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I have been using the site in English throughout all this time. Recently, I have seen many Italians taking part in the Italian Caption Contest number 100 in attempt to get the Caption Contest avatar. Am I allowed to switch my language to Chinese and just to take part in the Chinese Caption Contest number 100 to try for the avatar, then switch back to English, or is that against the rules? ~[username removed]
We got quite a few questions concerning this actually. We agreed no one should be punished for being bilingual, and those that can speak multiple languages are more than welcome to participate in contests in different languages. (As long as that's the ONLY language you enter for that contest. No entering today's caption in both Chinese and English!) Also, please don't take this as an open invitation to start entering the Caption Contests of languages you don't really speak. That's just rude. :P

This is a weird question I know, but Neopets was a site created for kids through teens right? Then why are there so many advertisements asking for you to buy house insurance or other things like that that kids our age wouldn't be thinking about buying? It seems a bit silly to me... DO you know why or are all the advertisements random? ~fwipinator
Nope, it was originally created for bored college students. ;) Though the majority of players are now teens, a good chunk of players are adults, ranging from those bored college students to grandparents and everything in between. :) We also have lots of very young users. To answer the advert question, though: the advertisers pick the ads. If they want to advertise house insurance on our website, that's their prerogative. As long as it's not inappropriate, it's fine.

If it were up to us, it'd be 24/7 UsukiCon adverts! /nod

Hello TNT. Ok, you might have said this before but my bro was on Neopets and came across a shop, ok? When he entered the shop, it said, "paintbrush 1 NP" including an image of a pb. So then he clicks on it and it takes him to a guild. Is this ok, or can he report the shop? Please leave my username TNT and thanks for your time!:) ~gishibar
Ugh, please do. Tricking people into visiting a link is not allowed in addition to being in poor taste. Please feel free to report any shops, Pet pages or lookups doing so.

Please put this in the NT so my mind will be at rest. Okay I have a couple warnings, I kind of have a problem, I can't help talking about "real world topics". :X Anywho, sometimes when I'm talking to people over Neomail they ask me something with or may have something that's not necessarily bad but it's not "TNT-approved" in the message. I was wondering if I could get frozen because my friends say things. I really don't want to get frozen. I'm trying really hard to be good, so I don't ever get frozen and lose everything. TNT please put this in the NT, I need an answer. By the way, Sloth wants to know if you want a cookie... ;K ~_snowbaby_
Remember that if you want want to chat about things that are not Neopets-related, there are many other places to do so on the Interwebs. ;) Anyway, while you won't be punished for something your friend said to you, if you don't want to lose your account please either don't respond or tell them you don't wish to talk about such things. Also, please never quote something that is inappropriate or not allowed on Neopets. Just because you weren't the original author of said post, you did repost it, and that counts.

Hi TNT! Here's a rock for your collection. Thank you for making another game challenge, I loved it! My only problem is that in the rules you state "The Games Master Challenge will end a week from now on the 27th of the Month of Storing!" It is 4:58pm NST and the challenge is over. I was very disappointed because I was planning on finishing the challenges this evening. My question is: why did you guys end it early? And in the future could you either give the time that you are planning on ending the challenge, or let us continue until it the day is over by NST time? I, and many others I'm sure, would really appreciate this. Thanks again for the fun challenges! ~no1bear
When we give a date, but no time, we mean that the event will end when we sync the site with that day's New Features. This usually happens in the early afternoon, but it could happen a bit later. We do this because, usually, that day is merely extra time, and you should really be trying to complete the event as soon as possible. In the case of GMC, for example, the last group of challenges were given out on the 26th so had we given a time, it would have been midnight on that night. ;) But we left it open the morning of the 27th while we got the days New Features ready so that everyone who needed to could play catch up. Anyway, we'll consider trying to give a more definite time frame in the future for people who aren't aware of this, but for certain events, the point is to really keep up or you miss out, so that's why we don't specify when it will end.

