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Hello, TNT. I was just wondering why there's a User Lookup Competition but not a Guild Layout Competition? I've seen some beautiful guild layouts as well as lookups. :) Thanks! ~ch0c0lat3kik0
Guild layouts can often be the hard work of multiple people, or one person who might not get credit for it! Supposing we did do it, and person A enters the competition, saying that person B and person C helped. Now, consider that person C actually didn't do anything, but he is friends with A and B and they decided to pretend he did something so he can get a trophy. Of course, in reality, person D did all the work, but person A got mad at them and kicked them out of the guild last week. Confused yet? It just really makes a mess of things trying to award multiple people with no real way for us to tell who was actually involved. :( If we only award one person, it wouldn't work, either, because others may have worked on it and will not get the credit they deserve. So yeah, we think this is better left alone. Your reward can be the hundreds of dedicated members you recruit due to your brilliant layout. :)

Why, you! I can't believe you got credit for my work!

Hey I was wondering when you delete items are the just gone from Neopia? Or, for example, if I discard a poison snowball, will someone find it in a Random Event? By the way great job you guys. ^.^ Keep up the good work. ~western__angel
Poof! Gone. Never to be seen again. They aren't recycled, they are simply deleted, lost to the great abyss for all eternity. *sniffle* Also, despite rumour, Smuggler's Cove items will not reappear in the cove if they are discarded.

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Erm... right. Well, that's fantastic! Good for you. Moving on...

Hello! I have a question about what is and isn't acceptable for Petpages. I have seen many a board with people advertising their Petpage help guides, playing games, making 1,000,000 points by Christmas... this type of thing. Almost always, someone comes on the board and says it's against the rules. All of these Petpages are just links to freebies, sponsor things that give you NP'S, easy games, etc. So my question is: is there anything that should NOT be on a Petpage that involves gaining Neopoints? Thanks. ~amilner80
Those guides are perfectly fine. :) If you have a guide like this, though, be careful when creating a topic on the Neoboards. Something like, "want 1,000,000 NP?" smells like a scam. As for the types of things not allowed, it's the same as anywhere else. Things created to trick or scam people, pyramid schemes, or anything of the sort are out of the question.

Remember everyone, you can't earn (or be "given")
Neopoints by leaving the safety of the site!

So... my son was watching The Little Mermaid the other day. I realized Ursula's pet eels were named Flotsam and Jetsam. Since eels are ocean creatures I was curious if that's where you got the names to name the species Flotsam and Jetsam. This is not an important question but... I would really appreciate an answer. I can't stop thinking about it. Thanks. ~frogfairygal
Nope! Flotsam and jetsam are actual dictionary terms for items from a ship that are floating in the sea. Jetsam is used for items that have been purposely tossed overboard to lighten the ship's load in emergencies, whereas flotsam is used to refer to ship wreckage found floating in the water. The words often go together in a pair, just like the Flotsam and Jetsam Neopets species, who have similar body types, though their personalities have opposite extremes. (Flotsam and Jetsam have been used in countless literary works. J.R.R. Tolkien's The Two Towers has a chapter titled Flotsam and Jetsam, for example.)

Pfft, we're so much cooler than eels!

Hi, on an older account, I remember playing a game called NeoWardrobe. Does this game exist? Did it ever exist, or was it a dream? ~bcdsspare
It wasn't a dream! NeoWardrobe was a very old game in Faerieland. In the game, you could dress your Neopet up in some costumes, which was followed by a brief animation. Sounds fun, huh? Well, not really, at least by today's standards. It has extremely old art, and well... it's here if you want to play it and see for yourself. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Is it against the rules to take a Neopian image and make our own background out of it? ~hamstedders
No, that's just fine. All we ask is that you please do not "copyright" the image as your own, and also not try to distribute it. :) For more information on what you can and cannot do with Neopets images, check out the Terms & Conditions.

