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Is it against the rules to make a pet page and say it's Jelly World? It has a giant jelly and everything. I know there is no Jelly World. Please clear this up for me!!! ~cena17325
Attempting to make a pet page that tricks people into believing it is an official Neopets.com page and not a user-created page is not allowed, even if it is some place that doesn't exist.

Help! I can never find the "Lab Jellies" game on Neopets and it's one of my fav's. How do I find it? Thanks :D ~rosemoon209
Lab Jellies? We're afraid you must have just dreamt that game up. You should learn from cenal7325 and come to understand that there simply is no Jelly World, nor odd jelly-related games.

What's with all the jelly questions?

I've just treated two of my Neopets to Petpets (and plan on buying some more so that the other two don't feel left out!). Under each Petpet's name it says their level. I was wondering if there's a way to increase the Petpet level, like through training or something like the way you can with Neopets?? Thanks. ~emmatook
Well done on being a caring owner and treating each of your Neopets nicely! ^_^ As far as leveling Petpets, it can be a risky adventure, since the current ways of increasing their levels are by either visiting the Turmaculus or winning 10 rounds in the Petpet Battledome (located on the Darigan Citadel).

I think you all do a wonderful job and I know that there are almost always reasons for why you do something and they are usually good. When it comes to the filters you use on pet pages and on the boards I know that there is a lot of pressure on you to keep everything within the limits of a PG rating... or so. Would you PLEASE be so kind as to explain why I can't use the plural of the word "alien" on my pet page? Remember that Aishas are aliens, too! Did I mention that I love you guys? ~schoolgirl31782
o_O! We tested it out, and indeed an angry brown Meerca informed us that a word as rude as "aliens" was not allowed. We backed away slowly and went to go solve the problem, and after many funny misadventures, we have successfully removed it from the filter. We don't know why it was in there in the first place, so we'll just blame... *flips a coin* Meepits.

Why have you forsaken me?!?

Hey TNT! Will we eventually have the option to paint all Neopets with the Royal paint brush? If you can't answer for all Neopets, then how about... from the top of my head, aah... how about just Kacheeks and Xweetoks? (The two species mentioned have no relation to my Neopets at all! ;D ) ~dil06
Well, we snuck a peek at the SUPER-SECRET calendar for the rest of the month, and alas, we don't see any new royal Neopets lined up for January. As for all Neopets available in royal, we can't really promise that! Some Neopets just don't seem right in fancy royal garb. ;)

Good morning/afternoon/evening/whatever, I was looking at some shop blogs and loved the magnificent Lenny in the Lenny 2005 blog on page 11. Wouldn't it be a great idea if you guys created Royal Lennies? I think it would boost the population of Lennies! :D ~gelert548
Oh, that IS a fancy one, eh? We'll let you in on a little secret... that was originally drawn to use in a Neopets TCG expansion, but it was not approved. It was supposed to be a specific Lenny character, not a Neopet design, so that's why she's so fancy. There's no guarantee that if we did a Royal Lenny it would look anything like that. :)

We also want to take a not-so-brief moment to mention your AMAZING DEMONSTRATION of question asking! (That wasn't sarcastic.) Far too often we're stuck trying to figure out horribly vague questions. For example, things like this are fairly common: "I was reading this old story about a Neopet, and halfway through the story it cuts off! I think it's a glitch!! Could you fix it?" (Usually with more chat speak, but you get the point.) You told us exactly where to look to find the image you referenced and that makes going through the Editorial questions MUCH easier. Thankyouthankyouthankyou for being specific! :D


Hey TNT! I have a question about the toolbar and the alert button (such a great thing). Well, the last few times I've seen the alert button flash I clicked it and got this message: "Tarla is back! After a busy day searching her warehouse, Tarla has a huge surprise for everyone. You better hurry, she is a very busy Ixi. Click here to see what Tarla is giving away." After clicking "here," however, the message says she is gone again. This has happened to me 3 times. I know you have to be fast and stuff and all three times I was -- the second the alert flashed I was clicking it. Thanks for the help! ~willowdragon1977
We have been aware of this problem, and good news! It's now been fixed. Huzzah and hooray. Sorry about the missed items!

Because of your previous ruling on pounding boards saying they were okay, people seem to think pound surfs are okay. Please tell me that they aren't. x.x ~legolugisback
If by pound surfers you mean people who sit in the pound refreshing waiting for a Neopet that tickles their fancy to show up for adoption, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. If they are using a program to adopt a Neopet quicker than they should be able to, then that is an issue and they will be frozen. There is also a bit of a grey area of people who lurk on pounding boards, and once a suitable owner is found and the Neopet abandoned for them, they go in an snatch it up. While this is horribly conniving and they should be ashamed of themselves, the Neopian Pound IS fair game and every owner knows the risks of using the pound to transfer. If you find an owner for your Neopet, we'd suggest Neomailing them privately and arranging a time for abandoning your Neopet. This way it will be more difficult for lurkers or others that are aware of your intent to abandon to get the Neopet.

