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Could you give us a clue about that Snicklebeast avatar pleeeeaaaase ? :D - monann
It is a tricky one to get, but ok. You have to make sure you take good care of your Snicklebeast...

When will you put some stuff in the smugglers cove? its been ages since you last put anything in there!!!! thanx Burberrykitten
Oooh good point. I will get some new things added next week.

Please help me if possible...Im an avid stock fan although ive yet to actually participate. This changed recently (almost) because Im a huge fan of achyfi and wanted to purchase ACFI only to find it not available. Is there a reason as to why when you guys posted it as a new item last week? - pontiacinf

In the new year, you said you were rebuilding Maraqua. When are you? - Laurathemonkey678
Very soon. It is co-inciding with our new story line set in Maraqua. You should start to see things happening around the end of February so not that far away at all.

Are the heiroglyphs on Coltzan's Shrine true Egyptian heiroglyphs? If so, what do they say? - Earthfaerie174
They are just made up symbols that are loosely based on Egyptian symbols. They do not actually say anything.

What is happening to the honourary book club award we have been promised? - the_3_baudelaires
The trophies have been designed (and they look rather spiffy). They should be launched early next week.

Why is Mystery Island called "Mystery" Island? It doesn't seem very mysterious at all!! - polishsky
It was very mysterious when it was first discovered, but that was over 4 years ago and most of the things on the island have been explored. There are still some mysteries, such as the Lost City of Geraptiku though :D

Valentines Day is a big thing in the U.S., are you planning anything special for neopets that day? - bluesky4323
Valentines Day is big all over the world, not just in the US. Yes we will be doing quite a lot of Valentine themed things, but remember Neopets is not a place to find your valentine and dating/asking for dates is 100% totally against our chat rules. (Not that you neccessarily would Bluesky, just wanted to make it totally clear where we stand on that point).

Uh, is it a coincidence that the Ice Cream Machine theme sounds somewhat like Meepit Juice Break's? Cause I love it!:D - Alabamaangyl
Hehe, it is quite possible they sound similar. They were both written by our resident games guru and musician Oliver - yay for Oliver!

How do you make your font invisible? You know, the font that you can only see if you highlight it. I have been trying to figure it out forever. Thanks. - niikh
Doing this is against our chat terms as the monitors cannot see what you are typing. If you do this you WILL be warned. If you keep doing this, you may end up suspended or frozen.

Are you guys sure that the 'Test your Strength' game isn't broken?? Jackpot : 263,904,900 NP Wouldn't it be alot fairer to have 263 people win a million each, than one person winning over 263 million? No one could ever need that many neopoints!!! - noisynik
That may be fairer but I am sure there are a few players out there who could think of something to do with all those Neopoints. Maybe they couldn't spend them all at once, but I'm sure they would have fun trying :)

hey, can you PLEASE tell me why there have benn so few editorials lately? The editorials are one of the best sections of the neopian times and there are so few... - 12hc12
Issue 176's editorial was a little late, but it is there now. The Neopian Times went live too early this time (hence the editorial was unfinished and there were broken images all over the place). The Neopian Times should go live with Friday's news which has only just gone live. With any luck this won't happen again.

Could you please add more worlds or places to visit. If you have plans please tell me. T.Y. - katrinamap
As well as the return of Maraqua, we will be adding a rather unpleasant place known as Scurvy Island where only the nastiest pirates in the land visit.

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