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If you entered your gallery for the Gallery Spotlight and didn't win that week, do you have to enter again, or does the last time you entered your gallery still count for the next week? ~nuggler_1_1
Please don't resubmit your gallery unless you've made changes to your gallery artwork or coding. We keep the submissions in our database, so if we'd like to spotlight it, we'll find it. :)

Dear Neopets Team, do all comics and stories submitted have to be Neopets-related to be put up, or can it be about anything as long as it is appropriate? ~nobody_0_o
All creative entries to our site competitions must be Neopets-themed. Please do not bother sending artwork, writing, Petpages, or User Lookups dedicated to your favourite band, movie, real-life animal, or anything non-Neopian. (And yes, in case you're all wondering, we do get these types of submissions a lot. x_X)

I know you guys have answered this before, but it's still unclear to a lot of users: can we possibly get yet more clarification on what's harassment and what's not? Some people say harassment is only when you've asked someone to stop saying / doing something and they continue. Others think you can only get in trouble if you actually swear. I would think the line would be drawn at personal insults (i.e., actually attacking you, rather than, say, your Neopets, opinions, or shop layout). There are still others who think that, if it's harsh enough, bashing your customization, art, or other work could be considered harassment. Could we get yet more clarification here, or do we just have to go by instinct and possibly risk making false reports? ~breakingchains
We can't cover all aspects of harassment, but we'll try to put some examples here to help you guys get a better idea of what is and isn't harassment.

Not harassment:
"I think _____ stole my Meowclops. Be careful." (Assuming the statement is true. If you're trying to frame someone, you'll be the one in trouble.)
"I rate your gallery 1/10. The colour scheme is awful." (Not exactly a tactful way of offering a critique, but not quite harassment either.)
"Ugh, the customization winners are terrible this week." (Terribly rude and insensitive, but not harassment.)
"Can we trade my yellow Xweetok for your Darigan Draik?" (Annoying, yes, but not harassment unless they continually don't take "no" for an answer.)

"________ is a scamming jerk! Spam him with dung!" (You're looking for revenge or to defame this person, not to warn people.)
"That's the lamest idea ever. Your gallery stinks." (This statement is in no way helpful, and is only meant to hurt the person.)
"I can't believe _____ won custom spot this week. They always have terrible outfits." (Direct attack at someone meant to hurt them.)
"You think blocking me will stop me? I'll spam you on every account I have!" (The person has made it clear your negative attention is unwelcome, yet it continues.)

If your situation can't quite relate to any of these, and you can't seem to de-escalate or shrug off the situation yourself, please use your best judgment as to when it's time to make a report. Also, please keep in mind that these examples aren't cut and dry rules. Every situation is different, and our monitors have the final say as to when someone has pushed the line.

Ehh thbbbbb!

What's up, TNT? *tosses you celery sticks* My friend recently had a Split Paint Brush stolen by the Pant Devil. When I heard that, I wondered... is it more likely for bad Random Events to happen to higher-in-rarity items? Thanks for putting my question in! ~cactusthorn2151
It may seem that the Pant Devil and Grundo Leader (among other dastardly denizens) tend to aim for higher rarity items at times when you lose something you love, but it just depends on what shiny object gets their attention; it could just as easily be a shiny stone.

Could the Stargazer Background recently added possibly have the Krawk removed and made into a (customizable) background for Neopets? It's so pretty, hehe. Please remove my username. ~username removed
Hmm... it's not quite square, and we're not sure where the Neopet would stand exactly. We can talk to our artists and find out if it's possible, though.

For the sake of everyone on the boards, could you please explain if false board topics are reportable / against the rules? I ask because a lot of users are saying that it is. There was an argument about it on the Pound boards a few days ago, with users flaming the person who created the topic. I hope you answer! I would like to know the truth. XD Thanks, TNT. ~n_unknown_n
First off, to clarify -- a false topic board is something like this: "DRAIK UFT" as the topic, then "Just kidding... made you look! I am looking to trade my Maraquan Buzz for a Faerie Peophin, however!" on the inside. While greatly annoying, this isn't against the rules. We will occasionally delete these threads, but as of now, we are not warning for them. If it gets to be more of an issue we will reevaluate our position, but for now (while we don't encourage it) it's not technically against the rules.

