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Hiya TNT! I've been on Neopets since faeries had no faces so I'm hoping you'll help an old lady out by answering my question. Has Punchbag Sid been retired? I was really hoping for the avie, but the boards say he's gone for good. Tell me it isn't so! ~schwiftyschwarah
Oh man. You remember those days? Erm, we apologise for those faeries. Really. We didn't mean to scar people for life.

Anyway, don't worry. Punchbag Sid isn't retired. He just doesn't come out to play all that often. He didn't before the avatar, and he's not going to change now. ;) You'll just have to keep an eye out for him. We wish you luck on beating him senseless.

The punchbag says nothing.

Why are there are two items named "Horned Hat?" It's a little confusing... ~sk8laura1
What!? You want us to run the site AND be creative? Sheesh! *blushes and fixes the duplicate*

If I make a side account and create a Neopet, is that included as making Neopoints? ~creempii
No, this is one of those very few exceptions to the rule. :) You can have as many Neopets as you like on your side accounts... as long as you can take good care of them!

Could you perhaps make a high score table for the Collectable Card collectors? They've been around for so long, but never been given any credit. It would be lovely. Thanks. ~juney4
You're quite right! We can't let all those stamp collectors get the glory for their obsessiveness! We'll put it on our todo list and see if it's doable. :)

Do you like foam soap? ~ llamas_n_ducks
Why, yes. It cleanses our skin without leaving that icky soap residue! (Now where's our endorsement check?!)

Well, I was kinda excited when my Neopet won first place in the Beauty Contest, which was months ago. Now that my Neopet is becoming more of a battler, and I'm about to morph him into a Mutant Ruki, I don't think I want the trophy to be on his lookup. This is because recently I tried putting "Born Fighter" on his lookup, but it looks weird for a born fighter to win first place in the BC. x_x Dear TNT, it'd be great if there was an option to delete the trophy. ~sky_wonder
Sorry, we don't have any plans on implementing a method to delete trophies your Neopet has earned. How would they feel? Besides, you'd be surprised how many of Neopia's best battling Neopets also sit on a stack of BC trophies. Who says you can't be tough AND handsome/beautiful?

Like me!

I was curious. (Did I spell curious right? Sorry, I'm not the best at spelling ^_^') Well, anyways, I was curious about the old Neopian Times so I looked into the stone age archive but I could only find down to issue #23. I was wondering... WHERE ARE ISSUES #22-#1!? ~bobinson94
Yes, you did spell curious right! Gold star! :D On the archive page, click below where it says, "Want to go back even further?" At the top of the next page, there will be blue links like "Week 147," etc. To the left of those, there is a "show all" button. That will open up links to Neopian Times 1-149. ^_^ You can also always alter the last number of the url as well to hop to any issue. Fancy, eh?

Oh, and just to clear this up now, please remember that things mentioned in old editorials may or may not be valid now. Things change for a variety of reasons, so editorial answers are not written in stone. They are just the best responses we can give at the time. *nod*

Hey! I was wondering how you submit a quote of the week. I checked the submission form, but it only has stories, comics, etc. but no quote of the week. Thanks! ~kirsten_is_my_bff
The quote of the week isn't something you can submit on its own. Each week, the Editor of the Neopian Times picks a quote from one of the accepted stories or articles and that is featured as the quote of the week. :)

I've noticed that my chocolate Lupe treat that I received from King Altador looks a lot like a Chia. When I looked up chocolate Chia treat in the Shop Wizard, it looked a lot like a Lupe. Are you trying to see if we're paying attention? ~eilonwy42
Since Lupes and Chias are rivals, it's only natural that a Lupe would want to chomp on a treat in the shape of a Chia. Conversely, Chias wanting revenge on the Chia-eating Lupes logically want their treat to be in the shape of a Lupe.


In a past editorial you said that belonging to two guilds was allowed. However, are you allowed to RUN one guild on one account and be part of another guild on a different account, or must it be that you can only be part of two different guilds, as opposed to being owner? Thanks! ~lamaudite
If you really want to, you can be part of or lead a different guild on every account. Of course, we don't recommend this. Generally it's a good idea to devote yourself to one guild, or two at the most, since they can often require quite a bit of attention if you are serious about being an active member. :) But if you think you can handle it, you're more than welcome to join or lead multiple guilds.

On a Petpage I go to, the owner gives out random items to random people that donate to his shop. He often publishes who won, what they won, etc. Is this allowed? He clearly states that buying an item from his shop does not mean you're going to get anything. ~ dt4l6969
This is a form of scamming, and is NOT allowed. Regardless of the fact that someone actually wins, the user is taking people's hard-earned Neopoints without giving anything in return. Any type of "raffle" or similar activity is against the rules. You can read more about it under our Terms and Conditions or Frequently Asked Questions.

First off, GREAT job on Shenkuu. My question is, why didn't you include everybody's favorite navigator in it? Where is Hoban now? ~ powerplay341
Knowing Hoban, he is probably off sulking somewhere, or perhaps he is off navigating another ship or playing with Grarrl toys. Rest assured he will return to Shenkuu, though. ;) With the current plot going on, we're quite busy, so it may not happen for a bit. But you will be able to visit him in Shenkuu eventually.

For now, please stare at this hat.

Could you update the default Koi avatar? It's quite old. =S ~ xicemountainx
*casually looks* AGHH! Wow, yeah, we agree. *prods appropriate personnel*

Ow! That hurt!

Something I've been noticing a lot lately, is that in people's submissions to the Times, they only use "real" Neopets. Why is this? Is it just a trend to feature your own Neopets, or is it a rule? And if it's a rule, would it not also be acceptable to make up Neopets that don't exist? (After all, it's easy to check if the name is taken!) I'm especially curious because I've been working on a really fantastic Neopets fanfic, but it uses all fictional characters, and it cannot be converted to feature my Neopets. (Because I'm certainly not willing to change my Neopets' paint/species/gender to match a fanfic.) Thanks! ~ lionessblackfire
As long as your character is a type/colour of Neopet that already exists in Neopia, it is fine to submit it to the Neopian Times. It does not have to represent a Neopet you already own. Just remember that it cannot be a species that doesn't exist (since it wouldn't really be about Neopets, now would it?) and it must be a colour that is available to that species. (No purple and green swirled Zafaras, please.)

Very Serious Matter: Can you make this text green? ~ chittermouse3
o.O Some people are quite easily amused, aren't they? *shrugs* Whatever blows your hair back.

After playing on Neopets for almost 5 years, I know quite well how mischievous TNT can be... so I have to ask the question: will there ever be a news entry that says there is no news? Can there be a day WITHOUT news? ~ stargurl2002
Waaay ahead of ya! Check out this past March 3rd! And the March 3rd before that, and the one before that… we don't do this often, though. We try to release new things every day so there's always something interesting going on!

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