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I was looking through old news entries on Neo, and came across 25-1-2000. It was saying a new neopet was added, called the Polypup (just like a puppy, but it's pointy!) Whatever happened to the Polypup???? ~ violetfan148
The Polypup, like many of the oldest Neopet species, was revamped several times and is now known as the Gelert. :)

Could you please clarify what you mean by the status page, because I was in a fight with punchbag bob and I went to the mystery island training school to train my other pet, and I didn't know that status page still counted for a withdrawal, so then the three hours I'd spent fighting pb were wasted. ~ charizard762
Visiting the status page will withdraw you from a one-player fight, but also, if you leave the page or close the window of a one-player battle you will not be able to enter back into the fight. If you wish visit a different area of the site while battling, you can open up another window and return to your fight in the original window whenever you wish.

When at the Kacheek Seek page, clicking on Sakhmet leads to a missing page. What's wrong with the url? ~ kindheartedfairy
Woops! Erm... we mean... it seems to be working fine now. *shifty eyes*

I was looking at the new buzz shopkeepers for buzz day, and I noticed some weird things about some. The "buzz - mutant rar" shopkeeper isn't mutant... It's halloween. and the "buzz - mutant stalk" shopkeeper isn't a buzz at all. It's a ruki. o.O Just something little, but I thought I'd let you know anyway. ~ orca1026
Well... so they are. That's weird. We'll get that fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.


Let's say you take over a friend's account who has quit neopets. There is a shop on that account and no way to get rid of it. I don't think it to be fair to ice that account if the shop is not used. Will TNT ever give the option to delete the shop? ~ --name removed--
The account would be frozen because you are NOT allowed to access an account you did not create. Even if your best friend in the whole wide world didn't want their account anymore, their only option is to either abandon it or self freeze it. You may NOT give/trade/sell your account to anyone else. If you do, that account will be frozen.

As for the shops thing, we understand people had shops on accounts before the rule went into effect. As long as the shop is empty and you're not using it to sell items, you're fine. :)

Doing much of ANYTHING on our extra accounts could result in losing all of the things we've honestly worked so hard for. I've heard so many stories where people didn't realize they were in their side account, and played a game or something and were frozen. My suggestion is that we have another default sidebar, so that we can all easily tell our accounts apart! Please? We honest players could use another safeguard... ~ magicpinball
Don't worry; we ourselves have all done that before. If you've made a mistake and have accidentally done a daily or played a couple games in an alt account thinking it was your main, no need to freak out. Just don't do that particular daily or play those games in your main on that day. We know accidents like that can happen. Just don't turn an occasional mistake into a habit of "accidentally" playing in your alts. That's when you'll be frozen.

ok, here goes! I am training my pet in the Island Training School...so I decided to try to make Kouga465's 'move' better. But, when I go to the school there is NO course for 'move' there is just 'agility' and 'endurance'. I can't find anything in past articles or the neopedia. Thanks! ~ tarzanlovesjane
Endurance increases your Neopets' hit points, and agility increases movement speed. :)

To me, kung-fu is like a ballet, except there's no music,
no choreography, and the dancers hit each other.

If the petpet lab ray paints your petpet and you abandon the pet it's attatched to, does it stay painted or go back to its first form? ~ texas_hobbit
It will stay painted unless the new owner removes the Petpet.

Is it okay to feed your pet in Soup kitchen in your side accounts? And what about underwater fishing? Are you allowed to fish in side accounts?
Yes, you may feed your Neopets at the Soup Kitchen in all your accounts, as there is no way to profit from it, and it does not give you an unfair advantage over other players. You may NOT play Underwater Fishing in your alts, as it is considered a game/daily, and you receive something from it.

Just think of it this way: before you do anything in your alternate accounts, just ask yourself, "Will I receive any Neopoints/items from this activity?" If the answer is yes, then don't play. Activities such as the Soup Kitchen, and the Roo Island Merry Go Round are fine to play in alts, because no matter what, you will not receive anything from it (except maybe happier Neopets). The ONLY exception to this is the Healing Springs. We wouldn't want your pets to suffer if you couldn't afford their medication.

What is the big pink piece of something that sits right above faerie cloud racers? Did it used to be a place you could visit? ~fatou22
Yes, those are the Faerie Caves where Garon the Lupe used to find his way through challenging caverns presented to him by the faeries. It was quite similar to what is now known as Faerie Caves II. You can still play with Garon in the Faerie Caves if you visit the Game Graveyard though.

Noo! Not the Game Graveyard!

Recently I noted that half of a jelly weighs exactly the same amount as a whole jelly. Is this a unique, physics-defying trait of Neopian jellies, or something else entirely? ~elusive_random

Are the starter paint brushes EVER gonna be able to sell??? ~petalsguild
Sorry, starter paintbrushes will never be able to be sold. Just like the Cardboard Petpets, they are more of an educational device for newbies to learn the basics of the site, such as using paintbrushes to change the colour of their Neopets, and how to equip Petpets.

Have I asked you to make our TCG albums available to be seen by other Neopians yet this week? If not I'm asking now.. I'd hate to miss a week of begging. :D PWEEEEESSSEEE!!!! ~ cinderella6941
You already can! For example, here's a link to your First Edition set to send to your friends. Nicely done on page 24! But we can see why no one would know that since there really is no link or explanation anywhere. Heh. Whoops. We'll remedy that as soon as we can.

Why are there two 'The Darkest Faerie' TGC cards? ~da_frog_master
Her evil was just too great to fit onto a single card.

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