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I see that you have 3 new staff people on the game! WHO ARE THEY?? And another question...are those your real voices in the game? =3 Curious, xxAddie
The fellow with the shades and the ponytail is the one and only DJ Skellington. He may look scary, but don't let him fool you. Anyone who likes kittens can't be all bad.

The woman dressed in black is the illustrious Voodoodidi. You may come to recognize her voice if you get your hands on a copy of the PS2 game on November 15th.

The pig-tailed girl with the smiley on her shirt is *not* Snarkie. No one would ever be able to photograph such an elusive ninja for these nefarious purposes. *shifty eyes*

And yes, we all do our own voices. ;)

You know the diary you have access to on the neomail page? Well you can set reminders for things that are helpful like birthdays and events, only what if you forget to look at your diary that day?! I think it would be nice if you could add a little icon in the top left corner to remind you that day. You know, like the neomail and trade icons. Thanks. ~ spiritblazer
Ahh, not a bad idea. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's a good idea. I will tell you now though, this may not be possible with the sheer amount of reminders that would likely have to be sent out every day, but we'll definitely look into it and see if we can't make it happen!

Erm... I think some of those images could use an update also.

Will the Mystery Pic answer ever be a red scorchio tail? ~raymondluong199227
LOL!! Um, alas, that's not likely to happen :) But thanks for the smile.

To those of you who enter it as your answer every week just in case, you can stop now. Seriously.

In some games you have to own a computer to play them, like Whack-A-Ghost. But I have a laptop and an we don't have number keys like they to on computers. Is there anyway that you could make the game so that everyone can play? ~summerday96
Actually, your wish was granted a bit earlier this week. In the lower left hand corner of the game menu, you will find a setup option that allows you to use alternate keys to play the game.

Just out of curiosity, how many games are Mr. Insane in? ~strongsad81
Hmm... let see. We'll, he's in Whack-A-Staff member. And he so modestly placed himself in both NeoQuest and NeoQuest II, but I think TPOSG has him beat. You don't see a game without TPOSG in it nowadays.

"Ha! I'm in more
games than you!"

"Well I'm taller than
you, so nyah!"

When you use a morphing potion to change a species, and the pet you use it on is painted, does it stay painted, but just as its new species or does it go plain? If not is there any chance of you making it like that? Thanking you muchly if you do. ~cassellalangtle
It becomes whatever colour the morphing potion is. So, if you have, say, an Island Cybunny, and use a Red Draik morphing potion on it, it will become a Red Draik. Sorry, but we don't have any intention of altering how it works. :)

The old Terms and Conditions said that if we already had more than 5 accounts, we would be allowed to keep them as long as we didn't create any more. In the updated version, this has been taken out. Does it no longer apply? ~ helixnebula
Yes, ma'am. That no longer applies. 5 is the absolute limit for accounts. If you deactivate your extras and just keep five, you'll be fine. You'll also need to designate one as your main and close down all your shops on the other 4 accounts you keep.

If I block neofriend requests will it delete my current neofriends? I don't wanna lose them! ~ cutie963963
It will not alter your Neofriend list in any way. It will simply not allow new people to send you requests. Are you too good for the rest of us now?! *weep*

I was just wondering, if someone votes for you in the beauty contest, and e ather self frezzes or gets frozen for doing something bad before the contest is over, does their vote still count towards your total votes in the contest? thanks! ~SalemSmith
Sorry, if a person freezes their account (or has it frozen for acting inappropriately), then any votes they may have lent towards the beauty contest will be removed.

I think it's great that you are making all these older user submission contests having forms submission. One of them that is still stuck in the regular e-mail system is the Poem Contest. Would you mind adding a form to submit entries for that? ~ danman111111
Yup, a form for that is already being worked on. :) Seriously, do you guys have some sort of Neostaff crystal ball or something that tells you what we're working on? Good grief!

if i want to make a new account and transfer all my stuff and pets over to it, and never go on this account again, will my current account be frozen? ~ dark_incarnate13
Nope! Your and your accounts are fine as long as you do one of the following:

Option A – Make the old one an alternate account. In this case, both accounts should have the same email address so concerned staff members won't be worried that you've been scammed, and will recognise that you are simply changing main accounts. :) Once you're done, you can keep the alt as long as you don't use it to earn Neopoints, so close down your shop there, if you have one.

Option B – Self freeze the old account if you really won't use it at all any more so it's very apparent that it's no longer in use.

Option C - Sprinkle faerie dust on your computer, spin in a circle 8 times, and yell "FLARB!"*

*Results not guaranteed.

TNT! My mysterious scroll has been stolen. Will I still get the prizes that people will get if they have the mysterious scroll because I really spent so much time in this plot and it is really unfair just to repeat everything. I felt really bad when it was stolen. ~ happyicyfun
Don't worry! Just go back to the temple and regain your previous crystal and repeat the last step. :) We're not *that* mean.

Read me and PERISH!

I know this won't get published probably, but I just wanted compliment the artists who worked on the LDP comic, especially the Nightsteed. I think he's one of the best drawn plot characters so far. I hope we see some more of him around... *cough* ~ blueelm
Published! Take that!

In all seriousness, thank you very much! I'm sure the artists that work tirelessly trying to illustrate these plots sincerely appreciate your compliment. It really is a bummer that we can't please everyone all the time, despite our best efforts, so it's an extremely good feeling to know that there are users out there that appreciate us! :)

As for the others... well, they will turn soon enough. Oh yes... soon enough.

I was just wondering how you pick who we will vote for in the Caption Contest. I have entered so many times and have never gotten picked. And I have come up with some really good stuff. ~ kimmymay03
Alas, though we do try our best, we simply don't have the man/woman/Neopet power to carefully read over the 10 to 20 thousand entries that rush in for each new caption contest. Yes everyone, we're talking FIVE digits here. *shudders* Of those, it's estimated 45% are something like this: (These are ACTUAL contest submissions. Usernames removed for privacy.)


What is a breads favorite type of shoe??? Answer;Loafers

hey! what's up!

yode la he yode la he yo de la he hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!


give me money

the world is big
And there are always more than a few that completely miss the concept, and write a *very* detailed paragraph about what's happening in the image. x_X

So, please, please forgive us if, while searching through the thousands we *are* able to read, your caption, which you believe to be particularly funny, doesn't make it to the finals. But see? Now you can be just that much more proud if you DO actually make it! :D

Hello! As you know you cannot promise a pet to any user...and if you are transferring s pet and someone else gets it all you can do is sit and hope that no one gets it! Well maybe we shouldn't have to use the pound? Maybe we could use a special transfer centre...yoyu know the one that you should create....like you could make it LIKe the pound..but when pounding it it could say "Which account would you like this pet to be reserved for?" then you put a username and you wait until that person could get it....it would lower the rate ofthose evil cheaters who ruine it for us honest guys! ~ britterstar
This has been something that we've wrestled with over and over again. However, doing something like that would give unconscionable users an easy way to sell their Neopets, which is strictly against the rules (both buyer and seller are frozen if this occurs). So alas, even though there is a risk, this is the best way to allow the legitimate transferring of pets by good Neopians while detering the bad Neopians from selling.


And now scenes from next week's Editorial...*

"...and that's how he was declared Arch Bishop of Glendale."

"If we told you that, we'd have to kill you."

"And that's why he always wears a chicken on his head when visiting Neopets Headquarters."
*May or may not be actual scenes from next week's Editorial.

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