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When you go to the page where you abandon Neopets to the pound a Lutari will have this message under its picture: "Caution! Lutaris are not fond of being abandoned! Don't count on them entering the pound!" I wondered what exactly this meant - is it impossible to abandon a Lutari (let's put aside the fact that few people would want to anyway) or do they kinda vanish when you pound them.? Please clear this up, thx! ^_^ ~jeazard
If you really want to abandon your poor Lutari, you can, but they will get extremely angry and run away rather than allowing themselves to be placed in the pound! Even if you assure them they are just going to your other account, they'll still run off. :( We're not quite sure where they go, but it's definitely not the pound.

I will never go the pound, you fiend!

Is it against the rules to lend Neopets or just frowned upon? There's been yes's and no's and I'd like the truth. ~lldm2
No. It's only against the rules if you ask for or offer compensation, such as a "tip." (And trying to skirt the rule by saying things like "tips appreciated" or "you can donate to my lab fund but you don't have to" will not work.) You can send Neopets back and forth to each other all you want, but it is at your own risk.

Hey TNT. I was wondering how the Editorial questions were selected. Is it just random or do you pick the best questions? Please answer this, I have been wondering it for a while now! ~ Avatar_addicted852
Trust us. If we picked them randomly, every week would be filled with, "Where and when did Chester Kacheek die? I need to know within 1 hour 14 minutes!!!!11!!!1" and "OMG plz give me a paint brush I dont have time to play on this site." ;)

Generally, we look for questions that pertain to a good number of Neopians, both older players and new. We do our best to be helpful, but since we only have a certain amount of time to go through them, we'll occasionally drop some silly ones in for laughs if we don't get a good supply of helpful ones in the time alloted. At least then, if nothing else, you're semi-entertained for a few seconds. XP

I was wondering how to properly pronounce "Lutari." I looked on the Pronunciation page, but they are so new that it hasn't been posted yet. Thanks! ~ sqwigglie
Ohh, good question! It's pronounced "loo-tar-ree." Here are the other new species, in case we haven't said so already. :)

zwee-tock oh-grin nore-boo

We'll try to update the pronunciation page soon!

what does TNT mean?!?!?? ~ zakman554
Ahh, yes. "TNT" is the nickname Neopets users have given the staff, as we are officially known as "The Neopets Team." We're actually not quite sure when this first came about, or who came up with it, but it has certainly stuck. :)

Dear TNT, I know someone that is under the COPPA thingymadoohickie (under 13). He is a HUGE altador plot fanatic, set a PIN, and forgot the PIN, so he can't get the Collector(?). Whenever he tries to recover it, it says that there is no E-mail address. My question is: "how do you add an E-mail address to an account that is under 13?" Just drop a neomail or something if you find this question answer-worthy. PS. this might be the wrong category. ~frostbite327
Due to COPPA regulations, we cannot retain the email address of anyone under the age of 13. Please tell your friend to email support staff in order to have his pin reset. Also, as a note to everyone, please write down your Neopets PIN number somewhere and keep it in a safe, secret location to reduce the number of related emails sent to our support staff. Remember, the less overall emails we receive, the better service we can offer you all. Thank you!

How many TNT members does it take to screw in a light bulb? ~snazzafrazz
9 people to attend 4 meetings discussing the "Screwing in a Light Bulb" project.
4 programmers to figure out what the best method of screwing in a lightbulb would be.
13 translators to ask if the light bulb will be available in all languages.
18 artists to yell, "You want us to do WHAT?" and look at us like we're mad.
5 writers to point and say, "You spelled 'bulb' wrong."
100+ people to attend the pizza party for successfully screwing in a light bulb.

A long time ago, when you added on the supersized banner ads everywhere, you promised us that you would never have popup ads on your site. But recently I've been bombarded with them when I visit any area of the site. Did you break your promise, or are the advertising companies on your banner ads doing stuff they shouldn't? ~march792222
Eep! Please report the banner ads making pop-ups here. We don't like them any more than you! If you ever find that any banners are offensive, innapropriate, or annoying (making sounds or causing pop-ups) please report them here with the required information so we can take them down ASAP! Thank you :)

Everytime i sign onto neopets I'm assaulted by a grumpy faced chia officer. How long will neopians have to suffer his tyrannical whistle blowing rule? What will happen if members never change it? Will they get locked out of their account forever? Will it go away? (please leave my username out of this if you choose it. I'd rather not have people trying to guess my password... thanks!!) ~ [removed]
The Chia will continue to show up for all eternity until your password is changed! Maybe it's time to take his advise and change your password to something that cannot be easily guessed. ;) We know you may find it annoying, but it's really for your own good. Kinda like eating vegetables before dessert.

Help! This whistle is permanently attached to my face!

If we self-freeze our account, can we get it back later? I mean a lot later, not like, "I'll self-freeze, and tomorrow I'll ask for my account back!" I mean for at least a year. ~bird_fairy
A year is quite a long time. After that amount of time, we may not be able to return the account to you depending on the information still available. If you want to leave for that long, we suggest entering a very complex password, writing it down on a piece of paper, placing said paper someplace you'll remember in a year, and allowing the account to wait for your return. It's also a good idea to make sure the email address is one that you're sure you'll have when you come back, and one that doesn't expire after 2 or 3 months. If you plan to be gone for something like 3 years, we suggest attempting to log on every 6 months or so. That way the account isn't thought to be abandoned (and possibly purged during one of our very rare unused account wipes).

I was just wondering if it was possible to submit the parental control form over the computer at anyway possible?~ ali_gator2393
Sorry! A parent or guardian must print out the consent form, then either mail it or fax it to us so we can confirm it is legitimate before allowing an under 13 account access to the Neoboards, etc. This is part of the COPPA requirements.

When I was at The Wheel of Mediocrity, I landed on the fireballs. It said, "Fireballs rain down from above and singe your NeoPets. :( Hermione_pawws is not affected!" Is that for him being a scorchio? Or for being a ghost? Or what? Thanks! ~ teeenyneno
Good catch. ;) That is indeed because he is a Scorchio. Fire Neopets are also unaffected by this event from the wheel, but you didn't hear that from us.

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