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Does Punchbag Sid still appear in the Battledome from time to time, or has he retired from his battling days? If he is retired, how's his punchbag pension plan coming along? ~valikthebuilder
We were actually just chatting on Wednesday about how we should stick Sid up for a little excitement. You never know when he'll pop up, but he's certainly far from retired.

Hi TNT! As a user of the Lab Ray for over two years now, I have noticed that it is less and less likely for my Neopets to change colour or species. Has TNT decreased the chances of these changes occurring for the Lab Ray, or is this merely coincidental? Thank you! ~xox_cloud_xox
To our knowledge the programming of the Lab Ray has not been changed, so there's no reason to believe it's less likely to occur now than it was in the past.

I have a few Tombola Coins lying around that I realise were previously used when one was required in order to play Tombola. I was wondering if they had any use now, or if you planned to do anything with them in the future? Or are they just there to look pretty? :) ~teiiluj
They're just there to look pretty and be a collector's item. :)

What ever happened to the Scourge of the Lab Jellies game? It's not in the Games Room or Game Graveyard. Did you just delete it? =( ~jacaret
Lab Jellies? Sounds like more of that Jelly World nonsense you guys are always going on about. We can think of seven hundred and sixty reasons why you shouldn't believe in Jelly World. Fortunately for you we don't have the time to list them all.

#1 The very idea of some world made out of jelly is just plain silly!

Dear TNT, it has become quite common to see players on the boards telling of how they were Neomailed by a player offering to trade their Neopets, except it turns out that the person is not the actual owner of the Neopet and is just trying to scam someone into pounding/trading their Neopet. Can people get frozen for this? It causes a problem for the misguided trader who might lose a Neopet for nothing, and also the true owner of the Neopet, who is then bombarded with Neomails asking to trade a Neopet that they never intended to trade. It's hard to tell who actually owns what Neopet nowadays, with all the side accounts that are around. Please let everyone know that they should check the profile of the Neopet, and they should NEOMAIL THE OWNER SHOWN on the profile before they ever agree to anything. ~riotorange
Yes, you can be frozen for scamming someone like that or attempting to trade a Neopet that isn't yours without the owner's permission. Your advice is very sound. Never, ever agree to a trade (whether it be with items or Neopets) unless you have spoken directly with the account that owns it.

I've been a proud Neopets owner since August of 2000, but my anniversary icon has been stuck on the 6 Years image for... well, 2 years now. Any chance you guys will add some new anniversary icons to mark our loyal membership to the original and best virtual pet gaming site? ~luturna
We were planning on implementing a new thing with shields, but it keeps getting pushed back, so we've decided to add some new shields for those who have been very patient with us. For now, after six years a new shiny shield will be updated every six months to show your ongoing support.

'Ello, TNT! (You guys are the dynamite!) Anyway, a friend told me that you can mix/combine Neopets with the Lab Ray to get things such as a "female mutant Bori / Zafara mix," which makes some weird thing with spikes on its back and is pink. O_o I don't believe this friend... but is what they're saying actually true? Can you really mix Neopets? P.S.: If I truly get in The Neopian Times (dreams), could you please remove my username? Thank you! ~[username removed]
As well you shouldn't! Neopets cannot be mixed outside their species, nor can colour (aside from associated clothing) be mixed. Your Neopet can be a pink Gelert wearing Pirate Paint Brush clothing, but it most certainly cannot be a baby Bori-Zafara painted speckled, etc.

Okay, TNT. I was just scammed by someone for lending Neopoints for the HT avvie. They then self-froze. When I went back to my lending board, all of the scammer's posts were gone! Why was that, and can it be changed so that the proof of me being scammed does not get erased? ~gihani_10
When an account is frozen all the posts that player made are deleted. Don't worry, though -- we know how these things go and are quite good at investigating and leaving notes about such shenanigans. A good rule of thumb is to always make deals through Neomails too, as they are more permanent than board posts. Never ever go offsite to arrange deals, as this makes it very difficult for us to find out what happened and makes it much easier for you to be scammed.

Keep yourself safe when trading and lending with Neomails that detail the transaction!

How do you and the Neopets staff decide what the names for certain Neopets are going to be? ~got2bowl
Usually after the artists or multiple artists work out a design and we are sent the image, we brainstorm names together and pick the one that we like best. :)

Hi, TNT. I have a bone to pick with you. :( Whilst browsing the Trading Post I came across the lot of a user that was attempting to scam users out of Neopoints and items. I sent in a report and made a scam alert board on the Trading Post, as usual. Not even 1 minute after it was created my board was deleted and I was soon contacted by TNT, requesting that I send in a report if I were trying to contact them. Am I meant to believe that scammer alert boards are no longer allowed? Please omit my username and thanks for responding. :D ~[username removed]
What you got was a non-warning, asking you to make sure that you send in a report to us. Making a warning board is just fine. We think the monitor just accidentally deleted your posts (as we do that the vast majority of times when we warn), so we're sorry about that!

Hi there! I have two questions: how long does it take to get a response after submitting something for a spotlight (i.e. Gallery, Petpage, etc.)? Secondly, how come you guys replace your Z's with S's (i.e. customisation, memorise, etc.)? Thanks for your time. :) ~random_geyser
It really depends on the amount of entries. Petpage entries are a bit of a disaster at the moment, but we're currently working on reducing the number of entries. Thanks for your patience. :) As for the S's instead of Z's, we go by British spelling.

So, there is a rumor you don't like SpaghettiOs. Is this true? D; ~alex_ftw
This is a vicious and false rumour! D:

Greetings, Teanteeopians. If you have been warned or suspended, does that lessen your chances of getting into The Neopian Times or winning contests? If so, am I currently speaking to an empty freezer? ~stranged
Not especially, unless you've been displaying truly bad behaviour. More likely to hurt you is inappropriate material on your UL, or ranting about how much you hate Neopets and only sign on once a month. We'd prefer that the winner be someone who enjoys the site and would be more thrilled to win. :)

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