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Are you going to put a Guild Spotlight on the site anytime soon? I would like to know. THANKS! :) ~ liamrh140
Unfortunately, this isn't really possible. Guilds can be a labour of love for the leader themselves or they could be a collaboration between all the people who serve on council as well as other members of the guild. One person may run guild activities while another designs the layout and another recruits members, etc. There is no way for us to fairly determine who should and shouldn't be awarded for their work in a guild, be it one person or 10, and there's really no definitive set of rules on what makes one guild better than another. Guilds are great to different people for different reasons. :)

Why can't we hold more than 50 items? I mean usually when i buy, i buy more than 50, but i have to have the extra hassle of putting my items somewhere else so i can buy more.. ~ annasmommy
Two words. Database. Okay, that's one word, but it sounds like two! With so many people enjoying the site, if we allowed users to have more items in their active inventory, it would really slow down the site for everyone. So, keep your chin up, and know that in having 50 items or less in your inventory, you are doing all of Neopia a great favour.

You are also helping to keep our DBAs sane, which is good for us since angry, rampaging DBAs make us cower. Nah, they're actually very nice, but that didn't sound as cool.

The following item names each refer to two different items. Baby Quiggle Plushie, Chomby and the Fungus Balls, Island Quiggle Plushie, and Red Cracker Hat. Can you make new names for the duplicates? Thanks ~ jonathanjar
Woops! Heh. Guess those items had such great names, we couldn't resist using them twice!

Nice excuse.

Thank you! Um, but to err, clear up any confusion, we've fixed the cases of simple name duplication, and will fix the duplicate plushies as soon as the artists can draw up some new ones.

In the bubbling pit in Maraqua, what's that funny looking neopet next to the maraquan shoyru? Is it a skeith? ~ amyrose2b
Yep, sure is. We wouldn't recommend calling it "funny looking" to its face though. Skeiths can be quite sensitive about that sort of stuff.

I'm only green because I'm seasick.

I got a yellow uni plushie in the auctions and I tried to auction it myself and it said that this item is to cheep to auction! Why won't it let me auction my yellow uni plushie? ~ hawaiicentral607
In an effort to stem the tide of minor auctions, which often included agonising amounts of bottles of sand and dung for sale, we decided to set a minimum limit on the Auction House. If an item isn't worth enough to auction, please consider selling it in your shop. This helps make the Neopian Auction House faster and more fun for everyone :) As for buying it but not being able to auction it, that's due to the fluctuating average price of the item. If the item has an average price that's right around the auction limit, some days it will be a few NP higher and you'd be able to auction it while some days it's a few NP lower and you can't.

Are Everlasting Apples really everlasting? Can you feed them to your pet again and again and again and again and it won't get any smaller? ~ tinksabella
Yep! Unless the Pant Devil or Grundo Leader steals it, an Everlasting Apple can feed your Neopets forever. And, before anyone asks, it's currently available in the Hidden Tower.

Obviously...the Rhuby Fruit is a new item sold at the Lost Desert. But the Lost Desert stores are closed, so no one can buy them! So what are we supposed to give to the kadoaties who what them? ~ ___sugarsweet___
Geesh, don't those Kadoaties know what's happening in the Lost Desert?! Have they been living in a cage or something?! ... Oh, right. Well, hopefully someone will figure out this mess and get Sakhmet back to normal so those Kadoaties can be fed.

please tell me what is the difference between rare/uncommon/special items. Thanx ~ lazzlouie
The terms "rare" and "uncommon" refer to an item's rarity. Just as the name implies, rare items stock more infrequently than uncommon items. Items labeled "special" are always rarity 101+, and it means that they do not stock in Neopian shops. They are given away through special offers, random events, or other site activities.

Why does the pound remove equiped battle dome items, but leave petpets attached? ~ jadenewt
Well, that'd just be cruel! Not only would a poor Neopet face abandonment, but to have its Petpet taken away too? That's just not right. Also, a lot of people were forgetting to remove weapons from their Neopet before abandoning them, and it was causing a large deal of whining—erm, distraughtment. Yay. New word.

why do we have the price changes page when it is nver updated,or at least the last update was about 3 years ago? ~ aa14bori
Erm… yeah… we meant to fix that. We actually have new price change functionality that we've been looking at using for this page (you may have seen it in action when trying to put a really cheap item up for auction). We'll get back on that and see if we can actually make that page useful. *blush*

when I try to enter my damaged evil coconut into my coin album the message I get is "Invalid Stamp!!!! Abandon Ship!!!" so if that coconut does not go in the coin album then what is it used for. Also, I notice on other accounts, that have completed the evil coconut page, they have 2 scorched evil coconuts entered. When I try to enter a 2nd one it tells me that I have already one in the page. Of course, this is very frustruating to say the least. If you could shed some light on this I would appreciate it. ~ donna111117
Ahh, that was careless. We must have duplicated a coconut by mistake! It's fixed now, so you should be able to put your Damaged Evil Coconut in your album. Sorry about that!

"Your reign of
tyranny has ended!"

"Curse your sudden but
inevitable betrayal!"

Today someone was trading a Starry Paint Brush Plushie. They said it would make your neopet starry if he or she played with it. I neomailed the person, asking about it (I was curious about how the user exepected anyone to fall for it), and they said that it worked for a friend and that it is random. Is it true that your pets will randomly be painted? ~ vicky199199
Absolutely not. That person was scamming, so if you see them again, please report them. Paint Brush Plushies will NEVER paint your Neopet. They are just plushies. Feeding Starberries to your Neopet will not make it Starry coloured either, or anything else these dishonest folk often claim. It's best to ignore any claims that seem fishy in the Trading Post. Speaking of fishy, the Tanglepus, Landfish, Squid, and other fish and creatures from the Underwater Fishing game are food, NOT Petpets. Phew!

i have seen all of these Ice pets coming out but i cant find an Ice paint brush. Does it even exist? ~ ratboy515
Nope! Just like Sponge, Robot, and other strange colours, Ice is only currently available through the Secret Laboratory Ray. Ice is so rare, not even the Fountain Faerie's magic can paint your pet that colour.

One time I saw a a trade saying that if I put this message in ten of my trades I get a pb. Iwas really ectited because I've allways wanted a pb. So I did what it said but when I did it, nothing came up. Then all of a sudden I got a warning! And I didn't know what I did wrong. Can you make it so that people can't do that? It was unfair for that to happen to me and its just as unfair for anyone else. Thank you! ~ jubjubqueen02
Alas, we have mentioned this several times on New Features, the Wall of Shame, and have set up filters to try to stop this from happening, but resourceful little troublemakers always sneak on through. *shakes fist* Please remember and spread the word: Posting anything any number of times whether it's on the boards, trading post, or anywhere else is simply spam, and nothing else. You will never get anything from it, and it has certainly never been approved by TNT. The only thing it will get you is a warning… and possibly lots of angry Neomails written in chat speak that you will not be able to decipher, which is at lot worse than a warning.

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