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Hey, I recently gave my Kougra a grey Tenna, and ever since I've noticed it's tough to keep him happy. Does having a Petpet that is so gloomy sadden him? ~grape_luvver
Nope, it shouldn't have any effect on your Kougra. Perhaps taking him to the Roo Island Merry Go Round or giving him a toy to play with will keep his spirits up. :)

Why does the Psimouse carry an umbrella? It doesn't make any sense why anything that's psychic would want to carry an umbrella. ~ixi_tamers240
The Psimouse can see into the future, so they know what will happen. The problem is, they can't see *when* it's going to happen. So they keep an umbrella handy since they know it's going to rain... eventually.

I see... I see... rain in our future!

Can Neopets lose health points from neglect? Because I noticed all of my pets' health stats were at 0, eg. 0/15. I didn't think Random Events could get rid of all your pets' points at once, and I certainly haven't been in the Battledome! Thank you, and I hope I get to be in the editorial! ~kelly_smelly
Nope, Neopets can't lose hit points from being sad or ignored. Our guess would be that you had a bad spin at the Wheel of Excitement. *nod*

What is the name of the object on the 42 months shield? ~thehohnes123
That would be the ever-tasty Squid on a Stick. MmmMMMmmm!

Let's pretend some poor, unsuspecting person bought a Kookith and a snow Petpet paint brush, and painted the Kookith... would they be able to paint it again? Was that a run on sentence? If you can't repaint, I won't invite you to my birthday party! :P No name, please. ~ A Disgruntled Neopian
Kookiths cannot be painted snow, actually, since snow Kookiths are a special Advent Calendar item, so your question is invalid and can't be answered. Can we still come to your birthday party?

You can't make me! You can't make me! Nyah!

Hate to bug you, but I think the current explore map is a tad messed up. If you go to Meridell, the path to Brightvale is going right. Now, should you follow that path, you'd either end up somewhere on a beach on the end of the peninsula, or squiggling around in hundreds of circles 'til you found Brightvale. Thought I'd point that out. ~kokopelli606
That path winds around a bit until it hits Brightvale. You don't see many perfectly straight dirt paths in medieval eras, now do you? Also, keep in mind that the castles on the map are just icons representing the land. We all know the Brain Tree isn't a fifth of the size of the Haunted Woods, and we're fairly certain that Neopia Central is not, in fact, a giant hamburger-shaped shop, even though that would be really cool.

Can you please change the Lab Ray so we can choose what happens to our pet, so we can choose whether it changes colour or species etc. if you have got a really good pet that you want and just want to get its stats up by using the lab you are putting it at risk of being changed. Change it please! ~anonymous
O.o Umm, no. The Lab Ray is completely random for a reason. ;) It's not meant to be a guaranteed method of training or painting. If you want to choose a specific colour and species for your Neopet, a morphing potion or a paint brush will do. If you don't want to risk changing the species or colour of your Neopet but still want to raise its stats, we suggest training or feeding it Neggs.

First of all, nice job on Shenkuu! It's bootiful! Secondly, you didn't release the "Pandaphant!" :o I am shocked! (Linae has a poster in her room on the ship of an animal that looks like a cross between a Panda and an Elephant.) What happened to it? ~rayjquinn
Thanks! And don't worry, the Petpet you're talking about has not been forgotten. ;)

My Cobrall has aged a lot, and I think he might be eligible for the PPL when it comes around, but I am worried that he might not make it if he is just a regular Cobrall. If I were to paint him white would he still be eligible for the White Cobrall PPL or would I have to attach him as a white Cobrall to do that? ~monster_lord12
Petpets that have been painted after they have been equipped are eligible for that colour's PPL if it ever comes around. You do not have to remove it to paint it, nor will it reset the number of days you have owned your Petpet. :)

Be warned, though! If an unpainted Cobrall wins, your new white Cobrall will not be rewarded.

What's with all the talking Petpets in this editorial?
We don't know how to speak! Hey wait...

TNT, some people have been telling me that hiding my Neo Stats is against the rules and they're really annoying me. I didn't want to get frozen so I put all of my stats on my about me page, with all my avatar stuff. All of it. Will this make it so I don't get frozen for hiding my Stats? Because my lookup looks weird with the stats. ~ [removed]
Those people are correct. So is the message on the preferences page where you change your lookup code. You cannot cover your stats, and simply retyping them yourself is not acceptable, either. All your REAL stats must be visible on your lookup. We have noticed these lookups with stats removed are becoming increasingly popular, but they are not allowed.

I was looking at your old Neocam pictures and I was wondering something. Shouldn't your Mr. Insane Baby Paint Brush be updated by now? ;) ~saiyajinmagica
There was one update, but that was also some time ago. These days baby Insane is too quick while running adorably around the office to take anything but a blurry photo. We will try our best to capture and subdue him to take a picture next visit. Warning: Picture may cause bouts of awwwing and cooing.

Will I be popular if I make it into the editorial? ~ren347
We don't know. Let us know in a week.

TNT, for roughly a year now, I have had consent to use the message boards, guild boards, and such. Now, when I try to use them, it tells me I do not have parental consent. The only thing I can access now is Neomail. ~niltiac_joan
We apologise for that. It seems there was a glitch that caused it to happen a few days ago, but it was fixed. :)

Why is it that the third place trophy is silver and the second place trophy is bronze for Eye of the Storm? ~tree_froggie
Woops! Thanks for spotting that. Fixed!

Don't try that again bronze... I'm watching you.

You are going to make it so that you can get to Shenkuu other than through the comic, right? ~ woot1235
Yes, we will be linking to Shenkuu through the Explore map. :) And huzzah! No longer will you be tormented by having to wait to play Kou-jong! Enjoy!

How do you get the Balthazar basher trophy? ~ nooneknowswhoiam16
The scores you see on this high-score board are equal to the damage done to the Inflatable Balthazar with a single attack. This means, to get the trophy, you will generally need to hit him for around 2,000 or more points with just one turn. Quite a feat! Your Neopet will most likely need at least 700 strength and some amazing weapons to take a shot at that trophy.

Time for some training!

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