Hi TNT I'm kinda new and don't really know a lot about Neopets and I've been seeing stuff about side accounts. All I want to know is what are side accounts? Thanks heaps! ~aotearoachild1
On Neopets, you can have one "main" account. This is the account where you do your dailies, earn Neopoints, and most likely spend the majority of your time. You can also have up to 4 side accounts where activities are more limited. You may not earn Neopoints or play dailies or games on these accounts, and don't even think about entering Mystery Pic or Lenny Conundrum with them as well. ;) They CAN be used to adopt more Neopets, be made into additional galleries, store items, or join different guilds with. However, they must all be funded through your main account, as you may not earn NP on them. Hope that clears things up. :)

Hey, do you guys think it's possible to make the toolbar available for Mac users, too? That way we can get the alerts and features? ~hylakisweetheart
We are working toward this at the moment, though we aren't progressed far enough to give you a true update or approximate timetable for it. Rest assured, though, we haven't forgotten you shiny Mac users! :)

Mmmm... Macs.

Hey! I know all of you are quite busy with the many things on Neopets, but I was wondering when you are going to get around to fixing the many "broken" items that go in our Neohomes? I'd like to submit my home into the Spotlight contest, but too many of the things I'd like to add are "broken" and can't be put in. I'd appreciate any time given into this answer. :) Also, if I were to use a royal paint brush on a male Kyrii and then later on changed the Neopet's gender to female, would its look change as well? I'm assuming it would... but then again, I dont know. Thanks. ~o1djnichole
Two questions in one! NO FAIR!

Okay, we'll let it slide. To your first question, well... we have a list of these items we work from. These are sent to the artists to be fixed and, in the meantime, flagged as "broken" in our system to let our users know we're working on it. We'll suck it up and admit there are quite a few on there, and we're sorry about that. =/ But to be blunt, the artists are pretty darn busy with other things and it's not a priority at the moment. When someone is freed up, the first thing they work on is that list of items and they fix what they can, but it will take a while to get through them all. (And yes, we're doing our best to make sure future items work fine when they're released so they don't ever have to be put on that list.)

Secondly, if you paint your male Neopet royal, and the Lab Ray or some other means turns them female, the art won't update. There's no law that says he can't wear that outfit if he wants to! :)

Hello, Neo Team. :) Well I was searching through the pronunciation to find out how to pronounce Aisha and after I found it I looked around a bit from curiosity and I saw the Esophagor's name under the villains list, but when I tried to look him up in the Gallery of Evil he wasn't in there, nor was he in the Neopedia. If he is a villain why isn't he in either of those things? ~firby817
He's really more ornery than villainous, but you're right! Even if he hasn't done anything incredibly evil, he still deserves a spot in the Neopedia. We'll poke at our writers to give him the attention he deserves.

In the description for the Strawberry Kite Cake, it says "Theres a lawyer of real strawberries in the middle." Instead of "Theres a layer of real strawberries in the middle." Does Lawyerbot have anything to do with this or is this just a typo? ~midnight951
No no, that's correct. We have a lot of lawyers here, so it seemed only logical to turn a lot of them into cake filling. It was Lawyerbot's idea, in fact. He is pretty brilliant. We don't question him... at all. If he wants lawyer-filled cake, he gets it. Yup. No question. We'll just go... umm... hide under our desks now.

100% real lawyer!

Might there be an option to have a high score list for who has the most items in their SDB? Cumulative and Unique? As an item collector, I would love to have one of those around... and also, could you make an option to make your SDB visible to other people? I would love to show off my collection, but using the gallery feature is way too expensive. I know, "you can always use the gallery feature," but yeah. It's ridiculous to spend a few hundred mil on that to be able to fit all my items in. ~juney4
Well, you answered your own question, but we'll reiterate. Sorry, but we have no plans on making SDBs viewable to anyone else so you'll have to use the gallery feature. If you don't want to pay a lot, be more selective of the items you place in it. ;) If you're not willing to spend the Neopoints on a gallery, showing off your items must not be that important to you in the first place, so use your Neopoints for other things you'll enjoy more. *nod*

What's so wrong about adults coming on Neopets? Please tell me! D: ~ sonicxlover4always
Absolutely nothing. Anyone who says otherwise is a big doodie head.

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