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I've been having trouble sending in a comic I made. The problem is, well, I don't know! The image is a GIF, the size is 150 x 150 pixels, I gave it a name, yet it still says there was an error and could not be uploaded. PLEASE HELP ME! ~jason_098
Try saving it as a .gif instead of .GIF, meaning the file extention is all lowercase. It could also be your comic is over 200 KB and will need to be compressed. The error should help you determine which of these is the problem. If you still can't submit after trying these two solutions, please submit a bug report. Don't forget to include the error message you received so we can properly investigate!

If you win the PPL cuz of an old Petpet and decide to remove it from the pet... do you still get to keep the trophy? Just wonderin'. ~mao_tao
The trophy is given to your Neopet for taking such good care of a Petpet. So as long as you care for that Neopet, he/she will keep the trophy regardless of which Petpet is attached.

Just curious, but what's going on with Punchbag Sid? I've asked around and no one has seen him in the battledome since a couple days after you released the avatar for him. Is this a retired avatar? If not, could you please put him back into the battledome soon? ~charmedinnocent
Actually he has been released several times since then. It's just that he only comes out at completely random times and in short durations. You'll have to be quick if you want to catch him. ;)

If I name my petpet krawk something with a space, then take it to the Fungus Caves, what will happen since Neopets can't have spaces in their names? ~the_lost_forgotten_
Currently, you can't add odd symbols or spaces to the names of Petpets. Regardless, your Krawk Petpet will only be interested in eating the fungus if his or her name is completely unique and an acceptable Neopet name. The same naming rules when creating a Neopet apply to creating a Krawk, so make sure your name meets those requirements and is not already taken before you head to the caves.

If you paint your pet Camouflage, will it be harder for your opponent to hit you in the battledome? ~abbiethedragon
Sorry, no. That is most likely just a rumour to drive up the price of Camouflage paint brushes.

I wanted to know where your prize money goes when you win the Caption Competition. Does it go to your bank account or to the money you have out? Or do you have to collect it from somewhere? ~malviks
Neopoint winnings from any competition will be credited to what you have out, or "on-hand." Item prizes will go directly into your inventory.

At 131 Soup Alley, I viewed the source. This came up: my first is in sun but never in shade my second works hard but never gets paid my third a candle beginning to fade ... piece together this riddle to find plotters three his majesty betrayed by jealousy and greed two plotters you know, the third is the key my last lives in winter but then dies in spring listen to my clues and help avenge the king ---- What does it mean? ~sinhound
Hehe, well spotted! You can actually find that riddle in the source code of any neighbourhood. It was part of the Hunt for the Crown plot long ago, which involved tracking down the thieves who stole the dearly departed King Coltzan III's crown from his shrine.

At the beach, eh? Who knew?

For the last two months I have been submitting a neohome spotlight submission. I have yet to win (keeping my fingers crossed still) but each week I receive an email saying my submission has been held over for further review. On the boards I was told by a few not to resubmit each week because it puts my submission back at the bottom of the waiting list. Each week I have either added a new room, furniture, or tweaked my story a bit so I thought it was best to resubmit only once a week. Which is better? Do you really keep our entries for more than the week we submitted them for? Thanks, ~avalonia69
Generally, it's best to submit for the spotlight once you feel your home and story are fully completed. If your Neohome has been held over, please consider leaving it be. If you feel you just have to alter it, you don't need to resubmit if it's just slight tweaking. If you make any major changes, though, please resubmit. (And remember you will be taken OFF of hold status and be placed back at the end of the line if you do this.) The reason we prefer you not change things after you submit and are put on hold is that there may be something unique or cool that the judge really likes about your Neohome. You may inadvertently change this when updating, causing your entry to lose that winning edge. Also, only submitting finalised versions really helps out the judges. There are tons of entries, but only one winner a week. So make your submission count!

Is it true that The Neopets Team gets paid in Neopoints? ~pikateela9
We all desperately tried to convince our landlords, super markets, and local restaurants to accept Neopoints, but alas, for some reason they only take government-issued currency. So bummer, we get paid in real money instead of Neopoints. *sniffle*

Okay. I'm truly saving up for a Faerie Paint brush for one of my pets (that'll take a while) but in the meantime, I saw a Stone Paint brush that I can almost afford. Only problem is, I don't think there are any pets that can be painted by the stone paint brush! In fact, in the color drop down list at the Rainbow Pool, it doesn't even mention the Stone Paint brush! What happened? ~guinea_pig_maniac64
Good question. :) Stone is a retired colour, but it should not be confused with a retired paint brush. The difference is this...

Retired Colours
These colours no longer exist on the site, and Neopets can no longer be painted with brushes of these colours. The paint brushes for such colours are just collector's items now, and they do not work at the Rainbow Pool. Stone and Glass are retired colours.

Retired Paint Brushes
These can still be used to paint your Neopet, just like any other paint brush, but these are only given out under special circumstances. Faerie and Lost Desert are examples of retired paint brushes.

So unless you have a stone gallery, or just want the item for posterity, it'd be best to save that NP and put it toward your Faerie Paint Brush. :)

Hi TNT! Is it okay if you are logged into one account using Mozilla and your second account using Internet Explorer? It would make transfering stuff via the TP a lot easier. And you can send Neopoints from your main account to a side account via the TP, right? Thanks! ~ cmf_fern
Yes and yes! This is fine... as long as it is used in a responsible manner. You are allowed to send Neopoints to your alternate accounts, of course, since you will need to take care of your Neopets on that account. If using two browsers makes this easier, have at it! But many people use this trick to gain an unfair advantage over other players, to participate in multiple account restocking, to scam while pretending to be two different people, and a host of other shady dealings. Of course, in cases like these, it is absolutely NOT allowed. Just keep in mind that one account is your main, and the other is your alt, and all rules still apply even if you are playing both accounts at the same time.

Hey, I wanted to know whether it is wrong to ask people to buy something from someone's shop (the stuff there is 5,000-10,000 NP) then they will accept us as their Neofriend. Then when the auction finishes, you won't be the person's Neofriend anymore. To join the new auctions, you have to buy something again then you can bid in the auction. Is it wrong to do so?? Could you please reply? Thanx ~ illusenia_87
This is definitely scamming! If you see anyone asking you to purchase items from their shop or give them Neopoints for a chance to win something, or become their Neofriend for any reason, please report them immeditately. These people are trying to take your hard earned Neopoints from you and give you something worthless in return, and that is NOT tolerated.

How long will your account be suspended if you do something wrong??? ~songo1235566
That depends on the offence. Accounts are usually suspended for 24 hours for the first suspension infraction. For each additional suspension, 24 hours are added to the duration. This means that if you are suspended a second time, that suspension will last 48 hours. Be aware that second or third suspensions rarely occur, since the first suspension is considered your last and FINAL warning. Reaching that stage means you have committed several offences and would normally be frozen, but you have been given another chance to redeem yourself and your account remains intact. Don't waste the opportunity.

We should also remind everyone that your account can be frozen with no previous warnings or suspensions. Each warning or suspension you receive is a way for us to give you notice that you're not obeying the rules. Should you do something bad enough, like scamming, you will not be given the luxury of such a notice and you will be frozen straight away. Claiming you never received a warning or suspension prior to your freezing will not work since there is NO excuse for behavior of this nature.

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