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Is TNT ever going to make another contest where you create your own Neopet? ~koomba
Alas, this is highly doubtful, mostly because of a whole bunch of legal mumbo jumbo that only Lawyerbot would be interested in. :(

(On average) how many neopoints are spent in shops each day? ~s1an5
Wow, we've never been asked this question before. We really have no idea. It could vary widely (depending on what stocks that day), so we don't know if we could ever give you an accurate average. It's very interesting to think about, though. We'd have to talk to the database monkeys to see if it's possible to pull these numbers out of the database without bringing the site down. Hehe.

TNT, you ROCK! ^^ Thanks so much for bringing the Cup back. I wasn't into it last year until the end and I missed most of it! Anyway... there have been many comments around the boards that not submitting all your scores on the AC will get you frozen. I don't know whether it's fact or fiction, so maybe you could clear it up. Thanks! :D ~beaumzach
There is no punishment for not sending scores. This rumour may have started because of action taken against accounts who were maliciously attempting to "bring down" the score of other teams by joining their adversary's team on their alts last year. Please note that you may NOT join the Altador Cup on your side accounts.

No playing dirty!

Hi TNT! I was wondering, since I know Flash, can I do an animation for Neovision with it, then convert it to the necessary format? I'm not really great with videos so I decided I'd give this question a whirl. :) Thanks! ~winner843
Yep! We'd be more than happy to see what you fantabulous Flash artists can do! For those who don't know, you can convert Flash animations to .mov format, which is definitely accepted in the Neovision submission form.

Okay. So I was RPing today and got a warning because my character was flirting with another character. I don't know if you guys have ever RP'd before, but I'm pretty sure when people RP, people flirt with each other. In every RP possible that's gonna happen. Wolf, teen celebs, kindergarten. Neopets. It's a part of RPing. That's why it kind of kills an RP when all we can do is walk around and talk. ~onuthedemonofthedark
Okay, the kindergarten RP thing kinda weirds us out, but anyway, that's YOUR take on RPing. Simply because you feel the need to flirt when you RP doesn't mean everyone else does. So here's our take on it, which, to be blunt, is the only one that counts while you're on our site. ;)

Flirting and anything of the sort is not allowed on Neopets, and just because it's in roleplay doesn't make it okay. PERIOD. So, if you find your characters on a course to flirting, use some sort of plot device to take things elsewhere. Anyone RPing is the type of person that enjoys being creative (we would assume) and there are many, many, many situations to RP that do not, in any way, need to involve anything that's against our terms and conditions. Maybe you need to infiltrate a castle to get a hidden orb, or you're hunting for treasure in Maraqua and encounter a strange sea beast! Neopia is a vast world to explore and there are many options. There's more out there than teen vampires injected with animal DNA being kidnapped. Be creative!

And yes, we have gone to the RP boards and can assure you that we had a blast RPing without ever having to resort to flirting. If you find you simply can't RP without flirting, we suggest you find a different RP community outside of Neopets where that type of stuff is okay. You'll probably enjoy your RP sessions much more there if that's really what you're interested in.

(In case you were wondering, our favourite RP ever was "socks in a dryer." It was hysterical and went on for many pages and was enjoyed by all who joined in. No flirting involved!)

Is a Huggy bear a toy or a Petpet? ~ sarahw30
The Huggy Bear is a Petpet that is a Cooking Pot mixture of a Petpet and non-Petpet item.

My recipe isn't hard to figure out, is it? :(

*insert you rock-esque comments here* Okay, imagine this scenario. My imaginary Neofriend Peter and my imaginary Neofriend Paul write a story together. Paul submits it, but tells you that Peter helped write it. Would Peter be given a trophy along with Paul? ~ firestarsdaughter
We asked the Neopian Times queen and she said that yes, if it was a genuine collaboration, then both will get credit. Please note, however, that if you claim something was a collaboration when it was not, and it is discovered, the NT queen will come looking for you, and she won't be happy! (Beware: Do not anger the Droplet.)

My Skeith likes to snack right out of my inventory, and I was wondering... if he eats a gourmet food item will it count toward his gourmet score? Thanks!! ~turbohavana
Alas, it does not. You need to manually feed your Neopet for the score to go toward the Gourmet Club.

People are saying "freeloaders" (people who don't participate but join a team) in the Altador Cup are affecting the overall score (as in negatively). Please clear this up, thanks! ~ virtualmetalclone
Nope, that is completely untrue. You can only help your team, not hurt it.

I was just curious. Do you realise that you have Neopets whose species name starts with every letter of the alphabet except for the letter V? I don't mind, but I am friends with him and he feels rather sad and dejected. ~ doctor_who_companion
Sorry, V! We're quite the silly bunch here and we actually have been naming new species so that we can have one of each letter. :D (You think Xweetok happened by accident?) It's just that, sometimes, a name just fits, and we'd rather give a new species a name we like, rather than forcing it into a name just because we're missing that letter. We'll try to get to you eventually, though, V!

Hi guys! I was just playing Whack-A-Staff member (I love you guys, I really do, but it's fun to hit you over the head with mallets) and one girl said she was going to eat my socks. Is that a threat? ~ foreverandever8283
Oh, that's Dragona. Don't mind her. She just hangs out underneath her desk and grabs people's feet when they walk by. We keep her well fed, so don't feel *too* threatened.

Hey, what's happened to the Neopian Bank? It's been down for two days now and I can't find any info as to why it's shut down or when it will be back up. ~ davidpierce
We're very sorry about that. There was a glitch that was discovered by some players that would cause Neopoints to double. Some players horribly abused this glitch, making billions of Neopoints, then proceeded to attempt to inflate items in the economy. To stop the damage to the economy we had to take down the Trading Post and Auction House, along with the bank. The players that maliciously used the glitch are being tracked down and frozen so they can no longer harm the economy and ruin the site for everyone else. Rest assured that, if you didn't abuse the glitch, your Neopoints are safe and will still be in the bank when it's back up and running, though we don't believe we can compensate for lost bank interest. We're very sorry that the actions of unscrupulous Neopians have dampened your Neopets experience for the past few days. :(

Please note, also, that the glitch was caused by something we did on our side, so despite anyone trying to "take credit" for the bank glitch, we're afraid it was our bad. :X

You'll be reunited with your funds soon!

Hi, TNT. I was just wondering, how come most of the new Neopets that aren't standing on 4 legs look like they are holding something? ~ emeraldserpent14
Eventually, there will be items your Neopets can hold, and so the base pose has to accommodate this. They're not shaking their fists at you in anger. Honest.

Have you noticed that only 50,000-60,000 are online a day? =_=; The commercial said there were millions. We only have a HALF a million! Pah. ~[username removed due to embarrassing math skills]
Hehe. 500,000 is half a million. 50,000 is half of... well, 100,000. ;)

Anyway, the "Total Online" number on the homepage is only counting the players currently on at that very moment. (We usually have anywhere from 35,000 to 80,000 depending on peak times, weekends, etc.) This number doesn't count people who logged in that morning and have since left the site, for example, so it has nothing to do with how many people have visited that day.

Our total unique visitors in a single day is over 1 million. Total unique visitors in a month is around 11 million. (And no, 1 million a day does not equal 30 million a month. Some of the unique visitors on day one come back on day two, but since they've already been counted on day one, they aren't counted again as a unique visitor for the monthly total.) ;)

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