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Hi there are two guilds I really wanna join and I was just wondering if I could join both? - Happpiii
Sorry, I am afraid you will have to choose just one guild to join.

Will lab ray users be able to get a ice bori by using the ray, or will it be a color you can only get if you downloaded the toolbar? - Faerie40000
No, you can only get an Ice Bori if you downloaded the toolbar. We will be adding many more colours for Bori though so don't be too sad if you didnt get a chance to get the Ice one.

Will you be releasing more Jetsams on Jetsam day? - Blotsd
Oh yes! 30,000 of them to be precise.

Do you guys do daylight savings time? - Rydia_caller
Yup! I can't wait for that extra hour of sleep :)

I have a question. I recently learned about all the different neopets merchandise, and I'm wondering if some of the older stuff is still available. Especially the stuff in the K-Mart stores. Is there any way to get that stuff still? Like, is there somewhere online we can purchase different merchandise? Thanks! - Jrschrader
Some of our older merchandise is no longer sold such as the plushies in velvet bags. I am not sure about the K-Mart stuff, that really depends on the store if they have any left or not. You could try looking on an auction site like E-bay for some of the more hard to get Neopets things.

Could you make more Baby colors! I don't think you've made one for a while, and I want to get a Baby pet. THANKS NEOPETS TEAM!!! YOU GUYS ROCK MY SOX!!! - Goodmeetsevil422
Hehe :) Actually we have a Baby Ruki coming out very soon so you should be quite happy about that.

I was so excited about Bori Day, but when I saw that there were new Bori shopkeepers in the news, I couldn't find them! Could you pleeaase make it so I can have a Bori shopkeeper? Thank you so much! - Bori_luver_4ever
Eep! I forgot to make them live. They should be working now and here they are so you can see them anyway. We will add the standard Bori colours next week once there are a few more to choose from.

Just wondering... what was the original neopet? - Rwaaccount
The first one I ever drew was the Grarrl so I guess that would make it our first Neopet.

I noticed that you didn't say Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians out there:(:(:( I am very disappointed!!!!:( - Hidalgo123
Opps, sorry. I didn't know it was Thanksgiving in Canada. Hope you had a great day anyway and didn't eat too much :)

What are the names of those new Robot Petpets that were released a while back?
In order they are called Snoogy, Wain, Blobagus and Charnie.

Where can I get a infinite negg bag - Higa92
You can get a Bag of Infinite Neggs from the Ice Crystal shop. They are quite rare thoug so you may not see them that often.

Why did you make it so that the Bori could be created by anyone? I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining, and if I am, sorry, but you guys said that the Bori would ONLY be able to be created by downloading the Toolabr (love the toolbar, btw); and it just seems like you're going back on your word by making thema available for everyone. - Megabyte320
The Ice Bori is only available to people who downloaded the toolbar. We didn't say you would only be able to create a Bori if you did the offer, but we did say you would be able to create your Bori first. Everyone else had to wait almost a week before they could get one for themselves and have no way to get an Ice Bori at all. If we had made the Bori only createable when you downloaded the toolbar that wouldn't be fair to everyone in countries where they couldn't participate in the offer or people who use a shared computer and aren't allowed to install things on it.

I just got my own Illusen action figure. Why does it come with a Mortog? - Brubru174
All the action figures come with a Petpet. As Illusen lives in Meridell we thought it only right that she came with a Meridell Petpet.

How often will the new userlookup spotlight be announced? (*is patiently awaiting the first one*) - Noone30
Oh goodness I totally forgot about that. I will find out what happened as it should have started last week.

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