allow us to submit any of our Neopets from any of our accounts, as long as we only submit one Neopet per theme. Is this an accurate impression? The second relates to Spinacles, which is a great game by the way: I noticed that a number of the people on the High Score Table practice a technique where they stay at low levels and farm points by allowing spheres to build up before knocking most of them down. While getting lots of points is all well and good, I was wondering if there could be a separate series of trophies to reward those who beat high levels in the game. ~pikakeet
We updated the Showdown's FAQ earlier this week to try to make the rules a bit clearer. Please only submit Neopets from your main account. As for your second question (tricksy player, asking two in one breath... *mutters*), there's not much we can do about that as it's a legitimate strategy to earn points, and there's really no way for us to separate the two types of scores. :-/

If I had a zapped Meowclops that was originally an Angelpuss and I painted the zapped Petpet pirate, would I have a pirate Angelpuss or Meowclops? ~cinderpelt_65
You'd have a Meowclops that politely informs you at the Petpet Puddle that it can't be painted due to being zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray. ;)

What up, TNT? We've been having some weird weather down here in Cali, haven't we? *shivers* Anywho, so I'm sure that all of you at TNT are aware of users making designs for their Lupes / Unis / Draiks / Neopets in general, giving them stories, pasts, "mates," and "children," etc., all of which is located on Petpages. Well, I was talking to one of my friends in Florida, who was one of said users. All she did was roleplay with her two Lupes and then, one day, she was frozen. She claims it was because she had made her two male Lupes gay. She never posted anything explicit, as it is against the rules, and it was never the main focus of the RPs she was in. So, is it against Neopets' rules to make your Neopets "gay?" Sorry for the slightly awkward question. If you could clear this up for both her and for me, that'd be great. I'd love to get her back on Neopets again. :) ~nagatai
Marriage or romantic relations between Neopets is not allowed, even if they are only mentioned on Petpages. This goes for all gender combination of Neopets. It doesn't matter if it's a male and female pairing or one of same gender -- all of it will be warned, or frozen if they've had previous warnings. We know it's kind of a drag, but we feel it's a lot better than the other extreme. We don't need or want future Neomarriages, NeoDivorces, or NeoCustody Battles. This is just not the place, guys. ;)

If I recall correctly, the item Grapes is a retired item. If so, then why is a retired item being sold in the General Store? Could you please clear this up? ~bushka8
No good reason that we can tell! Another good catch. We'll replace the item with something that's not quite so... retired.

We're the second item ever created.
Let us rest! /cries

Have you ever considered making a High Score Table for the Neopian Stock Market? That would be awesome! (Thanks for 8 years of fun, by the way!) ~cry884
It's a very nice thought, but we don't think that everyone with a lot of NP invested in the Stock Market would want it publicly broadcasted on a High Score Table. A lot of people prefer to be private about just how many Neopoints they have. (Thanks for hanging with us for so many years!)

Hello! I was just curious about the new Draik eggs. Why do they cost so much more than the old ones? Err... the "estimated prices," I mean, hehe. Anyway, for example, the Ice Draik Egg (r98) is 85,000 NP, and the Lost Desert Draik Egg (r97) is a whopping 700,000 NP!!! Was there an extra 0 added by mistake? If not, why is it so much more expensive? :) ~coralthecool
The Darigan Draik Egg's estimated price is a whopping 1,000,000 NP, and we liked that. We know the Draik eggs can sell for well over 10 million in auctions and on The Trading Post, so we purposely put a high price tag on the new eggs (and relatively low rarity) to further help curb inflation by both adding more Draik eggs (thus, creating slightly less need for Pirate Paint Brushes) and removing Neopoints from the economy at the same time.

'Ello, TNT! *Passes out Grandma's homemade cookies* I was browsing through Neopia when I noticed "Smelly Jelly" looking like a 4 year old drew it. Why is this? Was it one of the first jellies? ~pandas4lifeand4ever
Hahhahaa, no, but close enough. That's an item from our first Artists On Vacation Day back in 2006. We recently just had another one as well, and for everyone asking, yes, those are real items and they'll be released into shops shortly. We'd like to apologise ahead of time to anyone with a Mallard gallery. D:

Jinkzdivah is dressed for a formal dinner with the Snowager, for the new Out on the Town dress-up contest Neopets is running. (It can be quite the raconteur when it is not so worried about people stealing from its hoard. She hired a team of Skeiths and Grarrls to play some Tyrannian rock music to keep it awake enough to dine and guard at the same time.) I've been wondering if she needs to stay all gussied up until the contest is over, or whether she can change out of that formal gown when she gets tired of it? The Elegant Buzz Gown never looks as right and proper as it should unless it is stiffly pressed, and she really hates that. ~solsticesprite
Oh, we wouldn't like being stuck in stuffy gowns for days either, so please tell your Neopet that after she's submitted her beautiful image to the contest, she's free to dress however she likes.

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