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I've noticed that my lookup shield doesn't change on the exact day it should. It's always 1-2 weeks late. Could you possibly fix this? - sk8rguyzrh0tt
Because there are not an even number of days in each month, and to take into account leap years, the shield system works on approximately 30 days per month, not by calendar months. This is why you are seeing some differences.

When is the darkest faerie really going to be on sale? - Villagegreen070
It should be some time in September, as soon as we have an exact date, we will let you know.

There is an old lenny-day book called "The importance of being a Lenny" that already exists on your database, but never restocks or appears anywhere. Could you please activate this item so I can start trying to find a copy for my Lenny Gallery? - Ickessler
I am afraid someone has been fibing when they told you that book existed. I have double-checked in our datatbase and there is no such book. Maybe it was changed to something else and renamed?

How do you use the special red codestones - I_would_like_a_tiger
You use them to pay for training at the Secret Ninja Training School.

Did you base 'The Drenched' on the Three Witches from the play 'Macbeth'? - Mistet
Not on purpose, but I can see the similarities now you mention it.

Are Princess Vyssa and co. still in charge of Sakhmet? Because they weren't featured in the new TCG (except for one card where it mentioned something about Empress Vyssa). Are they still around? - Piggy_937
Not as such, no. This is a whole new plot set several years later. Vyssa has left her sister Amira to run the city while she is off on royal visits and such. (Plus we have had way too many Usul heroes and heroines).

When your going to the neopian lottery, on the picture that rolls the balls around, it says Machine Name: i.e. Arthur, etc. Does it really make a difference what name the machine is? - Goofaloonman06
No, each machine has the same chance to produce winning numbers. Its just a parody of the British lottery system where the various lottery machines have names like Arthur and Guinevere.

Can't you at *least* say happy Canada day to us Canadians? *gets all offended and stuff* xD - calico_kitties

So, I was just wondering if you could give us the date when the next plot is coming up next. Please?! - Littlebosheep347
We haven't totally decided yet, but when we know, I will let you know.

I recently purchased a Neopets Lost Desert TCG Booster Pack, you know the ones with a virtual prize code in them. On the front, where it said Lost Desert, there was a very stunning looking uni. It seemed to be covered in mummy tape, like it had been mummified or something. Its eyes were also glowing an evilish red, and a couple of wispy flame like shapes were at its hooves. I was wondering if you could please oh please please please make this an actual color to paint your uni with? If not make it a lab ray option, please? I REALLLLLLY love the look of that uni, and I highly reccomend you make like a mummy paintbrush or something before I go mad! Lol, thanks. :) - charmedrocker
Oh, that is The Nightsteed, he does look pretty snazzy I agree! You have a good point about a new paint brush though, with the Lost Desert paint brush being retired, Sakhmet could use some other options.

I have a problem. Every time I type "bilge dice", or, "diceroo" in the games search box, it says, "this game does not exist". And even when I get a direct link, it says, "this game is unavailable". Why is it doing this to me? Is there something wrong with my computer? I like collecting avatars, and those are some of my favorites. So, please help me! - majorasmask515
The search box only works with single words and it must be the name of the game. To look for Bilge Dice, search for 'bilge', for Dicearoo, search for 'dice'. If this doesnt work, it could be due to your country. Certain types of luck and chance games are not available to under 13's from certain regions of the world.

Do you draw header pictures specially for stories in the Neopian Times? I've noticed that you re-use certain ones, but then there are others that I've never seen before anywhere! - Savemako7290
Each issue there are about five or so new pictures drawn for the various articles, stories and continued stories. These are then added to our existing bank of Neopian Times images and may well be used again in future issues.

What computer games are you guys currently playing? - Doggo89124
At the moment Adam and I are playing World of Warcraft, Donkey Kong Junglebeat and Star Wars The Video Game :)

Since on AOL you can have a backround for while you are online I was hoping you could make some Neopets themed backrounds for AOL users like me to use. - doodlecake327
I didn't know that. Thanks for letting us know. I have asked our programmers/artists, if its possible, yes we will!

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