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URGENT! Please answer, TNT!!! Is there a way to transfer all the stats of a Neopet (strength, defense, intelligence, etc.) to another Neopet, with or without the Battledome battles fought? (Please remove my username. Thanks!) I hope that, in the future, we can have this option. ~username removed
Nope, and nope! :D

Though, we must admit that we're horribly curious as to why this question was considered "urgent." oO

I was suspended today for creating two Roleplay Forum posts requesting one on one rps over Neomail. I linked one of my Neopet’s pages in the post, but not an offsite link. I was not requesting dating for my Neopets, either. I do not think I broke any rules. As a Neopets member for over 6 years, a premium member, and an avid user of the rp forum, I like to think that I am familiar with the rules. On the day in question I saw many other one on one posts on the board. I don’t know what I specifically did. The reason for my message to you is that, in my attempt to figure out why I was suspended, I found that there is no forum for contesting suspensions. I could not even access the Help, Contact Us, or Rules pages because I did not have the use of my account. I feel that it is imperative for users to be able to respond to suspensions, since (I think) they are done on a case by case basis, and of course mistakes can be made by moderators. ~Skidoo12343
While we do appreciate that you actually roleplay Neopets on the site, your Petpage that you directed players to informed them to contact you so that you could RP over aim/email, which is against the rules since it pulls players off the safety of the site. We're sure that you must be aware of the no aim/email swapping rule, since you've been on the site for a long time. If you were still unaware of this, please review the site Terms and Conditions. As you can see, you were suspended for a legitimate reason – as is the case for the vast majority of all suspensions. With most suspensions, the time you will not be able to access your account is 24 hours. By the time your email would've been looked at by the Support Department, your account would have finished serving the suspension.

When I try to play the "Cave of the Week" in Hannah and the Pirate Caves, it doesn't work. The game says, "Please wait while the cave is loading," or something like that. After that, it just says, "Error while loading user level: 4836." Why does this happen? Please remove my username. :) ~username removed
We are looking into this and we will try to get it fixed as soon as possible. :(

I am pleased by this.

Hey TNT, can we enter the Customisation Spotlight from our side accounts? ~zhang42614
Yep! All you win is a trophy, so go ahead and enter Neopets from your side account. However, for the sake of everyone's sanity, we politely request that you not take this up as an invite to enter every single Neopet you have (like that plain green Buzz with no background sitting on a side account you haven't logged onto in three months.) Please use common sense when entering into any spotlight. We'd seriously appreciate it!

Recently, I (and many, many other Neopian coders) have noticed some absurd coding filters. On User Lookups, Petpages, etc., the filters are now blocking words that are vital to most coding ("position" and "display," for example). Word on the boards is that this filter has been put in place to stop "scam shops," where it looks like you're buying an expensive item when you're really not. There's a fix for the filter for now, but it's technically incorrect coding and many people don't know about it; besides, scammers could just get around the filter the same way as well. Please remove these unjust filters - the beauty of Neopia's pages depends on it! ~seegensays_
We are working on fixing this. We are sorry that your coding is currently messed up. :(

Can ghosts/the Pant Devil/anything else steal your NC Mall items if they're in your inventory? ~penguin813
Nope. They are in a special section and cannot be stolen, so don't worry.

Hello TNT! So, I have a question here (and a few cookies... want some?). Anyway, my younger brother and I were chatting through Neomail and he told me to look at his Petpage. When I did, it was full of screenies that show expensive items being bought, which my brother can't afford and never bought. Also, he never makes screenies. Never ever! So... do you think someone went in his account? ~pinkychibi
Nope. Your brother simply created a Neopet that had been created long ago, then purged from the system due to inactivity or being frozen. Just have him clear the Petpage and don't worry about it. :)

Hey, TNT! :D I was looking at the map of Altador and couldn't figure out whether it was based off ancient Rome or ancient Greece. There are very distinctive features of both, such as the aqueduct-like wall surrounding the city (Roman characteristic), or the freestanding architectural columns (Greek feature); there's even a Santorini-like town off in the distance (again, Greek), yet most of the regular structures look as if they're made of cement! (Oh, Roman cement...) There are plenty more features I could describe, but it'd take quite a while. So, which was it ACTUALLY modeled after? :( ~ bhkh2
While the kingdom of Altador was admittedly modeled after those civilisations, it is not based on any one specifically. Altador is Altador. :) It's much the same as Shenkuu, which is obviously based off Asian aesthetics, but is not intended to wholly represent any one culture in particular.

And we're proud to be historically ambiguous!

Will main market mallers or less ever be able to get refunds on their shop upgrades? Ever since you guys took down the main navigation bar sales have gone down for mallers. For example, I have a 600 sized shop and don't think it's worth it to mall anymore. Will I be able to get a refund on my Neopoints and specify what size I want my shop to go back to? Like, if I wanted my 600 sized shop to go back to 100? Please answer this because it's been on my mind a lot and I think that it would be a good idea for a new feature on Neopets. Kthnxbai! ~sergeineoshadow
We are sorry that sales have gone down. We are not planning to do any refunds, but we are thinking about putting the navigation bar back up sometime next month.

Hi TNT. I saw a User Lookup that said this in it: "This User Lookup was created by username for the use of guild members only. Anyone caught using it otherwise will be reported." Could you really be frozen for this? Thanks for clearing this up. (: ~spiffy_skittles
Yes, if something is created by someone else and you are not given permission to use it (be it art, coding, writing, etc.), then they are fully within their rights to report you for stealing it.

Where do you guys come up with the phrases that go under the usernames on the boards? They're all so random! ~desertflower11
They're from our twisted little minds, like most odd things on this site. o.o

Hey TNT! I was looking over old Editorials and couldn't figure out how you decide what order to display the questions and answers. Is it random? ~hbananad
Generally, they're displayed in the order that we spot the questions and paste them in. I bet you were hoping for a more interesting answer, huh? Occasionally we move a couple around to fit the little images in better, but that's about it. :(

Why can't accounts that are less than 4 months old transfer or adopt limited edition (or most painted) Neopets? I'm a responsible owner. ~nightcloud_warrior
We're sure you are. :) However, the system was abused by players making brand new accounts and adopting all the nice Neopets out of the Pound and sticking them in side accounts made just to gather fancy Neopets for some unknown reason. This rule is to help protect Neopets and give active accounts a better chance of getting a nice Neopet.

Hey TNT! So, I have this question: can we have a gallery on one of our side accounts? I want to make a sand gallery but I don't want to combine it with my non-existent Jelly gallery. ~axolotlfaerie
Yep! That's how it had to be done in the past, before we introduced galleries as something separate from shops. Just be sure to fund it all from your main account. :)

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