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Hey, TNT! :) When I look on some peoples' User Lookups, their Neopets are gears. I find it strange. There's been many boards about this. Is this a glitch, and will it be fixed? ~sandrasung123
Yes, it was a glitch. Fortunately, it's one that you guys can fix yourselves! Just customise your Neopet and the gear will go away, and then you'll be able to see your beautiful Neopet again! Yay! We have a script that can fix it, but it will literally take weeks to finish running. D: You can help us out a bunch by taking matters into your own hands. Wait... why are you guys picking up pitchforks and torches? Guys? GUYS! *flees*

Hey, TNT! How are you guys? I've just got a quick question for you. You've said multiple times that TNT would never ask for your... well, let's say... a certain word that gives you access to your account. Anyway, when I purchased items at the NC Mall, it told me to enter my "secret" word for verification. I hesitated for a bit, because I wasn't sure about the situation. I looked at the link and it was you,, so eventually I entered it. My question is: why do you have it there, and will my account still be safe? Thanks a lot! Please remove my username if you decide to include my question in the Editorial. ~[username removed]
Right now there are three places that will prompt you for your Neopets password: the log-in page, when purchasing from the NC Mall, and, where you can sign in with an existing Neopets account. As of this writing, these are the safe places that correctly ask for your password. Please remember, though, that staff members will never contact you out of the blue asking for your password or PIN number. Good job on being wary! It's the best way to protect your account. :)

Okay, so I needed to take a break from the site for a few months for the sake of my schoolwork. I KNOW I had a game of NeoQuest going... but now it's gone! Was this some kind of glitch / error, or am I supposed to make a move every now and then to keep the game from vanishing? :( ~pidgeot
Mr. Insane claims that you need to make a move at least once a year to stop your game from clearing. We're sure it's part of some nefarious plot of his.

Dear TNT, I REALLY hope you answer this question because a lot of User Lookup makers out there (including me) are waiting for an answer. Can we remove our Neohome and Shop / Gallery modules or not? On User Lookup winner #214, they did remove their Neohome module, but replaced it with a text link. People still argue on the boards that we can't do this because you guys haven't clarified that it's okay. You also have a statement above the "About me" box saying that we can't remove or replace stats. I'm begging you, can you PLEASE clear this up? When we first sign up you have that "Checklist," and part of it is to make a Neohome. It doesn't go away until you make a Neohome, and now when I want to make a User Lookup I can't demolish my Neohome because of your rules! Please also clarify whether we can replace Shop, Neohome, and Gallery links with text and image links. Thank you for reading this. ~roflmeow
To clarify, your stat areas must remain intact. Your Shop / Gallery and Neohome modules may be replaced with text links or image links, as long as they don't misrepresent information. Everything else, though, needs to stay more or less intact. Before you ask next week what we mean by misrepresenting information, it would be something like having a size 15 shop with a text link that says, "Visit my size 600 shop!" or having an image of a super-luxurious Neohome while, in reality, you haven't customised your Neohome at all.

*sniffles* I'm not feeling the love...

Hiya, TNT! I would really appreciate an answer to this question, since it has gotten me quite sad. :( Just today I posted a message on my guild board mentioning that some cases of the swine flu have appeared at the school I go to. Just a few minutes later my message was deleted and I got a warning for discussing adult real life topics. This kind of confused me because I didn't think I was saying anything bad. If anything, I would think that spreading the word would help others to be more careful about it! Does this mean that we can't talk about the flu in general or getting sick, etc.? I'm really confused about this and would love some clarification! Thanks. ~facetiousmind
Neopia is a place for everyone to relax and visit; to get away from real life worries such as cancer, anorexia, or swine flu. Even though swine flu is a popular subject right now, it's still considered an unwelcome real life adult topic as evidenced by your warning. Keep in mind though that the warning you received was more of an alert to you that the subject is not welcome, and did not count against your account.

