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I absolutely LOVE the little kiko MP3 dude. I was curious if you could PLEEEEAAAASE make him an avatar? .-. -pouty face- Pretty please with sugar ontop? ^-^; - Twanky_angel
Hehe I don't see why not.

Hi Neopets Staff, I was wondering what exactly Maraqua is for? You can't do anything there! - Sweetie_kitten_w
After we have finished all the Terror Mountain stuff we will be focusing on Maraqua and you should see a lot of new developments and things to do there.

I LOVE TO READ THE NEOPEDIA, but i cant find it on the site. i usually just have to type it in the search box. is there somewhere that its officially on the site? and if not than can you make one to make people more aware of the great neopet stories?! - Luckedout
It is linked to from the front page and a couple of other places around the site, but it will be more obvious shortly when we finish re-organising the Explore, World and Pet Central pages.

Do you think it would be possible to add an end game button in the Usuki Frenzy game for those times your losing to badly? I've noticed it in other games (such as kiko match 2 and freaky factory) and I really would appreciate it in Usuki Frenzy - Takeme0ut4271
I will ask the programmer rexponsible for Usuki Frenzy and see if this is possible.

Ok,ok, enough already with making the really awesome neopet stuff random, because lets face it random events on neo are one in a million,I haven't even had the pleasure of seeing a stocked shop on neopets that does sell the cool stuff!I've given up all hope for a paintbrush,or buying from neopia shops, but to go and make the cool graphics random too, come on guys...throw us little mutts a bone too.Seriously though.Waiting for the killer random events around neopia is like waiting for the lottery in real life, it ain't gonna happen unless your 95 and about to kick the bucket anyday now.No, really, it seriously makes a lot of us just want to give up. - Mexiliciouslatina
I will see if we can add some new less hard to get things around the site, also stay tuned on Monday when a new sidebar will be Unveiled for all!!!!

On the world page it says coming to neopia is Meepit VS Feepit. Is Meepit VS Feepit going to be a game or war or what? (go feepit!) - Foxdemon1
It is going to be a totally awesome fighting game with (you've guessed it) Meepits vs Feepits! I can't wait!


I think the halloween side bar was really cool. I was also wondering if you were by any chance going to be adding a Christmas Theme side bar? - Blue2035
Oh yes! There are MANY new sidebars planned :)

Will any new neopets be coming soon (by 2005) :) - Neolordv
With any luck, there are several ideas we are playing with.

Why did it say "Editorial coming soon...(Promise)"? I LOVE the editorial secton! Must... Read... Can't... AGHHH!!!!!!!!!!! - Yadayada
Sorry, I have been sick for the past few days and didn't want to hold up the rest of the news any longer. The editorial is coming as fast as I can :)

Erm, so..uh..whats up with the name; "Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop?" Heh... - Agentmisty45
Heh. Its a joke really loosely based on a shop we once saw that had an equally ridiculously long name.

I went to Donny's Toy Repair Shop and gave him a 'BROKEN' Mynci Puppet. All he did was say : 'Bah, there doesn't seem ta be anything wrong with that!!' ???? - Because_why__
Some of the broken toys haven't yet been added to Donny's repair shop. This can be because there isn't a fixed version or we just missed it the first time round. We will be adding more broken toys and fixed version so everything that is broken, punctured, ripped, torn etc will be repairable.


Is this having Neopet's color turn red when they are angry permament? PLEASE SAY IT ISN'T!! Paintbrushes are expensive as it is. Also it implys that we must spend every available moment on neopets, I don't want to feel dominated by this! - Ro_laren
It is permanent, just like the blue random event but if you care enough about your Neopets to have them painted a special colour, then you should have no problems keeping them happy and this will never happen to you.

What is exactly the "Happiness Faerie". In my opinion, he looks awfully like Sloth - Oreostar7761
What? No! She looks nothing like Dr Sloth! I don't know what you are talking about :p

Can you please make more colors for the Jetsams to be available in? They only really have 'older' colors to choose from. Maybe a Pirate color or a Tyrannian color! - Shadeydragon
Yeah. I just noticed that Jetsams and Flotsams don't have an awful lot of colour choices. We will add some more shortly.

The poll today said something about baby neopets. There are no shops for baby neopets and the help page doesn't know either. What are baby neopets? Where can I get one? - Lanhamdust97
Baby is just another paint brush colour, much like Brown, Spotted and Rainbow. You need to use a Baby Paint Brush on your Neopet and it will turn into a Baby version. If you go to the Rainbow Pool it lists all the Neopets that can be painted Baby.

What's your favorite patato topping? - Notstinky
Without a doubt beans and cheese (although it has to be Heinz beans).

I love the new Bori Neopet, but I did not have the chance to get it. Will there be other chances to get one? - Peanut_dms_girl
Bori and Rukis are not limited edition or restricted so anyone can adopt one at any time. Just go to 'Create a Pet' or the pound.

I saw someone with a 3rd place trophy for something called Theme Parks, what is this? I couldn't find it in the games room. Thanx! - Ottodog72
It was something we did a very very very long time ago back in year one. You cannot get that trophy anymore as theme parks no longer exist.

What does UL mean? O___o; - Dekushin
On Neopets it is normally used to refer to a person's User Lookup.

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