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Is there a reason why our interest goes *POOF* when we don't collect it each day, instead of accumulating? For example: I get 1500 NPs per day, if I skip a day I lose those Neopoints. Since I think I deserve my interest *snickers from crowd* then shouldn't I get 3000 NPs the next day? Is this some kind of subtle scheme to get you onto Neopets every day? =P ~attagirl1117
Well, the main reason is that someone could just make multiple accounts, dump a bunch of NP in them all, log back on once a year, and poof! Tons of NP for no work. It's not really fair, nor does it make the game challenging. But yes, it's also an incentive to come back every day. :)

I'll skip all the 'you rock's because you know you do. Anyway, when you zap your Neopet and it changes gender, and say it was a Royal Girl, will the paint now be royal boy or will it stay the same? ~mommyducky200
The image will stay the same. Let's see if we can explain this without confusing you more. :P

Basically, Royal Boy and Royal Girl are considered two separate colours by our system. Like Mallow and Halloween, or Grey and Split. If you have a Mallow Neopet and it changes gender, the colour isn't affected. The same is true if you had a Royal Boy and your Neopet was somehow changed to female. It would still remain the colour "Royal Boy" regardless of its gender.

If you have a royal Neopet with opposite gender and image, there are two ways to go. One, you could challenge the Lab Ray scientist in the Battledome and hope his attack will shift your Neopet to the correct gender for the image. Or, you can buy another royal paint brush and repaint your Neopet to change the image. Although, there's nothing wrong with leaving it as is, either. :)

I'm so confused ;_;

Whilst helping my sister by buying plushies for her gallery I noticed she didn't have any of the Buzz. In doing a search for "Buzz Plushie" I could only find "special" ones such as Faerie, Mutant, Christmas, etc. Is there a reason that the Red, Yellow, Green and Rainbow ones are Toys? Many thanks! ~libmix
Oops! Heh. Some time ago, we moved all plushies to their own category, and they must have been forgotten in the transition. We've gone ahead and changed them to plushies. :)

I was chatting with a friend recently and mentioned that I didn't enjoy having to buy three or so codestones every time I wanted to train my battle Neopet, Wish a statistic point. So my friend suggested that I should train with dubloons, because they're cheaper. However, Neopets with levels over 40 aren't allowed to train at the academy. What about on Neopets' special days? Lenny Day is coming up and I'd really like to know. Luv ya TNT. ~forever_future
Alas, yes, Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy is cheaper, but is meant to train only lower level Neopets. Since he's the one that offers free training, Neopets over level 40 don't get free training on their special day. *sniffle*

Don't tell anyone we told you, but we're currently discussing some possible features for higher level Neopets. *shifty eyes* It will be quite some time before we speak of this again, though, so don't ask. :P

I'm worth more than yooou are!


Most guilds are demanding you to donate a certain amount to them so that you can increase ranks! Could you clear this issue up so that we know if this is considered a type of scam? ~twiinklex
Uhh... wow. The things people think up these days.

Other than the fact that it's just plain wrong on so many levels (seriously... why would anyone want to be in a guild that only cares about how many Neopoints you contribute?!), this would be considered selling a service for Neopoints, which is against the rules.

I've been to several boards, but these boards mostly happen on the FC. This would normally be the title: "[insert_name_here] -rattles tin can- Care to donate?" Well, it's just very annoying. I thought you guys said that asking for donations is considered begging? I told them that it is considered begging, but they simply ignored me. Then, as for another case, n00bs do the same thing and get bombarded with hatemails, while when /literates/ do that people chat with them in a friendly way. What do you think? ~twiinklex
Begging like that is not allowed, no matter what type of player is doing it, and should be reported for spamming.

Also, everyone keeps using that word n00b. We do not think it means what you think it means.

Hi, I have sat for 8 to 10 minutes at the faerie furniture store and I can't get any items. I refresh the shop every time the minute changes, but still no luck. I would refresh it more often but it was said that that could freeze your account or something like that. I want to follow the rules and get stuff fairly, but I want to get the stuff too! What can I do? ~isithrade1
You can refresh as often as you like! The only time you'd be frozen for refreshing is if you used a program to do it for you. Legitimate restockers need only worry about temporary "shop bans," which limit how much a single person can restock (it happens to every restocker). You will not get frozen for manually refreshing the page repeatedly.

As for the eight minute thing, it's a rough time span. :) It can happen at six minutes or ten minutes, so you'll just have to keep a close eye on the shop. If you find you're not seeing anything at all for very long periods of time, it may be that you've reached that shop ban. It will clear on its own and you'll be able to restock again soon.

