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Hi guys, I was wondering... I got a red codestone and I like the looks, but how do you use it? When you sign up for a class at the training school they assign you a specific codestone. Also, when you go to the menu it doesn't say anything special. I don't want all my hard-earned money to go to waste. ~neoman11594
Unless one of your Neopets is level 250 or above, it's probably best for you to resell the item (unless you'd like to keep it as a gallery piece). Red codestones are used only by the Secret Ninja Training School, which only allows high level Neopets to enter.

What? You were expecting some witty comment?
I'm just a glorified rock.

Is it Neopian year 7 or 8? On the front page it says 8, but everywhere else says 7... I'm so confused! ~berriegoodstuff
It's Y8. :) The exact Neopian date and time can always be found at the top of the calendar page under Pet Central. Perhaps you were confused by the news? If so, sorry about that! We were celebrating Neopets' 7th birthday, which is slightly different than the Neopian year. Here's a rundown:

November 15th, 1999 - Neopets goes live and 1999 becomes Y1.
January 1, 2000 - Neopets enters Y2.
November 15th, 2000 - Neopets' 1st birthday.
January 1, 2001 - Neopets enters Y3.

Etc., etc. It's a bit confusing at first, but makes sense once you get the hang of it. :)

I was going to just let this slide since nothing bad came of it, but I read an editorial question which made me think that maybe the person was trying to scam me. I had an item worth 150k for trades, and I was Neomailed, the Neomailer saying that the value of the item was rapidly decreasing and would soon only be worth 25k at best, and offered me 50k for it to 'help' me. I declined, of course, and sold the item for its true value, but should he be reported for scamming? I don't know if it's classified as a scam or not. ~ella_thecoolperson
Yup. Unfortunately, this person was trying to scam you. Attempting to convince someone that their item is worth less so you can purchase it at a discount, or that your item is worth more so they'll pay much more than market value for it, is definitely scamming.

No need to report them now, though. ;) We just checked into it and they are already frozen for trying this and other dirty schemes on a number of users. You did a good job of being alert and cautious enough not to fall for their rotten scam!

"I thought there was something fishy about that..."

In trades, people say "auto" a lot. For instance, someone might say: 20k=auto or codestone=auto. What does "auto" mean? ~yip_yup
"Auto" means that, should you offer the requested 20k, for example, they will accept it without haggling. It's basically a way of saying they may negotiate with you if you bid 18 or 19k, but they really want that 20k and will waste no time in accepting if that's what you offer. Though people are prone to changing their minds, of course, most people honour "auto" offers and will accept when they see it. Do remember, though, that others may have offered that same amount. In that case, the seller may accept their offer over yours, so there is no guarantee you will get the item just because you offered their "auto." ;)

Hi TNT. My mum was saying to me today, "What are you going to do when you get too old for Neopets?" Crazy, I know, but she made me think -- what do we do with our accounts when we grow a bit too old for Neopets? Can we just finish them, or do they just go on and on for all of eternity? Thanks heaps! ~Aotearoachild1 P.S.: I will never get tired of Neopets. Or, not in a long time, anyway. Thanks.
We hear the "too old" thing a lot. While some people may lose interest in Neopets, we don't think it's possible to "get too old" for it. People of all ages play Neopets! We know of four-year-olds that sit on laps and play, grandparents who enjoy passing the time here, and people of every age in between! You'd be surprised the number of adults that play. Just because you get older doesn't mean you can't have fun anymore! For a lot of people it's a great place to relax. We firmly believe Neopia has interesting activities for any age, so never let that deter you from coming here and having fun. ^_^

But if one day you decide it's just not your thing anymore, that's cool, too. We'll wish you a fond farewell, but we'll keep your account for you as long as you like. Be aware, though, that we go through and delete old accounts to free up usernames for others to use. If you're gone for over two years or so, this may happen to your account. If you'd prefer to keep it longer, even though you don't play, log in just once a year and the account won't be flagged for deletion. Be sure to keep your login information and PIN someplace safe, in case you forget. Or, if you like, you can "self-freeze" it so that you can no longer access it. This will let us know we're free to delete it when the time comes. Which option you choose is up to you. :)

"I'm older than you can imagine, and enjoy Neopia
just as much as when I was young."

