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I was going through the weekly winners of the PPL and noticed that the Flowper has won twice, week 220 and week 272. I thought a Petpet could only win the PPL once? It is not a different type. They are both regular Flowpers. Can a Petpet win more than once? I am just a bit confused, and hoping that someday one of my Petpets will win. *crosses fingers* ~katesmmom
Not generally. That just happened to be an error on our part before we organised a better way to see which Petpets had won PPL before. *innocent whistle* Hey! We never claimed we were perfect.

Pretty quick here: I will be transferring main accounts. I have two Key Quest tokens on my current main account (lil_fringey_08) that I really don't want to leave behind. Could you possibly add some way to transfer tokens? Like, "Please enter the name, password, birthday, and pin of the account in question to complete the transfer." =3~lil_fringey_08
Sorry, leaving behind old trophies, non-tradeable items, and Key Quest tokens is just one of the things you have to consider before switching main accounts. We don't want people switching mains willy nilly, and we think making it possible to easily transfer all aspects to another account would encourage this (as well as bad behaviour since you'd be able to start with a clean reputation and little loss by switching accounts).

Hey TNT, I can't really say that you rock right now. I just found out that my Neopet, which I transferred to my side account, lost its fishing skill! She used to have a fishing skill of 80, but now it shows up as zero! Does this have something to do with the transfer, and if so, why? That just seems really mean, because I worked for months to get to that fishing skill! ~shadin_the_flame
Neopets lose their fishing skill when they are transferred or go through the Pound. This was enacted to prevent a certain type of abuse that was occurring previous to this change going into effect. Please, only dedicate the time to upping fishing skills on Neopets that you plan on having in your account for a very long time!

My question's rather boring, so in order to get your attention: THE TIKI TACK MAN IS SLOTH'S FATHER!

Hello! I have had trouble with my User Lookup. See, having seven trophies in a row makes it really difficult to do much of anything reasonable with the trophy space. All of the other sections of the User Lookup are capable of being reasonably compressed... and yet, the trophy section sticks out glaringly, no matter how small you try to make it. Do you think you would ever consider making the default five or six trophies per row? I feel as if you are punishing me for having a TNT Staff Smasher trophy. =P ~yellowsugardog
*rubs lump on head* Yep, sorry, that's your punishment. We're sure that, with so much astounding creativity, you and all the other Neopians will be able to find ways of making amazing User Lookups with the trophies how they currently are. We believe in you guys! *beams*

Okay, I am sooo happy that the Daily Dare is back (thanks, BTW!). When it came to Bumble Beams I decided to challenge AAA. It took me about 7 tries before I got above his score and then I sent it (even though I had already sent my daily 3, which is how I thought you processed the score). So, even though I got about 870, it still says I haven't beaten him. Please explain! (My enthusiasm has quickly turned to depression. :( ) ~blonde_hot
Aww. Actually, you need to submit your Daily Dare score BEFORE you use up all three of your daily score sends. If you don't achieve the score you need, you can just restart the game and keep trying until you get it. That's just fine.

Pfft, like anyone can beat me!

In the previous Editorial someone mentioned playing Dice-A-Roo on "auto pilot." What are they talking about? I'm asking because, if there's a way to get out of clicking ten billion times, I want in... :D much love. ~spooffy_puff
Hehe, we think they just meant mindlessly clicking the roll button. It's a good thing, too, because using programs to play for you aren't allowed. We're sorry, but you have to click ten-billion times. If you don't like mouse clicking a lot, perhaps a nice game of Turmac Roll would suit you better?

What are Gallery Competition entries judged on? If there's a gallery of very few things (say, "Mutant Blumaroo items") that is 100% complete, how would that compare to a gallery of many things (for example, "Purple items") that is also 100% complete, all other things being equal? Would I have a better chance scaling down an ambitious gallery or continuing to collect them all? ~lil_jen_aside
It depends. If your gallery is so specific that there's only a handful of items that fit the theme it can be a little underwhelming, even if it's technically 100% complete. On the opposite end of the scale, you don't need to pick a collection so huge that people will have to scroll through a thousand items. We think that the best galleries are the ones with a unique theme, are as complete as possible, and have a reasonable number of items. The overall look of the gallery and the love, time, and creativity you put into it is what really impresses us.