Ello Dynamite! I mean TNT XD! My question is-- if you have a side account and it gets frozen, does your main get frozen, too? (Nope, I don't have a side account) ~knuckles5678556
It really depends on what caused your account to be frozen. If you were frozen for scamming then your main will definitely be frozen. And yes, we're on to the whole "try to sneak it through a bunch of accounts so they can't track that Faerie Queen Doll I stole! Hehe!" It doesn't work. We have specially trained Poogles that will sniff your main/where ever you "hid" it and freeze you, so please, don't bother. :P If we're looking for the item, we'll find it.

Other causes (aside from scamming/cheating) that will get your main frozen is extremely poor behavior on side accounts, especially multiple times. We know of far too many decent accounts that love to make little side accounts to troll and wreak havoc on the boards because they're too afraid to do it on their main due to either loss of their account or respect. If you have demonstrated horribly poor behavior on side accounts the monitor may warn or take harsher action on your main account. Side accounts and anonymity does not equal an excuse for irresponsible behavior.

If you do something minor, like post a chain letter once or go off topic, and you've had no prior offenses, you'll likely only be warned on that account since we're sure that will suffice. Really, though, it just depends on the rule that was broken and any prior warnings/suspensions/freezings.

On a side note, if anyone lends an item and it is stolen, please report the player immediately. If you don't see the account frozen within a few days, please mail support. Also, despite what scammers often love to claim, if that one account they stole the item with has been frozen, whatever account they sent the item to will be frozen as well. We can't tell you the username of course, but be assured justice will be served if we're on the case.

Fwweeeeeet! Excuse us, we're the tangent police and we have to ask you to stop now.
Sorry ._.
Move along! Nothing further to read here!

I'm just wondering, will there be any further prizes for the Game Master Challenge? Like, say... an avatar, for instance? I do realize we already got prizes for completing each challenge, plus the spiffy trophy, but I was really hoping for an avatar or a site theme or something, since there was an avatar last time. If you could please let me know whether to wait and hope or to just give up that dream now, I'll go away and stop bothering you. =P Thanks. ~kiriath514
Give up the dream, man. Give up the dream.

There is an avatar for the Daily Dare event, but not one for Games Master Challenge this time around. Perhaps if Aaa decides another challenge is in order, we can convince him of the splendidness of avatars, but the current challenge is over and no more prizes will be given.

So I was using the Super Shop Wiz to price my shop and noticed that when I put in Stone Side Table it came back with around 500 NP. I typed that in again, and it was almost 9k the second time. There are two very different items with the same name, and I know that I have lost some NP due to the fact that there was a difference I didn't know about. Thanks. ~nuttintolose
Woopsie. We've fixed that up. The r180 one (the one worth 8.5k) is still called Stone Side Table, and the other (r53) is now called a Small Stone Table. Sorry about that!

Hi, unknown Neopets staff member! *hands you a frozen TV dinner, since you're probably sick of rocks at this point* I've been working on my pet's page for a few days now, and I'm trying to build something worth submitting for the Site Spotlight. I read the rules to see if there was a specific requirement I needed to meet, like a minimum word count. But the page I'm looking at says the maximum word count for a site spotlight entry is one thousand words. Doesn't that seem kind of small? But I can totally understand if the maximum word count is meant to keep submissions short and less of a pain to read. Or is the word count for the description of the page you're submitting? Please answer; I'm confused! And please remove my username. Thanks for reading this! ~[username removed]
The 1,000 word count max is for the description, not the actual content of the page itself. :) You can write as much (or as little) as you like on the Pet page.

