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Can you get the avvie playing zen mode in Meepit Juice Break? - Foreverfriends1324
Yes, you can still earn the avatar in Zen mode :)

"When you realease Meepit vs. Feepit, do you get to choose a petpet to play as? (either Meepit or Feepit)Thanks :-) - Nicky9346 You play a Feepit defending Neopia against the attacks of various dastardly Meepits. " WAH! I WANT TO BE A MEEPIT AND DESTROY THE GOOD LITTLE FEEPITS! *Sobs* Can't we be Meepits? PWEASE? - wiseowl1
You can be a Meepit if you chose to play the two player option. This does mean you have to rope someone in to playing next to you on your keyboard though. I am not sure if we can give the option to choose sides at the beginning of a one player game, but I will pester the programmers until I find out.

From some of my fellow players, I heard the Mr. Chips the ice cream man's species will be released. They want it badly as well, and so do I, I was just wondering what species is Mr. Chips and when he will be out. - Indomir
That species is tied into a new world that will be unveiled in the early summer. Until then I am afraid Mr. Chips is on his own. We do however have a new snake related species that will be released early next week.

I've looked and looked but I can't find a page explaining this. Are neogreetings free or not? I want to send some but I'm afraid I'll get a check. - Yazath
Yes, sending Neogreetings is 100% totally free. You can send as many as you like!

Thank you SOOO much for the updated Mynci look. Is there any way we can get some new colors for the Mynci to be painted too? I would like to be able to paint my Mynci with some of the more popular colors (Starry, Faerie, Royal). - chaeliperu
Our priority will be updating the existing colours, but once we have done that I don't see any reason why we wouldn't add some of the more popular paint brush options for Myncies.

The Neopian Times used to do a guild spotlight, what happened to that? Will you ever bring it back? - Tao_secar
That was a very long time ago and we stopped doing it as it was hard to choose without showing any form of favouritism as there were just so many equally worthy guilds.

Im a hardcore Nintendo fan and I was happy that the Neopets game was coming out, but then I was horrified to find that its only on the PS2!!! I dont own a PS2 or a PSP, please can Neopets the game be out on Gamecube as well? - Neo_crazy_life
I am afraid we do not have any plans to make a game on any Nintendo consoles. It is just PS2 and later on in the year PSP.

I loved the Faerie Pteri at first sight and promptly painted mine this gorgeous color upon its release, but I noticed that on the quickref page the faded Faerie Pteri is a broken image. Just thought I would bring this small error to your attention, thanks. - Valkyriemaiden
Well spotted, I will find out what happened there and get that fixed :)

Dear TNT, There were only 5k Cybunnies released on Cybunny day. I stayed up a long long time, but I fell asleep. I wanted to create my Cybunny, to paint royal for the whole year, I had been waiting for the day so long. Almost no one had a chance to create one, and I, and probably many, many others, would really appreciate another release of them. It'd mean so much to me.. - Loladdict
We actually released 20,000 Cybunnies in total, but it was spread over the course of Cybunny Day and the Day after. We released them in waves of 5,000 at a time to try to give people in different time zones a chance to get them.

We need more Maraquan things, you know pets, petpets, furniture, toys, shops, neohome locations, and stuff like that. - sesshomarusbaby5683
I totally agree and we will have more Maraquan things soon :)

When I started on neopets, I never got a starter paint brush. Why is this? The only paintbrushes I have in my SDB is the ones I found surfing the site. How can I/you fix this? Iwishtoo8
I am afraid only newly created accounts will have the starter paint brushes. If you started your account before the brushes were released then there is no way for us or you to get them.

Will the items that were on the Hasee day news ever be released? I really want that Hasee card for my neodeck. - Iced_steelix
Oops! The card hadn't been added, it has now been released and you should see it start to pop up in the Collectable Card Shop. The other Hasee items appear to have been released just fine though.

I have noticed that the Stuff page is still under construction but nothing has changed for quite a while. Are you still working on it? And when should it be finished? - 12silly_willy12
The Stuff page was updated a little earlier on this week. At the moment that is everything we know about and can tell you all, as soon as more news becomes available it will be added to that page.

I was reading posts in my guild and glanced at the guild stats and noticed this... Guild Stats Page Views: 96922 Members: 25 Messages: 277 Founded: 12/31/1969 Why does it say 12/31/1969? Nothing about that date is right for the guild! Especially the 1969!! - Justash710
I think something freaked out when we deleted the older guilds. It is a glitch on our end that set a lot of guild dates to 1969 and we are working on fixing this.

Could it be possible to put grooming items like brushes and eyeshadow and stuff into neohomes? And possibly clothing as well? (Since clothing doesn't really have much use otherwise...) - Zoku_beck
You can only do one thing with each item. For example you can't play and eat something. That was the way we set things up in the beginning and to change it now would require a total recode of the site. It would be nice if you could play with your piano and see it in your Neohome, but right now that is not something we can do.

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