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First of all, thank you TNT for all of the fun events, games, holidays, etc. that you plan for us. Every single one is better than the last. Second, I vote on the Customization Spotlight (even on my side, I hope that's okay) almost every day and I seldom see the Spotlight winner while doing this. Could you please explain why this is? It's okay to include my username as I didn't get a single Neomail the last time my question was answered. Thanks! *waves to guild mates* ~bbgirlsmom
There's a massive number of entries each week and only six winners, so even if you vote every day you're not guaranteed to see every entry. Also, voting on your side account is fine. :)

So, after the Battledome Chat enlightened me to the fact that you don't regulate the amount of Super Attack Peas in existence, I've been wondering... a lot of the SuAps in Neopia are disappearing because of misfortunes that effect the accounts of SuAp holders. Would you really allow Neopia to be completely ridden of this extraordinary item, or could you please do something to stop their rapid extinction? Perhaps you could at least release another one in the Smugglers Cove for every one that gets frozen? ~sylviau
We don't track what items get lost when we freeze accounts so we don't have any magical program that poofs a SUAP into existance whenever one is lost to a frozen account. We have released more items in the Smugglers Cove before, but there's no guarantee we'll do it again. Alas, it has happened before that items have gone "extinct," and while it may be regrettable, it's just part of Neopia.

I can never get any Job Coupons, so I always click on the "jobs that don't require coupons" button. There are never any listings, though. I've been checking for several weeks; am I just unlucky, or what? ~pereuus
Perhaps your timing is just off. When jobs arrive there they get taken up very quickly by Neopets eager for work, so you might need to refresh a bit to catch a listing.

Will rarer items be stocked at the General Store, or will the normal stores be used for that? ~gimme_dat_blood
Nope. No rare items will stock in the General Store.

*sniff* Is this stuff expired?

I've seen a lot of people trading glitched Neopets. You know, Neopets with eyes missing, mouths that disappear, and some with zero or negative stats. However, when I made a topic asking if anyone would trade for my glitched stat Neopet, someone told me that I could be frozen for profiting from a glitch. So, is trading glitched Neopets something we shouldn't be doing? ~muffinplz
Hmm... we don't really have a rule for this. Glitches have a habit of being fixed, so it's kind of silly to trade for a glitched Neopet. That being said, you guys always surprise us with what gets you excited, lol. As long as you aren't doing something to purposely glitch your Neopet, and the person understands that it won't be permanent, we guess you can go ahead until some problem presents itself and we then need to put a stop to it.

Hi TNT! I asked this question on the Help Chat a while ago, but didn't get too much of a response. I'm a bit rubbish when it comes to drawing, so say my friend (who uses Neopets and is an extremely gifted artist) offers to draw my Petpet for the Petpet Spotlight - would I be allowed to use the drawing, giving full credit and so forth to them, or is this totally and 100% against the rules? Thanks! ~greatmouseisi
Sorry, the Petpet Spotlight is supposed to show off YOUR creativity, not that of your friend. Please only submit drawings you have done yourself.

Awhile ago, the name of Whack-A-Kass was changed to Kass Basher because Lawyerbot informed you of some legal issues and such. However, after a long day, I felt the need to show Kass who's boss and noticed (yes, I'm that unobservant) that at the bottom of the game it says Farthest Whack. Should this now, perhaps, say farthest bash? Just wondering. ^.^ ~titian_starfire
Thankfully, no one has claimed the word "whack" for their very own yet, so we think we can still use it!

Hi, TNT!!! Love the site! *offers homemade brownies* So my question, which is currently involved in a bit of ongoing debate, is with regard to the Caption Contest. I made it in for a second time (YEAH, me!) and then made a board to discuss the contest in the Charter Members section of the Premium Boards, only to realize that 9 other people were doing the same thing. In order to make it easier to discuss this and offer good lucks, I created a new board. In the new board, I posted all our names and captions and wished everyone good luck. Some have said that this is against the rules. I re-read the rules, along with the Terms and Conditions, and I didn't see it anywhere. Someone sent me a link to Editorial #251, where they discussed the Beauty Contest and said not to advertise for someone else. I don't think it is the same thing, but I wonder, am I wrong? I just figured that one thread is better than 10. Please clarify. ~iamafa
Mmm... brownies. We think that, in this case, your intentions were quite clear. If you were advertising for one random friend then it'd be against the rules, but simply condensing several boards into one seems like a fine idea to us. Remember, the Beauty Contest and Caption Contest aren't the same.

