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Is it still possible to get the Deckswabber avatar now that the game has been dragged into the Game Graveyard? ~ayarra
We have not moved it yet, but we will. ;) There's a bit of an argument going on internally about where it should go. We're not taking bets on who wins, but we should.

Hey TNT, I was wondering, can you get a Draik egg as a Random Event? ~orion12345
Sorry, there are no Random Events that give away Draik eggs. :( However, Dr. Sloth has been known to give out Draik transmogrification potions from time to time.

I bought a Chia plushie for my Neopets to play with. I played with my Xweetok, then Korbat, then Ogrin, and then finally my Lupe. He ripped the plushie to pieces! Why? ~arklight
Typically, Lupes and Chias don't get along very well. One of the reasons for this may be because of the fact that Lupes like to eat Chias. We can understand how this could put a damper on the relationship between the two species. Generally if you give a Lupe a Chia related toy, it's going to rip it up and semi-devour it. That's just one of the sad facts of Neopia.

Ouch x_X

PLEASE change the URLs of the pictures of the Neopets to having a different link for different kinds of pets!!! Because, you see, we users with the laboratory map keep pages where we list pictures of what our Neopets have turned into. So, anyway, if the URL of the Neopet doesn't change when the Neopet does, all of the pictures will turn into what the Neopet just turned into. As a result, we'll have no picture record and our pages will be ruined!!! Please solve this HORRIBLE PROBLEM!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!*sobs* ~daisyice
Unfortunately, this isn't feasible. Think about all the users on the site and how many Neopets they have collectively. Now imagine if we saved EVERY image of those Neopets that was ever created... we'd run out of disk space pretty quickly. So, the URL of your Neopet is the same and the image is updated rather than saved out separately.

Once we update the "basic" image for each species/colour combination (for use in places like the Rainbow Pool and the "All Neopets" page), you'll be able to use that if you'd like a generic representation of your Neopet. Or, you could always take screenshots. ;)

Dr. Sloth - well. I owe my wealth to him, in a Random Event. Is it immoral to like him? :P ~unpassion
Looks like you were a lucky recipient of one of those aforementioned Draik transmogrification potions! Lucky you! No, it's not wrong to secretly like Dr. Sloth, just please don't help him in his plots to take over Neopia. (Also, she already sold the Draik potion, so don't pester her about it! Yes, you! *glares*)

I just completed two of my maps. I collected the award. I came back to see if it was still there. IT'S NOT. What happened? Is it supposed to be like that? ~bunny_242123
Map pieces are consumed when they are turned in. This means they go poof! Gone. Forever. Out of existence. Bye-bye map pieces!

(Yes, even the Lab Ray map goes poof. Your prize is access to the Lab Ray itself forever.)

Hi TNT! *insert "you rock" comments here* I've heard this a lot on the boards and stuff, so I would just like to clear it up. Say you have a Chia, whom you feed gooseberries every day. Will it eventually turn into a gooseberry Chia? Thanks. ~kaitlynmoo
No, the only way to change your Chia to gooseberry (aside from the Lab Ray) is to feed it a Gooseberry Chia pop. Remember, Chia pops only work on Chias! Feeding it to any other type of Neopet just makes it a real expensive meal!

Mmm... yummy.

*Insert rock/roll-type comment here* TNT, I was just wondering... why did you implement the "accept or deny" sent items thing? To me, it seemed fine like it was, and now... well, to me, it just sorta seems like more of a strain on servers for no real reason. Glad to hear from ya! ~olympus803
There were several reasons for it, actually. First, scammers and such like to send cheated items to legitimate users in a (generally ridiculous) attempt to frame them. Now, a user can simply deny any suspicious items and have no fear of accidentally profiting off such wares. Also, it stops users from maliciously spamming other accounts with items like dung to clog up their inventory. There are also users who like to send unwanted or suspicious items, then activate the Neofriend only barrier or self-freeze to prevent the item from being sent back. (Why, we're not quite sure, but they do it.) All in all, it gives everyone more control over the items they receive, which is better for everyone.

Petpetpets are attaching very quickly now. Is this a glitch or have they just become A LOT easier to attach lately? It seems, either way, this new trend has made every Petpetpet inflate in price. ~sugarypixiestix2
Nothing about Petpetpets has changed, so it seems that there's just an epidemic going on at the moment. *shudder*

Where do you get the "deluxe paint brush set" clothes? Does your Neopet have to be painted that colour? If so, why do I see Neopets with Mystery Island AND royal accessories? ~iluvkadoaties9
You got it! For a Neopet to get a "deluxe paint brush set" of items, they need to be painted/zapped into the colour that provides it. Neopets that are wearing items from different sets, like Mystery Island and royal, are lucky Neopets whose owners have painted them both colours in order to make their outfit. Changing the colour of the Neopet does not make items from a previous colour disappear.

Meet King Captain Howler the Depressed. He's a royal pirate halloween grey Lupe!

Okay, I know that I'm not supposed to make any kind of profit on my side account, but this has been bothering me for a while now: am I allowed to use the free training offered by Cap'n Threelegs on a Neopet's special day with my side account? Please answer! I have no idea and I don't want to get frozen for unknowingly breaking the rules. Thanks. ~iluvlupes250
We think we've discussed this before. Free training (as well as normal training, of course) is perfectly fine to do on your side account. There is no profit involved. (Just remember to send any needed NP/codestones from your main account to your side.)

A lot of people have been talking about a website called [link removed; basically a personal information website aimed at Neopet players]. I was just wondering if you ( were in any way affiliated with this website? I thought you might be, since the site uses quotes such as "a place for Neofriends" and "enhance your Neopets experience." I thought you guys (The Neopets Team) were totally against posting VERY personal information and photos on your website. Please get back to me soon, since many people have been asking this as well. ~lykomg__
We are NOT affiliated with this website in any way. We are very much against posting personal information and/or pictures and encourage people not to for a variety of safety reasons. It's actually a bit scary how easily just a small bit of information posted on the Internet can be used to personally identify you. If you have signed up for this site, we'd just ask that you think very carefully about the information you post there. If you're younger, please, please make sure your parents are okay with it. It's also a given that the email address or password you use there should not match the same information you have on Neopets.


And now, time for the Neopets Tip of the Day!

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