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Hi, TNT! I've noticed recently that, in the bottom right-hand corner of some items' pictures (for example, the Violet Shelf Unit) is a funny house-like symbol with a star in the middle. What does it mean? ~kitty_kat_casper
Oh hey, where'd those come from? Maybe something new and exciting is happening (or maybe Mr. Insane got a new stamp to play with)... *shrugs*

For every 100th Poetry Contest you usually award the rare "Alstaf Poogle" collectible card. Therefore, I was a bit disappointed when I received a common Petpet Paint Brush when I got accepted in the 1,000th Poetry Contest. I'm not upset, of course -- I love prizes! -- but what made you decide not to award "Alstaf Poogle" for an issue as important as the 1,000th? ~indulgences
Worry not! According to our poetry queen, there is an extra prize heading your way!

If you really wanted to, could you eat a Draik Egg? ~james_bray
Yes, Draik Eggs are technically considered a food, so any Neopet could eat one. That being said... *urp* the thought of it makes us pretty queasy.

I don't like the idea, either!

Let's go back to a year ago when the seventh Harry Potter book had just been released. If people who had read it posted boards giving the ending away, was that considered to be against the rules? Could said spoiler be reported? In essence, is spoiling against the rules? Thank you for reading this and answering it, if you do. ~harry_potter_fan4444
Ugh, please don't even remind us about trying to manage the boards then. D: What a nightmare! We even made a message specifically for it:

"Please do not put movie or book spoilers in your Subject lines. If you want to talk about spoilers, then add SPOILER to your topic first so as to not ruin the surprise for others."

Basically, if you do it once, you'll probably get this message from us. If you do it again, however, you'll probably get a warning if we sense that you're just trying to troll the boards and ruin things for others (rather than just being excited and wanting to talk about some movie/book, etc.).

Hey TNT! So I've noticed, on the main page there is a "Notable Neopet" every couple of minutes. Here's the dealio; I clicked on a green Nimmo (one of the Notable Neopets) and, when I got to its Petpage, it was an orange Nimmo. Once I clicked on a username under a blue Cybunny, and that user didn't even have a Cybunny -- let alone any Neopets that are blue! What's going on?!? ~mango100
The Notable Neopets are shown as they were when they were submitted to the Customisation Spotlight. During the week their owners could have painted them, morphed them, or done any number of things.

kelp, the marvelous underwater restaurant in Maraqua, is broken. This makes me sad. I am greeted by the host, at which time I tell him about my reservation and am promptly seated. I take a minute to browse the menu, decide what I want, and prepare to order... only to hit a snag. I get the pointer when hovering over the menu items, but when I click, it does not add them to my order. I felt very disappointed that I had to leave such a fine restaurant in shame like that. PS: I'm running Mac OSX Leopard and FF3. ~schoolgirl31782
Hmm, we're getting the same error. We'll send in a report to the programmers and ask them to fix it. Right now, if you right click and open in a new window, it shows up as a way to get around the glitch until it's working properly again.

I'd be upset if I couldn't eat me, too.

I would appreciate it if you could answer this question for me. This is a side account, and I was wondering if it was okay for me to make a shop on here, but not sell anything in it, because I want the Emo Usuki avatar on this account. Can I do that? ~emuzement
Hmm... yeah, that sounds fine. :) There's no rule against having a shop on your side account; you just can't sell anything from it.

Hi TNT! So I was just wondering, if you attach a "no trade" Petpet to a Neopet, and then you send that Neopet to the Pound, would the person who adopts the Neopet also get the "no trade" Petpet? ~gihani_10
No, you can't send a Neopet that has a "no trade" Petpet attached to the Pound.

I've done a little homework on most of the users that the Editorial replies to, and it turns out that a majority of them have accounts that are over 13 months old. Is that on purpose, or just a coincidence? Do the newer people on Neopets not appeal to you, or are their questions ones you cannot answer? Please remove my username. ~[username removed]
It's just a coincidence. All we see when we spot an answerable question is the username, not the age of the account. We suppose it's most likely because players that are more familiar with the game have more pertinent questions to ask (and, in turn, have a better idea of where to go to get their questions answered), whereas newer players might not.

TR2N! Y/N? ~lil_jen_aside

Hey TNT! Let’s say, hypothetically, that a hypothetical user had a hypothetical question that they wanted answered, and so said person gathered a bunch of hypothetical friends and got them to all ask the question as well. Would this hypothetical scenario be against the rules? (Oh and if you want to read this without fainting from all those hypothetical hypotheticals, just take all the hypotheticals out. :P) P.S. BEWARE THE MEEPITS ~tdk808
Hypothetically, those reading the Editorial questions would hypothetically get irritated at being spammed and hypothetically ignore the question.

Do you correct spelling mistakes if you have to type something to win a contest (like the Lenny Conundrum or Caption Contest)? Also, why can't we choose a Hissi as one of our options to say something wise to King Hagan? ~mrcaral__94
For Lenny Conundrum and Mystery Pic, if you type in (for example) "Illuson" instead of "Illusen" you will not win. For the Caption Contest, though, we will correct minor misspellings, and if your caption is amusing enough, this will not hurt your chances of being selected.

As for King Hagan, that was probably programmed before Hissi were created and likely no one thought to add it to that list.

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