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TNT, YOU ROCK!!! Okay, I have to know, what happens to all the Neopoints we Neopians spend every day on the wheels? I mean, where do they go? I spin the Wheel of Excitement almost every day. It's a question that has haunted me for too, too long. Thanks!!! :D Like I said before, YOU GUYS ROCK!!! ~_butterfly_gal_
We'd like to say that we recycle them (as not to fill up vast non-existing cyber landfills), but we don't. They go poof! And be glad that they do, since it combats the huge amounts of NP that flood into the economy daily due to Flash games. Remember everyone, Neopoint sinks are your friends! So take one for the team and go pull that Lever of DOOM one more time for the good of Neopia! ♥

You all know you rock, so on with the question! In Issue 311, you said that it's okay to give away all your items and abandon your Neopets if you're quitting. Well, I ran across a trade recently that said, "My mom's making me quit. Neomail if you'd like my account and I'll send you my password!" I've gotten quite a few Neomails saying something like that, too. My question is: should we report this, or can we just politely refer them to the Editorial? Thanks! ~newfuturevizions
Please report them immediately. The odds are extremely high that the player is attempting to scam you and others. We don't want to give the details of how the scam works, but rest assured you do not EVER want to accept or log into any account you don't own. If you do, you risk losing your account to the scammer or the monitors (since accepting an account is also against the rules).

TNT YOU ROCK!!! I was wondering, however, why baby paint brushes are so expensive? They shouldn't be more than 3,000 Neopoints at least. People can be very greedy. ~polkastripe
Actually, baby paint brushes are price capped at 600,000 NP thanks to the Hidden Tower. If they weren't available in unlimited numbers from there, we assure you they would cost a whole lot more than they do now. :) Having painted Neopets is just one way players can show their dedication, and if such paint brushes were so worthless that anyone could buy them with no effort, what point would there be to them in the first place?

Sorry, gotta earn me :X

So TNT, I was wondering if you could put a secret page somewhere on the site where people could simply see what all the avatars looked like? I don't mean tell us where they are or how to get them, but just so we know what they look like. That way we could take our personal likings and make a promise to ourselves to find them. ~olivia_rose__84
Well, part of the secrecy of avatars to begin with is that there is no definitive list of them anywhere on the site. ;) Only true collectors know of the more obscure avatars and that's the way we like it! However, while we have no interest in making such a page, we're sure there are plenty of players about to Neomail you with numerous Petpages that contain the information you seek. :D

Okay! HI!!! HI!!! You... are so totally awesomeness! Heh heh. So now onto my point. I zapped my Uni about... a week ago, and it changed from a robot Uni to a rainbow Uni. So I was like, "that's cool," but then after going to another page, on the side, my Uni was still a ROBOT Uni!! Why?!? When I go to his Petpage, it says that he is a rainbow Uni, but the picture is of a robot Uni. That's just strange, and after a week, it's still like that. Is it a bug or something? Thanks! (By the way, if my Editorial question is chosen, would you mind leaving out my name? Thanks a lot!)
This was asked quite a few times! Robot casing is a clothing item that your Neopet is wearing, so when they change colour at the Lab Ray, it's hard to see because the casing is still being worn, covering your Neopet up. If you go to the Customisation Application, you can click to view the "applied" items and remove the casing, revealing the beautiful rainbow Uni underneath!

If you're sure all the clothing has been removed from the Neopet but the sidebar image is still showing an old version, this likely means the image just wasn't saved out correctly. Head over to the Customisation Application again, but this time re-save your Neopet. This will force the application to write out the image again, hopefully properly this time. :)

TNT, why don't you just give yourselves a bunch of NP? Do you like to be fair and earn it the hard way, or do you really give yourself Neopoints? ~bolen18
Yep, we do it the hard way and earn it ourselves. Them's the rules. Besides, if you could just give yourself items and countless NP... well, what then? One of the biggest appeals of the site is improving your account. If you can just click a button and do it, it really takes the fun out of the game and makes it all very pointless. Since we're players, too, we earn our NP just like you do. :) (That being said, we do have accounts that are created simply to test things with, so we can add lots of NP there if we need to, say, buy things from the Hidden Tower to make sure everything is working. We delete the items right after, though.) ;)

Hi TNT! I was wondering… does keeping your Neopets happier, or feeding them gourmet food, make them choose more expensive food for the monthly freebies? ~softball_slugger
Nope. Much like Random Events, the food they choose for their monthly freebies is totally random.

Don't tell her that! I'm sick of omelettes!

*huggles TNT tightly* Oh mighty TNT, thanks for ze awesome Boochi Random Event on my Gelert! *bows* I do have a question, though. When telling my guild about getting a Boochi zap, I explained how my active avatar had been Gelert - Starry and my Gelert was starry at the time. I was told that getting Boochi as a Random Event is more likely when your active Neopet and avatar look alike. Is this really true? Thanks. :D PS: Call me Poofle and I'll give you some cheese. :3 ~bananafaerie99
We have plenty of cheese. PLENTY! But hi, Poofle!

