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Hey everyone, we know you all have a lot of questions regarding the customisation of your Neopets, but we're still in beta, and can't answer much for you at this time. After the official release we will have an editorial that focuses on this, but until then please hold tight (and don't go selling off your paint brushes cheap, for goodness sakes!). ~theneopetsteam
Hey, look! We got into the editorial! /dance

Hey, TNT. If you have this music code on your Petpage and it has a few swears in it, is that freezable? Please answer and leave my name out.
The answer to this should be quite obvious. Posting lyrics or songs that have inappropriate material is not allowed. If you have music playing on your customisable pages with lyrics that would get you a warning if you posted them, then you will be warned/frozen for the offence.

Keep it clean please!

Hi! I was just wondering why no new Lutaris were released on Lutari Day? I've never heard of an instance where limited edition Neopets were not released on their day, and was wondering if this was just an error or if times were changing. Please let it be the former; I'm really sad I couldn't create a Lutari! ~fetching
Good grief! BACK, YOU FIENDS! As most of you are well aware, the Lutari is quite different from other Limited Edition Neopets, so you should never expect the norm with them. ;) We will release more of these, yes, we just didn't do it on their special day. Patience, grasshoppers.

Hi TNT. You always seem to answer the same lame questions over and over. I wonder, how many other questions do you get in a week? Besides the typical "Can I enter the BC on a side?" "Can I play games on my side"... can you think to post in bold letters "READ THE T&C" and then answer some relevant questions? Granted, I don't have a specific question, but good grief... so many questions you choose to answer are very clearly outlined in the T&C. Seems sort of lame to me.... ~vixenk99
Tell us about it! Trust us, we'd rather not repeat ourselves ad nauseam, but we can only answer what we receive! A lot of questions we get have either been answered a ton of times in the past, are "newbie" or personal questions that would help very few others, or are (of course) hundreds of variations on exactly the same question that is asked whenever something happens on the site. We can't begin to help you imagine how many, "Why weren't there any Lutaris released?!?" questions we got. We seriously need to dig deep for unique questions sometimes. You wouldn't believe the questions we get...


At the bottom of every. single. page. *headdesk*

I received a Random Event saying that my daily game quota was reset for the day but when I tried to play a game, it said that I had reached my max for the day. Was the Random Event just a joke? :( ~kat72386
It depends on what game you tried to play. :) There are some games that don't get cleared, but without having been provided the game name, we couldn't say if this was the case here. We'll look at the Random Event just in case, though, to make sure it's working properly!

There has been some controversy on the Battledome Chat lately about copying and pasting haggles while restocking. Will you please make it clear whether or not it's legal to do this while restocking? Thanks! ~you_got_mail_
Controversy on the BD chat? *gasp* Anyway, you were a bit vague so... two answers.

If you mean physically highlighting and copying the numerical part of, "The Shopkeeper says 'I wont take less than 34934 Neopoints for it.'" and pasting it into the haggle box on the next page, this is fine. It honestly doesn't seem much different in speed than tapping 34343 as quick as you can. Unless issues arise from it, we'll say this is fine for now.

If you mean constantly keeping a mid-range number in your clipboard while you restock the same item over and over, meaning that you're not copying and pasting manually every time, we're calling this a cheat, since you're not physically recreating the offer each time.

Hi TNT. I was wondering if you could tell me why nobody can paint their Neopet ice? I have an ice Neopet named Syleaf and I was wondering... if you pound an ice Neopet, will it turn blue? I was told that on a board and I wasn't sure if that was true or not because I got my Neopet, Syleaf, from the pound and he was still ice when I got him. Thanks. ~ petpets_rock300
With the exception of the ice Bori, ice Neopets are created via the Lab Ray. Ice Bori were awarded to those who participated in a special offer and will not remain ice coloured if they are pounded. This does not happen to any other species of ice-coloured Neopet.

I'm special!

Hi TNT. I wanted to say good job with the site so far! Anyway, I know this is kind of a silly question for someone who has been on Neopets as long as I, *pokes main account* but could you please tell me who Lawyerbot is? I've heard about him throughout numerous editorials. ~fyora123123
Lawyerbot is our resident mechanical lawyer robot. He takes care of things like pestering us at our desks when we're busy, frightening us with his taste in Mystery Island attire, and hiding under bridges waiting to scare small children. He also does less important things, like making sure our copyrights and trademarks are safe and sound. You know, all the stuff no one else wants to do. He's also recently successfully terminated Lawyer Drone, who is sadly no longer with us.

Okay, let's say that I had a Zafara Double Agent Plushie. I then lent it to someone and they blocked my Neomails and never gave it back. Is this reportable, or is it my fault for not requesting collateral in return? ~tydon
While you wouldn't get your plushie back, since you knew the risks of lending, that doesn't mean the person you lent it to can just run off with it. Please report the scammer immediately so they can be frozen for their actions. Clearly being lent something and then running off with it is never okay!

Hey TNT! I was just wondering, is there a maximum amount of Neopoints you can have? Does it stop once you get to a certain number? Thanks. :) ~googlebrain151
Well, while there are technically limitations to the bank because of what the database can hold, those limitations are high enough so that no one on the site should ever be able to reach them. The current richest Neopian has nowhere near that many Neopoints, so we'll go ahead and say it's unlimited. :)

Dear TNT, you guys (here it comes) ROCK! Anyway, on an earlier editorial you said that plagiarism is against the rules and that you shouldn't copy real life stories and just make them Neopian, so on and so forth, but then in the Poetry Contest you said that you should submit your original poems, but if you wanted to do a Neopets version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" then you could. Wouldn't that be plagiarism, too? Would you mind clearing this up for me? ~shady_breeze
As described in the rest of the paragraph, that type of thing would be considered a parody. Remember, though, original work will almost always be considered highly over a parody. For other areas of the site, please remember that even parodies should lack pop culture references. If you think it'd be funny to draw an NT comic with a parody story of a Neopet named Hairy going to Bogwarts Academy, don't expect your submission to be considered.

I've noticed lately that a lot of Petpages have links to different editorials and that, at least once on every editorial page (sometimes 4 or 5 times), someone tells you guys that you rock. Just out of curiosity, how many times a week do you get told that? ~moonlightdensetsu
We counted, and it seems that 2 out of every 5 questions recently contained "you rock" somewhere in them. So, we've probably received about 688 this week alone. x_X You guys *really* don't have to. Really. It doesn't effect your getting into the Editorial in the slightest. It's just more text that we have to read through to get to your question. While we appreciate the thought, it really isn't necessary!

You guys are beating a dead rock.

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