I recently saw a Petpage that had a scroll box as tiny as you can make it at the top of the lookup of someone's Neopet that contained all the required stats. It was very difficult to read, but all the required content was, in fact, there. Everyone seemed to think that (because the stats were there) it was not violating any rule, but to me it seemed not only unnecessary to make it so small, but it made it hard to even find the stats (I didn't even realize that they were there at first, despite the note). Is it simply enough for the content to be there, or is there some other requirement that it must also be clearly visible and easy to read? Thanks! P.S.: please leave my name off. ~[username removed]
Oh dear, you're gonna make us get back up on that "spirit of the rules" soapbox again, aren't you? *sigh* Okay, here we go. *climbs up on box* We know it's tempting to try to squirm through loopholes in the rules and try to exploit things while attempting to stay just out of the bounds of what will get you warned and frozen, but please don't. Why? Bluntly, because it's annoying.

As an example, let's say your friend jabs you in the ribs with their finger and you tell them, "Oww! Stop poking me with your finger! It hurts." You've given them a rule that you expect them to respect. Well, what if you then feel a painful jab in your side again and, when you glare at your friend and remind them that you just told them to cut it out, how would you feel if they just smiled innocently and informed you that they used the eraser end of a pencil this time, and therefore they didn't technically break the rule that you made because you told them not to poke you with their finger.

Now, we can all imagine how this would make anyone want to repeatedly smack their forehead against a desk. So when we say "don't do blah blah" or "you need let people see your stats," we expect that, if you're old enough to be editing your User Lookup, you're old enough to understand these rules and not be that annoying friend who keeps trying to get around things. :) Okay?

Is it okay to go to the Soup Faerie on your 2nd account? I already read that you can't make any Neopoints on the 2nd account, but I know that it can get you an avatar. Therefore, would that be okay? Thanks. ~lilmiss_thing_98
Yes, this is just fine. Getting avatars on your side accounts is okay, unless they are avatars you receive by doing things you shouldn't be doing on your side accounts, like playing games. For example, avatars that only require you to visit a certain page, Pet Lookup, or the like are just fine to collect on side accounts.

You're always welcome to visit the Soup Faerie
and Healing Springs on side accounts.

Do you guys still print Neopets: The Official Magazine? I've searched bookstores high and low for it, but I can never find it. If you do still sell it, where can I buy it? ~kit_flame
Alas, the Neopets magazine is no longer published. Thank you for being a faithful reader, though. We hope you enjoyed our magazine when it was offered. :)

So, say I had managed to get into a game during the Key Quest load testing, but let's suppose that I didn't finish the game for some reason, like a computer crash or all of the other players jumping out. Would I still be eligible for the virtual prize? ~lil_jen_aside
As long as you entered a game you are eligible for the virtual prize. The prizes will be given out soon. If you missed out, you'll have to purchase one from the player shops after they are awarded. Thank you for trying, though, along with everyone else who helped test. Those who were able to complete a game were awarded with double keys for the efforts. Thanks again!

Hi, TNT! Wassup? Hey, I was wondering, do Abigail and AAA have owners, and if they do, who are they? ~keanimei
The Neopets that you see in plots don't have owners. They are part of the world of Neopia where we don't exist, just Neopets.

Hey TNT! :) *hands you cookies* Okay, let's say there are two users: User A and User B (creative, right?). If User A had a newbie account and User B had a nicer account (more trophies, avatars, stamps, better Neopets, Premium, etc.) and both users broke the same rule, would you give any sort of "handicap" to User B since they have a better account, or would you freeze them both since they both broke the rule? Please answer, this is something I've been wondering for quite a while. Thanks! :D ~oxthekillersox101
It depends on the severity of the infraction and history of the player, honestly. A longtime player with an account that's had no (or very few) warnings and just slips up once is more likely to get some leeway over a two week old account created by a player who often acts poorly and has a long history of frozen accounts. But, as we said before, it depends on what was done as well. If it was something very serious like scamming someone, having an old account or a newbie one won't make any difference. Remember though, we do expect older accounts to have a better understanding of the rules, too! If we see someone breaking rules on purpose because they think they can "get away with it" due to the age of their account, then we aren't going to be happy with them.

I've noticed that most published Editorial questions start with *throws cookies* or something along those lines. Does this mean that you like it when people say that, and therefore are more likely to answer their questions, or is it just that 90% of users say that in their questions? Thanks. ~a_neo_fan_23
90% of users say that in their questions. You guys can stop. We don't mind. Really.

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