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Ok. I went to see the ship in the Lost Desert and, well... I went to see the Kou-Jong Kougra. Something about her looked strange. I looked at her "bottom paws" and she had hooves. Well, in that way, it looks like it. Is she secretly a Moehog? Is this a plot hint, or am I just seeing things? ~xxbleed
Haha, no. This was a Flash error that was making her hand black instead of pink. No hoof involved! (Flash artists have likely experienced the strange line fill problem and will understand our chagrin.) It's been corrected now. Thanks to everyone who pointed it out to us!

On the boards I see a lot of people asking to be AIMed. I was just wondering, is it OK? I don't want to do anything to get me frozen. ~ln1895
This is not allowed. This falls under the "do not post chat rooms or links to sites with chat rooms" rule, because (basically) asking to be AIMed is asking to join a chat (even if it's one on one). As long as you're on Neopets, we can monitor what's going on and do our best to keep you safe and keep an eye on scammers or other disreputable players. Once you move onto AIM, we can't catch these people for sending you scams or saying inappropriate things, so you are not allowed to share such information on Neopets.

HI! I've had this Pink Nuranna forever, and also have been forever searching for how much it's worth. Help! ): ~soccer_princess192
If you have a painted Petpet, and are not sure of the worth, and there aren't any on the Shop Wizard, Trading Post, or Auction House, trying searching the Petpet and PB separately. Generally speaking, a painted Petpet is worth the same as the price of the PB and the cost of one in standard colour.

9,000 NP + 110,000 NP = 119,000 NP :D

Hey, I recently took an extremely long break from Neopets, and I came back not too long ago. I was a little bummed to see that I didn't have any Neomails, but I shrugged it off. I was taking a break, so I guess it would have been reasonable to not receive any Neomails. But then, as I got reacquainted with my friends, they told me that they had sent me several Neomails. I was a little shocked, because it hadn't shown that I got any Neomails at all. So I thought maybe that it was a glitch or something, but then somebody told me that TNT deleted your Neomails after a long time. I was wondering if this was true, and if so, why? I guess there's no way to read those long-lost Neomails now? Thanks a lot guys. If this makes it into the Editorial, could you make me anonymous? Thanks!
Sorry, but we need to purge old emails to make room in the databases to generally keep the site working well. Many players leave and never come back so it wouldn't make much sense to keep their Neomails around forever using up space. If you've been gone for a long time, there's really no way we can tell if you are coming back. :(

Why does the Wheel of Monotony spin for such a long time? ~ lil_chick232
The Wheel of Swiftness didn't sound as cool.

Hello NT! I was just wondering -- I recently was deemed worthy to use Sloth's avatar and, since only a few people I know had it, I used it. I was just wondering if, when you use that avatar, do you get more attacks from the Grundo leader? In the last three days I've had three instruments and 1 plushie taken away from me. It's become quite expensive. ~amaya_and_morgane
Hehe, nope. Just bad luck, we guess!

Muahahahaha! *cough*

Hiya, folks! I just downloaded the nifty toolbar and like it a lot - but I've got a question. I understand that you get prizes from using the toolbar, and I'm a bit nervous about using it with the browser I use for my side accounts (I use two different browsers so I don't get muddled about which account I'm logged in to). I don't want to get frozen! It doesn't seem like it would be freezable to get a prize on a side account, but I've been surprised by some of your answers on what's freezable and what's not, so I want to be dead certain before using it. (I really wish you guys would do a checklist thing for what's OK with side accounts and publish it here, so we'd have a reference to go to.) Thanks -- and I love the toolbar! ~dejectedkat
You need to "pick up" your prizes from the toolbar; it's not something that is automatically given to you like in a Random Event. While, yes, you may feel free to use the toolbar on multiple browsers, please refrain from collecting prizes with any account but your main (much like the Advent Calendar). As for side accounts, here are some things you can and can't do:

You MAY:
Send items received through Random Events to your main account.
Visit the Healing Springs.
Place trades up with the intent of transferring funds or items to your side account.
Train your Neopets (this includes their free training on pet days).
Make a gallery.

You may NOT:
Use a shop.
Make profit.
Do dailies or receive items from special offers.
Participate in plots or site events.
Play games.

And, because we know it will be asked, we'll say it now. Just because something is not on this list doesn't mean that you can claim that it's okay for you to do it on a side account. -_- These are just some common examples.

I know this is going to sound really weird but, can lab Petpets get items out of the symol hole? Because I can't see why they wouldn't. ~avviehappy
The Symol Hole doesn't seem to be as picky about labbed Petpets as the PPL, so it isn't an issue. :)

Well, we guess you're a Petpet...
sure, go on in!

I was on a board with someone looking at the source code trying to look for clues to the newest avatar, and along came someone who was report happy that said, "Looking at the source code is cheating and against the rules." This was followed, of course, by "REPORTED!!!!!" I was wondering if this is true or not. Oh, and if this makes it into the NT please leave my name out. =)
LOL! Oh man. Perhaps the person wasn't clear on what a source code is? Looking at a page's source code is perfectly fine. We've had several mystery plots and at least one avatar that requires you to look at it, so no, it isn't an issue at all.

And just to stop it right here, we can assure you, the current avatar that is bugging everyone doesn't have anything to do with source codes. ;)

And, before we get ten tons of editorial questions asking what a source code is… (yes, that is the way of things) the "View Source" option allows you to see the code output of a web page in a handy text document. So exciting!

Hey, um... one of my friend's Neopets got infected with Ugga-Ugga and we had trouble finding the cure. A few days later my friend went on Neopets and her pet wasn't there! Where did she go? ~rahsei
Hrm, we're going to hijack this question and address a very common issue that pops up for us while answering editorial questions – vagueness! We can't express how many times we've gotten questions about someone's friend which had something happen to their account, such as warning they didn't understand, or something odd occurring in their account, for example. Now, we'd love to answer these questions, but without at least knowing the account name to look into things, we're kind of at a loss to determine what happened. So please, if you send in a question, be sure to provide us with at least an account name to help us start our investigation into things. Thank you!

Also, if you don't feel comfortable placing your friend's name in the question (though we may take it out regardless) you can make the title of your question their username, since that part of your question doesn't appear in the editorial anyhow.

Hi, TNT. I know that Neopets has bought quite a few of the commonly-misspelled domain names to avoid other people buying them and making them into scam websites. Is there anywhere we can see a list of those names, so we know which ones are owned by Neo and are therefore safe? ~ thunderousskies
There are quite a few... too many to list, in fact. :) However, even if we do own the domain, you should make it a practice to never log in to ANY website but Even if it is one of our safe domains and not a scam website, you may have problems staying logged in because the domain name is different.

If I asked 100 questions in this editorial, do you think at least one of them would get answered? Because my questions are never answered :O ~ angle_lovely
Getting questions in is a once-in-a-Neopian-lifetime opportunity! Wait... we just wasted yours. Sorry. =/

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