I was very happy that Cybunny Day was earlier in the week; so was my Neopet, as it was her special day. However, we went along to see the Cap'n and found that he would not let Stella have her free training (since she was level 40). I then had to console her with some carrot cake on the way home. Is there nothing that can be done to make sure ALL Neopets get their free training, above level or not? ~neomyotismon
Sorry, only the good Cap'n offers free training on Neopets' special days. If your Neopet is over level 40, though, it looks like you have a good handle on training them, anyway. ;)

Zomg, I got into the Editorial! Anyway, for my question, which is about trading Neopets: as you may know, there are some people who trade Neopets that are considered to have great value for glitched ones. I was wondering: what would happen if two people agreed to trade, let's say, a royal Neopet for a glitched one, but the glitched Neopet then unglitched during the trade? Can the owner of the glitched Neopet be held responsible for that? I was wondering since I had a glitched Neopet, but it then unglitched before I could try to trade it. ~neomasterb7
Prior to the actual trade, as long as no Neopoints or items have been invested to alter the Neopet, one can back out of the deal. If the process has already begun, you are required to complete the deal. Once again, we'd like to announce that anyone trading for a Neopet simply because it's glitched should know that we will fix it eventually and it most likely won't be glitched forever.

Hey, TNT! Months ago, I submitted a winter-themed User Lookup to the UL Spotlight. I got a Neomail saying that it was being held over, but I haven't won yet. Now that summer's coming, I decided to make a new beach-themed lookup. I love the way it came out, and I want to submit it to the Spotlight. However, when I went to the submission page, it said that my winter lookup is still being held over. Is there still a chance that that lookup might win, or should I submit my beach lookup and forget about the other one? Thanks! :) ~mcquackers
Hmm... why don't you save the code for your winter layout and submit the one most appropriate for the season? When winter rolls around again, you can resubmit the original one (which is quite lovely, by the way). Also, on a semi-personal note (though good for everyone to know), try to avoid song lyrics and other such things from copyrighted materials when designing ULs (even with appropriate credit), as it's enough to make us sufficiently hesitant about posting it to choose a different winner.

'Tis not the season!

Hey there. I have this Ice Chomby and I really want to keep him that way, so I make sure that he's never my active Neopet (unless it's for Underwater Fishing.) I was just wondering, though... can those colour-changing events on the site target my inactive Neopets? Thanks! ~happyfaceball
No, all the colour-changing Random Events only target your active Neopet.

Okay, so a few days ago I entered the beta test for Petpet Park. I adopted a Drym and named her Alyssana. Now, today (the 28th of April), I try to log in and it says, quote: "Insufficient permissions to add to beta group 13." Am I locked out permanently, and if so, why? Is there any way to fix it? If not, what'll happen to Alyssana? Thank you and have a nice day. ~seciea
Sorry for the weird error. Petpet Park was actually undergoing some maintenance, and the message was later changed to reflect this. You can keep updated by visiting Petpet Park.

I was dreaming of how to spend my Neopoints by looking at the Rainbow Pool images of Draiks. When I looked at the white Draik, though, I wondered: how does it eat, because the drawing does not show it with a mouth... or eyes... or any face at all? ~aterraadastra
Wow! That was an impressive visual glitch, what with tails in front of the body and wings in front of the arms. That looked quite painful. Probably for the best that they were blind right then, too! D: Never fear, though -- just a bad cache that is now fixed!

Hi, I was wondering if you guys noticed the sudden high number of Mystery Pic winners. It seems like there never used to be more than 200 people getting it, but now it looks like more than 750 are getting it each week. ~moneylover995
Yes, we've noticed that too, and aren't very happy about it. Someone, or some site, has been leaking the answers. Please remember that blurting out the answers to Mystery Pic or Lenny Conundrum is not allowed. Keep in mind, the Neopoints awarded come from a pool of 2,000,000 NP. For every additional Neopian that knows the answer, that means less Neopoints for everyone else who wins.

So, I've got a question about the blue locked topics on the boards. The ones that say, "This topic has been locked: too many replies." Is this a relatively new phenomenon, or is it something that's set up for specific occurrences that don't happen often? I've never seen it 'til the last couple of days, even back when the autospammers pushed board replies into the thousands. One theory is that, when multiple people are posting at the same time with no breaks, the board cannot be deleted and so it must be locked. It would seem to me, though, that this would be a very difficult thing to accomplish. What is the secret to this new(esque), confusing blue locked topic, oh mighty TNT? Our curious Neominds desire to know! ~teanerd
Previously, after 500 replies the board would go *poof* out of existence. We changed it a bit so that people could still read the boards, just no longer add more posts to it.

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