A few weeks ago you mentioned that staff users had to play the Neopets game fair and square on their own personal accounts. This contradicts a statement in the news a few years ago when Adam and Donna celebrated record amounts of collecting NP from frozen accounts. Is this why you can't return items or NP from frozen accounts? I don't see how that is fair at all. ~minilopsilverbunny
Hrr? Egads, no! I think you misunderstood. We're assuming this is the blurb you're talking about:

Woohoo! Adam just hit 5,000,000,000 NP in frozen accounts! Cheaters beware! Donna only has 800 million NP so she has a way to go.
Or maybe this...
BREAKING NEWS - In perhaps the biggest sting operation in Neopian history, Chia Police have frozen the accounts of over 3,000 Neopians, seizing well over 100,000,000 NP in assets. All the offenders were charged with creating multiple accounts to play the Snowager, Shrine, Tombola and other similar games. Please dont do it, it unbalances the game and makes it unfair to others!!!!
We can see where it might be confusing. All this means, though, is that when Adam totaled the Neopoints in all the accounts he had frozen up until that point, it came to 5,000,000,000 NP. All the accounts frozen for multiple account abuse in the second blurb had a combined total of 100,000,000 NP. The Neopoints left in the accounts when they were frozen were just added together. They NEVER left the account. Neopets employees cannot and will not take Neopoints from accounts, frozen or otherwise.

Dear TNT... ever notice that 3 months ago you could sell an herbal bubbles drink for like 18K (more or less), and in such little time the price has really dropped. Nowadays it's really cheap. You can get one for 2K. Why is this happening? ~beba_love0523
The price of a certain medicine often skyrockets when it cures the disease given out by the Wheel of Excitement. However, when the Wheel disease changes (and the need for it dissipates) the price will similarly plummet, making way for a new medicine that will jump in price.

Note: The disease given out by the WoE changes every few months generally.

I'm not... popular anymore? ;_;

I am going to word this as simply as I can since you are probably sick of these questions, but here is goes: can I play Tombola on my secondary account if I did not play it on my main for that day? Like alternating as long as I am not transferring the Neopoints. I would still be within the "Once Per Day" rule. So I guess I just want to know can I alternate days to grow my secondary account and for those purposes only? ~Anonymous
Please play the Tombola on your main account, and send any items you won to your side account if you wish to develop that account as well. Though if you want the profit from the item, please sell it in your main shop, then send those Neopoints to your side account via the Auctions or Trading Post. Your side account should only receive items or Neopoints directly from your main account or via Random Events you happened to get while logged in to that account. Thanks. :)

I've got a question. Well, duh, otherwise I wouldn't be posting. Anyway, the first floor and the second floor of the Darigan Neohomes have nice blue sky, and happy, fluffy white clouds. Why should us Darigan fans (he rocks) be subjected to the torture of happy, cheerful skies? Could you please ask the all-knowing, all-powerful, and wise programmers of DOOM if they could do anything about this? ~sabrexrules
Hrmmm... good point. We'll bug the artists about this since they'll have to draw new art, but we'll also bug the programmers just to annoy them.

I know that you can fix toys at the repair shop, but can you break toys or only fix them? If you can break them... how? Please explain :) Thanks. ~softballhead8
Toys can often be broken by allowing your Neopet to play with them a lot, or if it's a Chia item, allowing your Lupe a go at it. Remember, though, that only a few toys are breakable, thanks to the tough Neopian Toy Quality Standards Act of Y6.

Psst... that last bit was a joke, don't spend
hours scouring New Features for it!

I was wondering, do you put up every Neopian Times article you receive, or are too many people doing articles for you to publish them all? ~explodingdog08
We get many submissions to the Neopian Times, so alas, we need to carefully pick and choose the ones that are placed in here each week. There are just not enough hours in the week to proofread every single submission. :(

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