Some people say that you can get Poogles at 2:00 A.M. Is this true? ~pooglespuppys4ever
Nope. Poogles are sometimes released on their special day, but that's it.

Seriously, who makes up this stuff??

If you report someone for doing something bad will they know who reported them? Please remove my username.
The monitors can see who reported whom, but the user being reported can't. In fact, they won't even know they've been reported at all. You are completely anonymous to the rest of the Neopian population.

Good evening Neopets Team. I have a question that has been annoying me for quite some time now and it seems that, whenever I send you this question, you never answer me. I'm well aware that you have thousands of questions every week but I really hope that you will answer mine. I remember many, many moons ago that there was this game that took place in a Pyramid and the main hero was a Kyrii and it was very similar to the Hannah games. I even remember there was a Better Than You challenge and I got runner up in it and the prize was a Desert Cobrall Plushie. Anyway, to my question. What was the name to the game and why did you guys and gals take it off the site? Also, how come there isn't anything on my Game List about it? (Ok, I know that was three questions but I can't help myself from asking) Please, please, please Oh Mighty Neopets Team, help me with this before I go crazy and start doing more brain damage by really thinking about this! Thank You! ~lukes22girl
We wracked our brains for the answer, and finally remembered – it was Mummy Maze! As to why it was taken off the site, erm... well, you're lucky we remembered the name. Oo Standard reasons behind removal of a game can range anywhere from easily exploitable to just plain horrifying to look at. We're not sure what the case was with Mummy Maze since it was so long ago.

Dear TNT, many people neomail me saying, "The lab ray makes Neopets disappear," or "The lab ray makes Neopet's eyes turn red." They claim they have proof from the Neopian Times. I just was wondering, is this true? Thanks, LOL. ~cosmogirlz
Hahaha, what? Interesting. We can assure you the Lab Ray does neither of those. It can only take away or give levels, raise stats, change your Neopets' gender, or alter their colour. The Petpet Lab Ray can make your Petpet go poof, though. Maybe that's what they were referring to?

I know we're not allowed to get free items on our side accounts, but we are allowed to get the newbie packs, right? ~starfox164
Yes, taking the Neopets-given newbie packs is fine as long as you are following the rules and not making more than 5 accounts. And yes, if you self-deactivate one and create another you can have the newbie pack there, too. It's mostly just a little kit to make your new Neopets feel welcomed.

I have been a Premium member for several years now, and I was wondering... if I create an alias account, would I be allowed to transfer everything to it and make it my main account? Or do I have to cancel my premium subscription on this account and make the subscription for the new one? ~iworshiplegolas
The latter. Things like the premium sidebar and collectable cards are non-transferable. You would need to cancel your premium account, re-subscribe on another account, and re-earn all the rewards. (Which, in the case of the collectable cards, means you would not be able to earn back many of the ones you had since they are based on how long the account has been a premium member.)

Hi TNT!!! I am sorry if this is a dumb question, but I am not sure. Due to my username, everyone is like, "OMG! I LOVE THAT BAND!" Anyway, if I set my neomail settings to "Neofriends only," can I still receive messages from TNT if an auction is successful, or if I win a contest, or something? Thanks! ~panic__atthe_disco
Yes, mail from TNT always comes through. ;) We suggest you set your Neomail to "friends only" now. Welcome to mass exposure!

Erm, wrong disco.

I notice that there is a lot of mention about side accounts. You have stated that you cannot do "dailies" on a side account. Also, when you sign up the page states that you can have a maximum of 5 accounts. Could you please explain why people use side accounts? ~anairrol
Lots of reasons, actually. Some people just can't handle only having four Neopets, and create or adopt more on side accounts to take care of. Also, they are useful for storage and joining guilds, and previously were made into galleries. (Some still are, since many users like to "theme" a whole account, including the username.) So, there are lots of reasons. :)

Hey, TNT. I'm wondering about the PPL. If you have a Petpet being zapped by the Petpet Lab, yet the PPL deems a Petpet the Pet of the Week that you own, yet is not zapped by the ray, would you still win the Neopoints? ~darkmage007
Petpets zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray are disqualified from the PPL, but other Petpets on the account that have not been zapped are still in the running.

I noticed that there are different articles, comics, etc. for the English Neopian Times vs. NTs in other languages. Is it permissable to translate a winning English-language NT article into, say, Spanish, and submit it to the Spanish Neopian Times? Thanks so much! ~parmadur
We're not sure if you mean your own article, or someone else's, but in either case the answer is no. :) Translating someone else's work and then winning for that submission is obviously not allowed. Translating your own article is also not allowed since you are only allowed to win once for each article you submit. If it gets into the Spanish Neopian Times, you will win there and it won't be allowed into the English version.

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