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All over the boards people are cursing the Scroll Repository Foreman for sending them to a corner or threatening them with that little club of his. Is there a way to get him as a challenger, so we can all get our own form of justice for his cruelty? ~ darkstormer666
He is a rather feisty little fellow with that cudgel of his, isn't he? Perhaps after the plot we can work on that so you can have your revenge. Or! Even better! SR Foreman vs. DFM Pteri death-match! Wicked.
You're not the
boss of me!
Back ta work,
ya lazy Pteri!

Because you have dedicated a WHOLE day to the Nightsteed is there going to be a nightsteed avatar?? OH PLEASE TNT there has to be a Nightsteed avatar. ~punk_rock_chick
Ohh, he *would* make a cool avatar, wouldn't he? Perhaps we didn't release one because we have other plans for an avatar with his likeness… *shifty eyes*

I live in England and I must say so far you've done a pretty good job of spacing things out so people on all timezones. I'd like to know how long this can go on; are there going to be parts where it's advantageous to be amongst the first to do something, and in particular will there be a prize at the end that there'sa race to get? ~ nerulean
We're trying. :) Anyway, without giving too much away, we'll say that we are keeping track of every piece of the puzzle each person completes. There are certain stages where completing things first will earn you more points than someone who completed it much later, but in general, the more of the puzzle you complete as a whole, the greater the reward will be at the end.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! The players of Cheat aren't updated!!!! My eyes!!!! It burns!!! Can you pretty please update them? ((Some bizarre ranting about a place called "Jelly World")). ~ mankieakapoogle
*looks* Oh dear... Oh... oh my! Oh, goodness, NOOOOooooo!! Wow, you're quite right. Several of them are *cough* quite in need of an update. We'll get right on that.

Is getting game avatars for other people against the rules? I know people have been frozen for it but I don't know why it would be against the rules. ~ sparkyfish
When someone offers to "help" you get a game avatar, the majority of the time they are simply scammers who are trying to trick you into giving them your password. Never EVER give anyone your password for any reason. They will definitely be frozen if they ask for access to your account.

Aside from this, having someone else play games for you (to get avatars or otherwise) means that you are not earning these things on your own. Someone else is doing all the work for you. This is cheating and is not acceptable.

Can you actually earn neopoints through the battledome? I have just started to invest a huge amount of my NP in the battledome, and a bit of "cash return" would be great :) ~ rebelx
Nope! Sorry, but nice try. We think the great honour of having shiny Defenders of Neopia and war trophies are all the reward you need. ;D You can also gloat over anyone you beat, so that's a plus.

I have collected all the pieces of the tablet and I went to the door in the temple that I had to enter. But now I can't get out of the room behind that door! It has been over three days now and every time I go to the temple I don't get to see the entrance, but I get sent to that room immediately. Did I do something wrong? Or is it a fault in the game?
Hrmm... we think we know what you mean. Try saying something that is not the correct thing to the thing in the room behind the door with the correct thing on it. Yeah.

It has recently come to my attention that people have been recieving warnings for putting pictures of themselves on this site. I personally think that as long as the photo is family friendly, it should be allowed. It should be up to the person posting the picture whether or not they want their fellow neopians to see what they look like. And as long as they are also taking careful steps to insure their own safety (not posting personal info, place of residence etc.) Then it should be fine. Can you please clear this up for me once and for all, Are we allowed to post pictures of ourselves or not? I'm really hoping that it's still allowed, as a parent I take precautions to ensure I don't give away too much personal info, to keep myself and my family safe. But there are people on this site I talk to on a regular basis, and I like to be able to put a face to their usernames, and vice versa. Please answer this question, as I know a lot of people are wondering the same thing. Thank you. ~ terri_baby24
Though many people are cautious with personal information, many others, especially younger users, aren't aware of the dangers of posting personal information on the internet. As a parent, I'm sure you can understand it is a protective measure to insure that our younger users are not unknowingly putting themselves in harm's way. As there is no way to enforce an age cut-off on the internet, we must do the responsible thing and try our best to keep all personal photos off the site.

I am a huge fan of swordsmaster talek! I would really appreciate if you would release a shopkeeper or two (and maybe an avatar >_>) featuring this great Draik. Thank you very much for the consideration. ~ minka22
Well, seeing that he's Maraquan and we're in the middle of the Lost Desert Plot currently, it may take a while for us to give him some attention. But once all this desert hooplah is over, maybe we can arrange for him to have his own special day... or at least an avatar if we can't manage a whole day. :)

I like the new system of submitting Galleris for the spotlight .. but what should I do if I had the gallery on a side account & wanted the trophy on my main account..P.S I don't want to move my gallery to my main account :) Thanks... ~ timejaunt
Our gallery spotlight judges assure us that if you mention this in the comments of your entry before you begin your description, they'll try their best to put the trophy on your main account.

TNT, can you make it where you can go back to tournament 1 on cellblock, most game avatars are hard to get, true. but dang this is just crazy, at least on flash games it dosnt just keep getting harder and harder to the point where you cant play it anymore, thats just crazy. it bugs about 30% of the people that play and arnt lucky couse you made the avatar random, i mean why does it have to be "SUPER HARD" AND "random". dosnt make it fair one bit for us unlucky ones. ~ mystic_fever
We will look into a reset feature, however the avatar is not random. Not random at all. From what we've seen, not one person has actually figured out the real trick to getting the avatar. It may seem random, but it's not by any means. I think it's the only one we've ever really stumped people with. *cackle*

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