We're sorry to burst your bubble but, *pop*. It's actually random. Boochi came out long before avatars, and has no interest in them. His only love is sweet, sweet revenge.

Dear TNT, you guys (and girls) are totally awesome! ^^ Yay! I'm curious, though... when one person on a board is frozen, does everyone on the same board get frozen, as well? ~howl_to_the_skies
Goodness, no. That would stink! We'd like to run with this though, and take a moment to clarify the things that can happen to boards. Boards can be:

~ Locked by monitors, with an explanation why, so that no one can post on them further. This is *only* done with the boards that are not profane, like spam or off-topic boards, and makes it clear to everyone who views the board why exactly it was against the rules. (Profane boards are taken down immediately, of course.) Most times the creator is warned, but sometimes this serves as the warning and doesn't go on the creator's permanent record.

~Deleted by a monitor, but with no action taken against anyone. This is usually the monitor trying to give the creator a hint about their board without actually sending the user a warning. The monitor is trying to be nice here. ;) Take the hint and don't repost the board.

~Deleted by a monitor, and a warning given to the creator.

~Deleted by a monitor, and the creator is frozen.

~Deleted by proxy. When a player is frozen, all posts made by that player are automatically deleted. This includes all board posts, guild posts, noticeboard posts, and even Beauty Contest votes. Generally when a player is warned or suspended, the same action is taken so that they can make any new posts with a clean slate.

~ Hidden from sight so that no one can view it. Monitors facing a board with all sorts of bad things often have to warn several participants, but deleting the board means it's gone forever. This way, the monitor has time to look through and punish anyone misbehaving while not allowing other Neopians to see the inappropriate material. (Betcha didn't know about this one, huh?!) ;)
All this explains why, sometimes, a player's posts disappear right off a board. Players often misinterpret this, thinking something they just posted is what caused them to be frozen/warned (while, in truth, it could have been anything posted previously). It may not have been related to a post on the boards at all, in fact. The posts were simply deleted because the user was warned, period.

In none of these cases, however, is any action taken against players simply posting on the board that is deleted, unless the player was actively participating in the inappropriate discussion or intentionally trying to bump the inappropriate topic for nefarious purposes.

Dear TNT, why are some items wearable and others not wearable? What's the sense in that? ~nicolean93
Of the approximately 1,700 clothing items on the Neopets site, only roughly 300 are not wearable as they were created long before we dared to even dream about making customisation possible. It might not seem like a huge amount but multiply drawing those items 54 times for each Neopet and you get the whopping sum of 16,200 different images. To compare, roughly 37,500 items have been drawn in total over the entire lifetime of the site. We're doing the best we can to add more wearable items as quickly as possible, as well as making the occasional old item wearable, but please understand what a huge task it is for our artists.

Thank goodness paint brush clothing only needs to be drawn once! (Well, twice if you include the 80 x 80 image of the item.)

Lately you've been talking about many things there are on the todo list. What I mainly wonder is: how big is the todo list? Also, does it increase or decrease in size? ~ pasqui_q
BIG. Reaaaally big. And it's always growing. As soon as we pat ourselves on the back and cross one completed thing off, at least three more have been added (if not more). D: We'd also like to remind everyone that, just because one thing is completed, it doesn't mean that another area hasn't been worked on because of it. Asking why a bunch of items have been released while The Pound is still down or why we bother writing Neopedias while this area of the site needs updating is kinda silly. Our artists don't know how to program, our writers draw kinda funny, and the programmers... well, we don't let them do much writing (for the sanity of us all). Everyone has their own specific jobs here, and if we all switched things around… well, it would be years before you got plot prizes instead of months. D:

I recently got scammed after someone offered to give me his or her account. Without giving out my password, the scammer simply got into my account after I logged out. Is it that there is some sort of spyware that does this? If that is so, please try to block it. ~ stars_of_fyre
Sorry to use your story as an example, but this is exactly why you should instantly report anyone trying to "give" you an account and never, EVER log into an account that isn't yours. To clarify for everyone, the above situation doesn't happen if someone simply sends you the scam; it's if you fall for it and log into the account. While, as mentioned before, we don't want to explain how it works because evil eyes might be reading too, we can confirm it's not caused by spyware.

What is D'oh? Is it an abbreviation? I have seen it on Cheat! ~superpowers36
We'd ask Mr. Insane, since he made Cheat!, but he forgot. D'oh!

Are the last pieces of every map retired? If they are, how are we able to get them once they are gone (when all of the last pieces are used to get prizes)? I noticed that the last piece of the Lab Ray map actually costs around 350k. =O ~ galaxy__1995
They aren't retired. Your fellow Neopians have inflated them to increase their profit margins. Isn't that lovely? Hmmm... wouldn't it be lovely if we offered that piece at the Advent Calendar this year? BUAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Okay, we're messing with you, but we were thinking about it just the other day and laughing maniacally. We're certainly evil enough to do it.

Erm, anyway, only items with a rarity of 180 are officially retired. There are other items that may no longer be given out anywhere, but unless it says rarity 180 on it, there's still a chance we'll give it out again in the future. Unless you're talking about the Faerie Paint Brush. Uh... just forget that's retired. O_o

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