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This has been somewhat of a debate on the boards; if you agree to do a trade where the other person is painting a Neopet for you, but then you decide to back out AFTER the Neopet has already been painted, is that considered scamming? People seem really unclear, and there are many different answers. ~amygirl13
Yes, that would be scamming. It's the same as agreeing to make a trade on the Trading Post and then backing out when the deal's half over. If no action has been performed then it's okay to back out, but after the person has spent Neopoints to paint the Neopet, the trade must go through.

Hi, TNT! My adult Kougra has been turned into a Baby Kougra. Will he stay as a baby or will he turn into an adult again? Thanks. ~202_boo
He will remain a Baby Kougra until he is either repainted or struck by a Random Event that changes his colour. Baby Neopets do not "grow" into adult ones.

Is it okay to have multiple accounts with a shop and do everything on them if you don't send anything to those accounts? I wouldn't send anything to them from another account. ~[username removed]
No. You may only earn Neopoints on one account, even if you do not trade Neopoints or items between those accounts. Doing so will result in all your accounts being frozen. Playing on multiple accounts brings even more Neopoints and items into the economy, which causes inflation.

When I sent my snow Neopet to my friend to give her two avatars, I lost my entire application for a Baby Cybunny! Why do you clear the Petpage when a Neopet goes to the Pound or through transfer? *cry* ~horsey0luver
D'oh! Remember to always back up your Petpages on your computer so you don't lose your Petpage code. :( We clear Petpages during that process to protect the new owner of the Neopet, in case someone has left stuff that isn't Neo-appropriate on the Petpage. We wouldn't want the new owners to get blamed for it!

Dear TNT, recently my Wocky got Ugga Ugga and I gave her the Peppermint Stomach Medicine. In the item's description it said that it could cure Ugga Ugga. However, when I fed it to her, she said it wasn't the right kind and felt terrible. Is this some kind of glitch or does the Peppermint Stomach Medicine not work? ~fifi1126986755482
Yikes! We're looking into this.

Maybe it was just a bad batch?

Heya, TNT! I am Pirate Captain DeadEye Davy, and I have a question for you that does not concern swordfighting. :P Okay, so a few people and myself have decided to make an Avatar Chat newspaper, but we were wondering if it was alright to make an account for the newspaper, just as for guilds? ;D Thanks, guys! And so, off I go to the seven seas of the world, which I have ventured three times! ~2good4u07
If one of you has room for a spare account, then yes, this is fine. You could also create a guild and use the guild forum to write and collaborate. HOWEVER, if you will be putting that information on a Petpage, only one of you can access it. The official editor or whatnot. Accounts cannot be shared.

I just heard a crazy rumor and I wanted to know if it was true or not. I heard that, if your account is over 48 months old, you could access some super secret shop at the NC Mall. Is that true? ~joze1995
Yep, but don't tell anyone! Shhh!!!

Hi, TNT! I know this is a dumb question to ask since I've played Neopets for about two years, but... WHAT'S INFLATION?!? Is it when someone's head inflates with air after eating asparagus and someone else has to pop it? ~afifah114719200
Nope! It has nothing to do with air! Basically, site games and other areas are constantly creating more Neopoints. We try to counteract this with "Neopoint sinks" (such as the Hidden Tower, Neopian shopkeepers, and other areas that destroy Neopoints), but alas they are created faster than they are removed from the economy. This causes inflation. There are more and more Neopoints in the economy, which makes Neopoints less valuable. You may have noticed things cost more these days, and a lot of that is due to inflation.

Hey TNT, just a random question: can TNT staff have accounts? Because, if they did, wouldn't they know how to win all the games, get lots of Neopoints and avatars, and know everything about Neopia (therefore putting them at an advantage, which would be a bit unfair to us regular players because they would be buying all the stuff we work hard for)? Please replace my username. ~[username removed]
Some TNT staff do have their own accounts, which they use to play the site, but they may play it only in the same manner you guys do. :) There's no secret to winning games. It's all luck and skill, so there's no advantage there. Several of us here that play the site are downright terrible at Flash games! D: We can't give ourselves Neopoints, and basically have to play fair. If we could just give ourselves anything we wanted, it'd be quite boring! TNT staff work just as hard as you guys to improve their accounts. :)

Does how well you draw effect your chances of getting a comic into The Neopian Times? ~intothemeadows
To a degree, yes. If it doesn't look like you put much effort into your drawings we might not be inclined to accept it, but what's more important is the originality and/or humour you depict with your comic. Fancy art will only get you so far if the writing falls flat. Just try your best!

Try just a liiiittle harder!

Hello, TNT. When the news comes out daily, it involves a myriad of things -- from new items to events to contests, etc. Of course, this results in lots of excitement and things to talk about that pertain to the news. How about adding a board entitled "News" where users can discuss the latest news? I think it would be a great potpourri board that would satiate our urge to express our opinion without having to go to multiple boards to do it! ~vasilias
Hmm... that's an interesting idea. We'll run it by a few people and see what they say. :)

Hey, TNT... how are you all? Good, I hope. Listen, I just ran across a rumor on the boards, that you were discontinuing all plots on Neopets. Is this true?!? Please say it isn't so. I, along with so many other dedicated players, look forward to the plots and at times spend large sums of Neopoints training our Neopets and buying weapons, since we feel this might come in handy during the fighting phases. Please, can you clear this up? It's very disturbing not knowing for sure. *hugs to you all* ~caligal196
Don't worry! We love plots as much as you guys. It's just a rumour.

Hi, TNT! I noticed something about the Cloud Harris recently - it has an area of about four pixels that is RED on the left (as you look at it) arm of the Petpet! Is there any reason for this at all? Hehe, I hope you can fix it soon if it's not meant to be there. :P ~5ugar_plum_faerie
Oh, that's strange! You're quite right. We'll ask the artists if they can locate the file and correct it. :)

To receive the Valentines Site Theme, I understand that I would need to send A Mysterious Valentines Card to someone and the receiver will receive it, too. However, does the receiver also have to be online February 14th to receive the sidebar? Please clarify, thank you.
We looked into the coding and it appears as though the receiver will get the site theme even if they aren't on during the 14th.

I recently received a Random Event saying that I got a scratchcard. I went straight to my inventory, but it wasn't there... am I crazy, or do you have to use the link the Random Event provides? Oh, by the way, I love the site!!! :D ~jagger308
You probably received a Lottery Ticket! This isn't an actual item that shows up in your inventory. Rather, it just selects some random numbers and puts you in that day's Neopian Lottery.

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