TNT, I think you guys are swell. Really, I do. I just have a suggestion / question / thought... I realize that it's a status thing to those players that can afford to have massively huge shops or galleries. However, wouldn't it be more fair if the prices of buying those empty slots wasn't so insane OR (better yet, in relation to keeping it a status thing) if you started getting MORE space relative to the amount of Neopoints you're spending? It's getting really hard to justify dropping 10k just to get 5 more spaces... plus it's not going to get any easier as my collection grows! Thanks for your time and consideration. ~akela99
Actually, we're pretty happy with how it scales right now. It's intended to be an NP sink that helps remove Neopoints from the economy. That's probably not what you wanted to hear, but we really do think it's for the best how it's set up right now. :)

Not quite that type of a sink...

Hey, TNT. I recently submitted an article to The Neopian Times and was notified that it's being considered for a future issue. I was actually getting ready to submit a new article when I received the Neomail and I was wondering: the Neomail instructed me to not resubmit my first article, but is it acceptable to submit a new article? It's not the same one with words changed or anything; it's on a completely different topic. I'd completely forgotten that I had submitted the original article already. Is that allowed, or do you have to wait a period of time after getting an article accepted / considered before submitting a new one? Thanks! ~fictionalism
Nope, go ahead and send in your other article!

I'm wondering if my side account will get frozen because I went to click on "Bank" under the drop down menu but accidentally clicked on "Merchandise" and, at the time, you were having the Spring Negg Hunt so it gave me NPs and an item. Also, what am I supposed to do with the item? Do I discard it, or just send it to my main account? I'm not sure what to do; I don't want to get frozen. Thanks! ~photo_smiles
Don't worry, you weren't the only one that accidentally did this. We know these things tend to happen, and we can be lenient when we're sure abuse wasn't your intent. Just delete the items and donate the NP to the Money Tree.

Hey, TNT! I recently found the official Petpet quiz. I took it and found that I am a pink Slorg. I got members of my family to take it also, but even though we all had totally different answers, we were all pink Slorgs! Could you please fix this so you can get different answers other than a pink Slorg, or is this not a glitch? Thanks! ~kaitlynmoo
Not a glitch? Would we program a quiz where the only result possible is a pink Slorg? Pa-shaw! No one's that silly!

No matter how many times I refresh The General Store, they're always selling the same thing? What's up with that? ~momandsister
The General Store is a different type of shop. It's intended to be a place where players can constantly access certain items, such a books, food, toys, and other simple items for their Neopets. It doesn't restock or change items when you refresh. It's similar to the Neohomes Superstore, but has less stock and therefore doesn't shift what's currently viewed when you refresh.

Hola, TNT! ¦=] I was just wondering about frozen accounts. If your account was frozen but you didn't do anything wrong, do you actually end up getting it back? Thanks guys if you answer this. ¦=] ~a_l_i_c_e_93
We do our best to return accounts that were:
-Frozen to protect the account after it was compromised by a scammer
(unless that person was attempting to cheat when they got scammed).
-Self-iced but are now wanted back by the owner
(unless the account has been inactive for too long).
-Frozen due to a misunderstanding.
(This doesn't happen often, but we'll admit that we are not perfect.)

Please keep in mind, though, that just because your account was frozen for one of the above reasons does not mean we can or will return it. Information needs to be provided with regard to the account to verify it's yours, and it's up to support personnel to decide if your account will be returned or not.

Occasionally we'll also return accounts that were rightfully frozen but are graciously being given a second chance, though we sometimes delete a good portion of the account's Neopoints / items / shop size, especially in cases where players had too many accounts but were not always necessarily abusing them. If you did something extremely wrong such as scamming, botting, severely harassing other players, or blatantly having no respect for the rules, then please, don't bother writing to support. ;)

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