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I've seen a few instances on the board lately where someone who stole someone's account asked for the remmact link or tried to get frozen by using... bad words. Is there a way to report these people without freezing the account? I don't think it's fair to the people who got scammed, so I don't report these types of problems. ~felicity437
Please report accounts that have been accessed by someone other than the actual owner! You're doing them a favour. The best way to protect an account that has been stolen is by having it frozen. Once an account is frozen, the thief can no longer bring further harm to the account. The actual owner can then write in to support to reclaim their account. So please, report what's going on if you see any account that this is happening to. If the thief is already trying to deactivate the account then it may already be cleared out, but reporting still helps us to get the account back to the true owner.

I hate it when Person A says "I'm reporting you" to Person B because Person B adopted Person A's Neopet from the Pound (or some other event that may be disappointing but is still totally within the rules)! However, supposing that Person A were to go through with a report like that - does TNT send warnings for clogging up the system with false reports like that, or do you just laugh? Please don't print my name, and thanks for all your hard work! ~[username removed]
Sending false reports can get a player into trouble, especially when that player understands that the other person has not done anything wrong, and that revenge is really what they seek. Neopets in the Pound are fair game for anyone to adopt.

Here is my question: I sometimes go to shops that have banners saying things like "I am a Fire Faerie! Click here to see what kind of faerie you are!" or "I am a Cybunny! What kind of Neopet are you? Click here to find out!" When I click on the banner, it takes me to a Petpage. The Petpage isn't customised, though! There's nothing on there! It's just a generic Mynci page or a Uni page with no edits! On one occasion, I clicked on the button and it actually said that no Neopet existed with that name! What is going on here? Has the account been frozen? You can have a peanut butter Elephante cookie if you want. Those are my favorite kind. ~egyptgrl662
Those banners have been around for quite some time and could be from outdated Petpages. Over time those Petpages could have been reverted by the owner, the Neopet could've been abandoned and picked up by another player that cleared the Petpage, the user could've been frozen, or deleted due to inactivity... pretty much just about anything could've happened.

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Hey TNT! (: *waves frantically* I was just wondering about the Petpet species known as the Meowclops! Why is it called MeowCLOPS? I thought clops relates to a horse sound or something. xD ~o0o_craznido_o0o
In this case we are referring to a cyclops, which is a giant from Greek mythology that only has one eye, just like a Meowclops!

Hi TNT! The other day, when I tried to download a Neopets screensaver, I looked at the file and it said .exe at the end. After it downloaded, I was about to open the file and it said something like "This file is an .exe file and may cause your computer to get viruses." Now, as a result, I am really unsure if I want a Neopets screensaver or not. Please help me because I thought Neopets was safe! ~fuzzeah
Yes, Neopets content is safe. Depending on your computer you may get that warning whenever you download an executable file. While viruses can be contained in exe. files, that does not mean all exe. files contain viruses. The Neopet screensavers are perfectly safe to download and contain no viruses.

I like playing Wingoball, and am pretty good. Just about every game that I play, I make it to level 20. So today, after I played, instead of getting the send score screen after finishing level 20, I was sent to level 21! Did you guys add some new levels, or is this a glitch? I hadn't heard anything about it, but if they are permanent levels, then cool! ~courage7856
Yep, they are permanent new levels! There are now 25 levels of Wingoball for you all to enjoy. :)

Hello there! Yeah, anyway, so I was wondering how you're able to tell the difference between a side account made solely to claim the 150 Free NC and a perfectly legitimate side account that just happens to claim the free NC. I made 2 already, but I froze them both soon thereafter because I thought you guys at TNT would freeze my main if I got the free NC. And... umm... could you block out my username? ~[username removed]
Players can have up to 5 total accounts, and you are welcome to collect your 150 NC on all of them. Please do not create accounts solely to claim the 150 NC, though.

Hi, I know that you can't play games and stuff on your side account, but I was wondering if you are allowed to do the Qasalan Expellibox on side accounts, since you can't profit from NC Mall items? ~snapsi
Qasalan Expellibox is a site game that, in addition to giving out NC from time to time, also gives out Neopoints and items. As such, playing this game on side accounts is not allowed. Please do not confuse the 150 NC giveaway with this game.

Besides you'd clog the tubes if you played it
on more than one account.

TNT... I'm sorry, but it distresses me that, despite this being a kids' site, you are allowing "gossip" pages to be made. In some of these pages, people are being called names, ridiculed, and are being told to be shunned. I believe this is a form of internet bullying (harassing), which should not be allowed. Can you clear this up please, so the silly gossip pages will stop? ~valleyofashes
Umm, stuff like that isn't allowed. Harassment is very much against the site's Terms and Conditions. Please report any Petpage that is encouraging the harassment of a single player or group. Also, when reporting stuff like this to the Editorial, it's extremely helpful if you provide us with a link to such a Petpage so we can better deal with the issue.

Hello TNT, I have another Pound question. Let's say you're transferring a Neopet to someone... except you used up your transfer for this month. The person still transfers the Neopet to you, and then says that he's willing to catch the Neopet from the Pound. If you say, "Remember, if you lose the Neopet from the catch, it's YOUR FAULT since you didn't want to wait until the next month and I don't owe you anything," do you still owe that person a Neopet? Thanks! ~kangin
This is an expected risk when using the Pound to move Neopets. Unless there was some sort of foul play involved, you are not responsible for compensating that person. Foul play would include anything dishonest, or purposely attempting to lose the Neopet or block it from getting it to its owner.

Hey TNT! In last week's Editorial you said that extreme Petpage applications are no longer allowed. At one point you said, "What we mean by extreme includes requests for Petpages to be made for the Neopet as part of the application." Does this mean Petpage apps are no longer allowed, or that you're not allowed to ask for people to make your Neopet a Petpage? I'm asking because I thought the latter, while my friend though it was the former. Can you please say which of us is right? ~ralph89170
No one may require/request/hint that an extreme Petpage application is required. If, for whatever reason, you really love making Petpages for Neopets other than your own, then well, more power to you. However, we suggest giving the attention to your own Neopets rather than using it in hopes of getting another one. We really love to see people cherish their Neopets and enjoy them as if they were real, which is why it breaks our heart to see them often treated like pixels, but sadly we can't force people to care about their Neopets. :(

Some people who restock say [a certain browser addon] is illegal. Others say only [a certain function of this addon] on [the addon] is illegal. Can you please clear this up? Thank you. ~masterxed2
We'll answer as soon as we're done smashing our faces repeatedly into our keyboards. Okay, done. We know it's only human nature to tweak, squirm through loopholes, interpret things in a way that supports your actions, etc, etc. When we say, "don't use programs or funky things to help you restock," this does not mean, "try to find a way to do it that is as close as you can come to cheating without breaking the letter of the Neopian law." You guys should all understand the spirit of the rule of not giving yourself an advantage in restocking aside from basic internet speed and personal skill. Just please restock in the way you know you are all meant to so we don't need to buy more keyboards.

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