TNT, With the 100th Caption Contest coming up for both Italian and Spanish users, the English-speaking AC has seen many of the entrants make boards asking for votes (in the English AC). Some of the English-speakers got very irritated with the number of boards about it. They were frustrated because they couldn't even understand what the captions were saying. However, it seems perfectly logical for these Italian and Spanish speakers to go to the English boards for votes. What do YOU think about this? ~lil_red_raider


I have been seeing a LOT of boards this week, with people from other countries (Italy in this case) making boards on the English boards, asking for votes in the caption contest. That's the sole purpose of the board. One person even said that they thought if they could get all the English people to vote for them, that they could beat out the competition. Is this against the rules? Or at the very least, spamming? (When they make 15 boards a day about it?) Please leave my name out. Thanks.
We've been lenient with the whole submitting in other languages, but please do not spam boards asking for people to vote for things they can't even read. D: We know the different languages can jump back and forth between the boards and we totally encourage that... but please don't take advantage of it. Keep the contests for the different languages separate.

Hey! I started buying A LOT of books for my Neopets and that's when I heard about the badges. I was wondering if the book reading badges are just for regular books or skoolastic books? ~googyhilz
We're assuming skoolastic=Booktastic here, hehe. :) There are two book awards. One for the top readers of normal books, and an entirely separate high score table for Booktastic Books, which are books that come from the book shop on Kreludor. Neither type of book will give you credit for the other's high score table.

Beware... shinies are expensive *_*

I had an idea for a return policy on my shop; it would work like this: the item must be at least 1,000 NP so it shows up in the sales history. Then, if you want to return Neomail me and let me know, and I put the item you bought from my shop in a reserved trade and then I bid back the NP you spent at my shop on the trade with the item. So my question (finally LOLZ) is... Is this against any rules TNT has? If so, I won't do it! ~acarazrawkz42
We... can't think of any rules this would be breaking, but we also can't think of any reason why someone would want to return an item. It's not like it could be defective or not the right size. XP So, just be careful with it, and be sure not to let anyone take advantage of you. :)

Dear TNT, Okay, soo... I was at the Healing Springs today when I noticed that the Water Faerie has a shell behind one ear. How does she get it to stay there? O_O I mean, I've tried balancing a shell behind my ear, and it doesn't stay for very long. Is it maybe… a hair clip? Or did the evil Meepit overlords super glue it to her head? ~kougracata
Magicwaterfaeriehairclipofhealingdoom. And a tad of super glue, yes.

Clarify: Mirror games. Example: Destruct O Match and the mirror Destruct O Match. Are players allowed to play both versions of this game and send score for both on the same day? Many believe this is abusing the system since it is the same game and we are only allowed to send score three times per flash game. Some believe since the score shows as its own game on the personal high score table that it is considered a different game and allowed. ~wefix
We'd think this would be obvious, as there is a limit on the games for a reason. Playing dumb and using an excuse that there are two personal high score tables for the game is just... selective rule following. Kinda like when your dog "can't hear" you when you say it's time for a bath, but you pick up the leash and he/she can hear you from the other side of the house. Yeah, kinda like that. You know the intention of the rules, so feigning you don't to justify your actions doesn't cut it.

I am an avid role-player and as much as I enjoy doing the regular free-for-all-to-join ones, I also adore one on one role-plays. Recently, however, I've been noticing that boards advertising such have been getting deleted. Why is that? ~katlynzepher
Well, we wandered over to the Role Playing board and took a look at the one-on-one RP boards to see what was up. So far, every single one we visited was directing someone to the poster's aim/email or to off-site links. (We're on to the "spider" thing, people. DURR.) Generally people want to lead others off the site to partake in role-play that isn't Neopets-friendly, and we're just not cool with that, sorry. Any boards trying to direct players away from the safety of Neopets will be deleted and the makers warned/frozen. If you just want to RP over Neomail, that's fine, and the board won't be deleted.

Hey TNT, thanks for always doing a great job on the site! Anyway, I changed my password, and then when I logged in again, I was presented with a message telling me that my password was not secure enough. It said: "Please use the Help link in the left-side menu to go to the User Prefs page. You can change your password there." Except that now, there is no "left-side menu" and the navigation bar on top no longer has the "Help" link... Time to change the message, perhaps? :) ~stargirl089
Woops! We'll get that fixed as soon as... *watches programmers suddenly duck behind their monitors and start frantically typing code* soon as we umm... get to it. ._.

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