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Hey TNT, I was reading last week's Editorial and, in it, you said that there are only three places that ask for your password. I didn't want some people to freak, but actually, when you give another Neopian an NC gift item it also asks for your password. So, wouldn't that make it four? ~dolphingirl1984
Ack, you got us. That completely slipped our minds. Thanks for pointing it out! Yes, that does make four places.

'Ello TNT, I have a question that has been making my brain hurt. Let's say someone wants a Draik really bad, so they offer TWO Neopets (a pirate Buzz and a royal boy Gelert?) for the Draik. The owner likes the Neopets and accepts. Then, come trading time, the person sends their Neopets and the Draik's owner sends the Draik AND a basic Neopet, therefore making it a fair trade? ~hot_pink_faerie17
No. This is abusing the system in place to make it seem like you're following the rules, while you very well know and understand that Neopets can only be traded 1:1. Trying to hide behind a loophole isn't going to protect you from the site's monitors. We're on to your tricks. ;) Please trade, play, enjoy the site, and follow the rules in the spirit that was intended.

It's pretty pointless to get your dream Neopet if your account
is just going to get iced for rule breaking!

I have no idea if this is true, so I thought it would be a good idea to ask y'all, TNT. If some of the members in a guild were "shady" in their dealings, would the entire guild get punished? ~parody_ham
Fair or not, people are often judged by the company they keep. This can be true on Neopets as well. If a guild is notorious for being filled with scammers, shady dealers, and other unsavory types, and you're a part of it, guess what people are going to think about you as well? If a monitor or other site investigator found a big pile of "shady" Neopians in a guild, you can bet they are going to pick through every account in it with a fine-toothed comb. If you've done nothing wrong you should be in the clear, but if you've dealt with your shady comrades a lot, it's going to look rather incriminating, don't you think?

Gee, I wonder how many people asked themselves this question last week? *snaps back into "reality"* I noticed that, before the spotted Lupes came out (which, btw, are gah-geous and inspired by African wild dogs, perhaps?) Spotted Paint Brushes were roughly 650k. Now they're up to 2 million! Since you shelter us from everything else as it is (such as talking about "real life topics" or "adult matters," as I think they were called in a recent Editorial) why not help us avoid paying way too much for something that we only want because of your genius artistic design? *baby Lupe eyes* ~ilikepumpkinpie
We're glad you like the design! It seems the Neopian market just had an influx of demand for those paint brushes, or some business-savvy Neopians saw the awesome new paint colour and decided to invest in the Spotted Paint Brushes. It happens. Hopefully the cost of the brush will fall once the initial rush is over. We have our site rules, but you guys control the market! (With the exception of our occasional supply increases of certain items.)

Months ago, I adopted a Pinixy at named Summer, but when I logged in months later she was nonexistent! What happened to her? Was she deleted because I didn't get on for a while, or is this some kind of weird glitch? Please leave out my username if this gets in. ~[username removed]
For Petpet Park news, be sure to visit directly. As you can see, if you visit the Beta news, closed Beta is over, and the old information has been wiped from the system.

My picture got into the Art Gallery, but I didn't get my rare item! I got my spiffeh trophy and my 10,000 NP, but no rare item! Do you know what happened? ~_pokemon12_63
The Ten Dubloon Coin in your inventory is what our system selected to give you. It's all linked, so we really can't award you the trophy without also giving you the Neopoints and the random prize from our prize list. The items awarded from competitions can be as plain as something like a codestone, or they can go all the way up to something fancy like a paint brush. The system randomly decides what to give you from the list of prizes we created.

*waves frantically* I'm right here!

When I'm browsing the Trading Post (or at least dreaming of owning those uber-expensive items), I tend to find a bunch of items being labeled as "Neomail me for private auction." Is doing this allowed? ~byndley_
Yes, this is fine. They are just looking to sell the item but are obviously preferring pure NP in quantities larger than what the Trading Post is offering. Preferably they would just have the item sitting in the Auction House, but we know how risky it can be with an expensive item constantly reappearing in active inventory after not being sold.

¡Hola mi amigos! Well, I was on the Newbie Board and one thread was titled "Have you blocked TNT yet?" so I went to it. In the thread, it said that everyone was blocking TNT from Neomailing them and stuff. I did it (just to check if you could; I still love you guys) and it worked. So, I was wondering, is that against the rules? Also, would it even work? ~m_mcd123
Hehe, it doesn't make a difference. Our warnings to you guys go through any block, full Inboxes, etc. Also, it's kinda silly. Even if you managed to block the Neomail, it wouldn't stop you from getting the warning; you just wouldn't know that you got one or the reason why. Really, the warning Neomail is for your benefit, not ours. We already know what rule(s) you broke, but you knowing what you did wrong so you can avoid repeating that behaviour is a good way to keep your account in good standing.

On April 8th, a Neopet with no customisation won third place in the Customisation Spotlight. How is this possible? Please remove my username. Thank you. ~[username removed]
That was a result of the glitch that turned all the Neopet images into cogs a couple of weeks back. We ran a script to fix the winners of the Customisation Spotlight, but due to the nature of the programming in the Spotlight, the Neopets showed up as what they were customised to look like at the time the script was run. Hence the red Korbat and a few other anomalies.

Hey TNT! I've got a nice, very interesting question. ;) Will Petpet Park be related to Neopets in the sense that they'll be mixed together, or is Petpet Park another world that's not related to Neopia? ~vedoc78
Well, Petpet Park is a world for Petpets, so it is technically related. Petpets are, after all, a Neopian species. :) However, as far as reality goes, Petpet Park is a completely separate website. Points and items don't transfer over and your Petpets on are different from the one you adopt in Petpet Park. There will also be no evidence of your deeds in Petpet Park anywhere on The only connections are the lore and the fact that you can log into both worlds with one account.

You mentioned in your last Editorial that the solution to the gear image appearing in place of your Neopet is to simply customize and save your Neopet. However, it appears that my unconverted (yes, I checked in my Quick Ref that he is still unconverted) Grundo is now appearing as a gear. I don't want to convert him, and the only solution you've given is to do just that. Is there any way to solve the gear problem without converting him? ~pyro_blaze_jaguar
For unconverted Neopets, you can still equip a background and then unequip it if you'd like to customise that Neopet. It won't convert them or anything, so don't worry. :)

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