Question: exactly WHAT species is Dr. Sloth supposed to be?!? ~nativity1213
Dr. Sloth isn't a Neopet, and is greatly angered by your slander. Expect a visit from him and his ray gun soon.

Is it possible for Neopets to dislike the colour they've been painted? I recently painted my Acara cloud and she hasn't been happy since... my Neopet usually has a very sunny disposition, so I'm not going to attribute it to any underlying emotional trauma. Any help would be great. Thanks! :) ~angel43323
While Neopets will throw fits over food and book choices, they are generally fairly happy to be painted. There may be something else that is causing your Acara to be a bit moody. Maybe a trip to the Healing Springs and a few rides on the Roo Island Merry Go Round will cheer her up?

Just a few days ago, when Brucey B Slots reopened, I won 750,950 NP, which was good enough for the trophy. However, on my lookup it says, "Second place at Brucey B Slots!! Second place at Brucey B Slots!!" *not a typo* It says it twice, and there is no trophy image. Do you have any idea when this will be fixed? Thanks! :):) *gives a box of chocolate chip cookies* ~sim_p_son
Congrats on the big win! We've fixed it so the trophy now displays correctly. Sorry about that. We've had reports of a few other trophies doing that, and will try to get it fixed asap. :)

Looks like he's happy to be back.

Hey, TNT! :) In a previous Editorial, you mentioned that boards with their "own rules" are not the correct rules, and that boards are only subject to the Neopets Terms and Conditions. Now, for my question: does the same principle hold true for guilds? I find it bizarre that we are all subject to the same rules, but yet when it comes to guilds we have to accept "requirements" that are not set by the "Neopets authorities." Thanks for answering if you do. :) ~royalsrowey
Guilds, especially ones that are private communities, can set their own rules (as long as they follow Neopets' Terms and Conditions). However, they are also responsible for upholding them. Say, for example, that there's an avatar guild that only accepts members who have at least 250 avatars. That's the prerogative of the guild leader, and just fine by us. If you're not allowed to say "Peophin" on the guild boards, then that's also up to the guild rules. That being said, Neopets will not punish someone who doesn't abide by guild-only rules. Also, as with any situation, there are some extremes that are not allowed, such as guilds that bring real-life issues like religion or politics into play. No political party-only guilds would be allowed, for example.

What were you thinking when you designed the Mutant Kau? Did you just say, "Hey, let's freak them out and give the kids some nightmares!"? They're awesome and crazy and unique, and I love them. What was your inspiration, though? xD ~reckless4romance
Well, before we approved the image, we actually did pass it around and ask, "Is this too freaky to put on the site?" Most of us were delighted by it, though, and we have heard your requests for things that are less "cute and fluffy" (which we're happy to offer), so we went for it. Glad that you like it! As far as inspiration goes... well, we're too afraid to ask the artist responsible.

How do people just suddenly get so lucky that Dr. Sloth gives them a Draik Transmogrification Potion? Is there a guy who sits in a chair eating a doughnut that just picks someone every once in a while? XD ~maxpower2500
Nope, we have an automated system that randomly makes someone have a very happy day (or a bad one if it's one of our worse Random Events). Trust us, if there's doughnuts in the office, then we're probably trampling each other trying to get to the last one in the box, not quietly munching on them at our desks.

I was just wondering if it's alright for me to log on to a friend's account (with their permission, of course!) just for a few days while they are away, just to feed their Neopets? She really hates it when they look sad and hungry. She has also asked me to do her dailies for her, but I was not sure if I was allowed to do that, because it would be earning her Neopoints for her, which is essentially me earning them (but on her account), and she has to earn them herself, right? Please remove my username. =) ~username removed
The Neolodge provides very affordable lodging for Neopets when their owners are away, or simply like to always keep them well fed. If your friend is going on holiday, then this is where her Neopets should be. Even with permission, it is against the rules to access an account that is not your own. You would not be doing your friend any favour by "babysitting" her account. It only puts both of your accounts at risk.

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