I really love the new Godori card game, but I am wondering if there are ever going to be trophies awarded for it like the other card games? I would love to add a "Godori Champion!" trophy to my collection. Thanks ~sweetcaliangl04
We're working on this now, in fact, so don't worry. As with many PHP games, the game needs to be live for a certain amount of time for testing and such so we can make sure it works before awarding trophies.

I have recently noticed many restockers get iced. When restocking if you have JavaScript disabled is that considered cheating? ~zlqqlz
Yes, disabling JavaScript or images while restocking is considered giving yourself an unfair advantage over other players, and is not allowed. Even though it's a browser function and not a 3rd party cheat, it's still not allowed. Just like opening 100 window tabs and hitting "refresh all" trying to get Random Events will get you frozen faster than you can say, "Geraptiku" (or figure out how to pronounce it; one or the other). Don't get paranoid, though! If you don't know if you disabled JavaScript, you most likely haven't. This question probably doesn't apply to 99.87% of you, so don't fret about it if you have no idea what we're blithering about here.

Just leave the java(script) alone!

Suppose you hear of a glitch in a game that is supposed to help get a higher score. For example, holding the spacebar down halfway throughout the game. Now, you feel like a dolt (that would be a great name for a Petpet) but, you do it anyway. Kind of like rubbing wood when your palm itches to bring you money. You just know it's not going to work and you've been pranked. Anyway, it does work and you get a really great score! Yay! Can you be frozen for using it? ~doodle70726
If we're supposing, for example, that such a game could be entitled "Whack-A-Kass," then we suppose, hypothetically, that this is actually a function of the game and not a glitch and, therefore, we could possibly assume it's perfectly all right. :) There is a big difference, though, between easter eggs or "cheats" we put in our own games as secrets and abusing an obvious glitch to gain an advantage. If you abuse a glitch, whether it was "just to try it out" or not, you will be frozen.

During the reset each month, I have noticed people with gold trophies in either Neoboard Avatar and Stamp Collector that submit their scores. You would think that, for 4 hours, they could hold back so someone else can try to earn it for all their hard work! Do you think you can make it so all those who are champion in these things aren't "chumps" too and ruin someone's chances? ~diagallery
While we can understand your frustration, it's really up to the players. Some are thoughtful and hold off on sending their score so others have a shot at a trophy, while others either aren't mindful of it or don't want anyone to forget they are top dog. In any case, they have earned the top score, so they have every right to be on the high score list. If you're close, just keep trying, or do your best to increase your overall number of avatars or stamps. At least the scoreboard resets and scores have to be manually "sent" by accessing a page. Just imagine if it weren't the case! :X

Just be happy it resets!

Hmm... last year, for Elephante Day, I entered a picture of a "regal"-looking Elephante, in a pink sari with gold cuffs -- very Indian looking. The caption was something to the effect of wanting the royal treatment for Elephante Day. It didn't get chosen for the gallery. Now, this year, you came out with the Royal Elephante, whose female has a pink sari and gold cuffs, looking very very similar to mine. Can I get a Royal Paint Brush or something? Some sort of compensation? That just doesn't seem fair! ~princess_tiki
As we get literally thousands of art submissions a year, it'd actually be surprising if there weren't occasionally ones that bore some resemblance to each other. In this case, we can assure you the artist that drew that image has never seen your picture, as the department that goes through Art Gallery submissions is entirely separate from the one that draws art for the site. We're sorry if you felt infringed upon, and we're sure you're not the first, but honestly, it's just a coincidence. Since the royal Elephante for both our pictures were inspired by real-world native garb, it's hardly far-fetched to imagine that you, our artists, and many other people on Neopets would have the same idea.

How is a Fish Pop made? - natumi259
How to make a Fish Pop!

You will need:
  One handsaw
  One whittling knife
  One piece of sandpaper (rough)
  One net
  Four Meepits

Step 1: Visit your local hardware store or Pirate Plunder outlet.
Step 2: Purchase any tools listed above that you didn't already have in your basement.
Step 3: Hop on a boat to Mystery Island.
Step 4: Don't rock the boat.
Step 5: Upon arriving at Mystery Island, wander the jungles until you find a rubber tree. There's one in there somewhere.
Step 6: Chop down said rubber tree.
Step 7: Whittle the tree down to one stick, exactly 230 mm long and 5 mm in diameter.
Step 8: Sand said stick so as not to give the fish (or the eventual consumer of the fish) any splinters.
Step 9: Store the stick in a place where it won't get stolen, like your pocket or something. We'll come back to it later.
Step 10: Wander lost in the jungle for a few days until you come across some hungry natives.
Step 11: RUN!
Step 12: Eventually make your way to the shores, where hungry natives dare not tread.
Step 13: Use the net to go fishing.
Step 14: Use the fishing pole you just caught in the net to actually catch a fish.
Step 15: Retrieve the stick. Hopefully you kept it in your pocket.
Step 16: Put the stick in your right hand.
Step 17: Put the fish in your left hand.
Step 18: If you are left-handed, switch the stick and the fish. This step is optional.
Step 19: Bring your hands together.

Congratulations! Now you have a fish on a stick, otherwise known as a Fish Pop! Please remember: when making a Fish Pop, get a parent's permission first!

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