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Will you update the Kougra pages to the new look? - Monkey_feet800
Yes, we have one Kougra left to change (the Christmas Kougra) and then we will change the web page images.

My pet was changed from a peophin, to many different things and now is a quiggle. This happened from the lab. I looked at my pet page once, and its still on peophin. Why doesnt it change when my pet does? Its kinda weird. - Hockey_princess330
It is because you edited our pet's page when it was a Peophin. If you edit the page it will not update to the new template whenever your pet's species changes. You can reset the page to default by going to the edit your pet's web page area and selecting "Restore to Default".

On the "coming soon" part of the world page, there is something called "attack of the slorgs". Is this a trading card pack or game or something? - Kittyai
It is a new game that we are working on featuring (as you may have guessed) Slorgs.

What will the Neopets PS2 game be about? I have PS2 and am planning on buying it ASAP when it comes out..What pets star in it? And is it going to be like the website, or totally different? - T0ri3
I am not sure of the official release date but it should be sometime next Summer. It will be very different to the website in terms of play, but it will have many familiar characters and locations.

In one of my issues of Neopets Magazine, I noticed the yall already released the Illusen, Grarrl, and Scorchio action figure. But my brother and I have been wondering: When will you release the Werelupe King, Lord Kass, and Jeran action figures into Wal-Mart? - Crazy_amy_rose
I believe we were waiting to see how poplular the first three figures were before releasing the second set. As far as I know the second set should be released just before Christmas.

I love the all the new neopets AIM and MSN icons! In fact, (besides adding more of the addictive little things) I would only change one thing: It would be nice if they were organized into a few pages instead of one huge one, maybe by subject, so it would be easier for me to find the ones I want, and quicker to load the animations. - Stone_coldsa
I agree. The page is getting a bit much now. We will probably split it into several pages and have a keyword search or something like that so you will be able to find a particular icon more easily.

Is it true if you groom your pet with a Sponge Grundo Sponge it will become a Sponge Grundo? - Besty33333
No, heh that is not true. I am sure someone is saying that to try to drive up the price of their Sponge Grundo Sponges.

Could you make a archive of all the weird quotes that appear just below the Neopian Times letterhead on every page? I'd really like to read them all without refreshing thousands of times. - Shgiusdhioasr
That is not really something that we would do. We don't generally like to give away everything. Try looking on a Neopets fan site. Many of them have 'spoilers' for items, quests, random evets etc.

Did you ever think of making a REAL petpet quiz to see what petpet you are most like? - Theneopianfaeriegirl
We did originally intend to do that, the Slorg thing was just a joke. I guess it is getting pretty old now though...

If the faeries were...proportionally sized, would they be larger or smaller then the neopets? (like, are they human sized or are they small creatures) - Nifferluv
Being extremely magical they can change sizes at will. Sometimes Faeries will be very small and able to whizz around all over the place (and be caught in a bottle if they aren't careful). Other times they can be much larger than the average Neopet.

Violins go for about 40k. I bought one. I thought my pets would be able to play it. But you can't!!! Why is a useless item so expensive?! And can you make it so our pets CAN play with it??? - Peachfuzz109
Oops, this is being fixed now.

Will you be releasing an ice bori morphing potion? - Phillipa36639
Not for general release now, but if you do have four pets and you are eligible for the Ice Bori you will be given the option of changing one of your existing pets. I know we said this would not be the case last week, but due to popular demand we changed our minds :)

I love the Meridale background map you came up with, but as I was looking at the actual worlds it doesn't seem to match. For instance the Darigan Citadel is right next to Brightvale. Were they attacked during the recent war? What was their roll? I also noticed the Lightwater River, but that's not on the worlds either... plus neither Meridale nor Brightvale seem to be near the sea. Are you planning on redoing the world maps to match the background? I think it would be very cool if you could. - kaioti
It is really just an artistic rendition of the area so isn't 100% accurate. We won't be changing the maps to this style, but we may well be adding more backgrounds done in this way for other areas.

As you may have seen, we will be changing the yellow side bar and clearing up some confusing navigation points soon. Thank you to everyone who submitted a suggestion. We have tons of great ideas. We plan to add the following and are still considering many other things.

  • Add a real-time NST clock (including a seconds counter) to the yellow bar
  • Giving you the option of selecting a different theme/colour scheme for your side bar
  • Making Pet Central only include things to do with your Neopet
  • Either renaming or removing the world page so it isn't confused with the explore page.

Here are some of the comments that were sent in.

I think it would be cool if users could make their own sidebars for shops or guilds, and then for an amount of neopoints each week or so, their sidebar would come up on the sidebar. Like where you advertise for games and such, we could advertise guilds or shops. - _landa

The first thing I would do to organize Pet Central would be to move all things related to web pages out. This would include, fun images, tiled images, etc the stuff at the bottom that gets over looked until you try and do a web page or guild layout. Also in the graphics move I would include moving "your pets page" to a button of "graphics" this button would include the HTML handbook, the fun images that can be used, your pets page. This would make the most sense. I would also make a separate button for competitions. Right now it's lost and most newbies might not know to check out Pet Central for competitions. Those are just my thoughts. Good luck for whom ever has to make the decision and then the one who has to do the code :) - mainecoonrules

I think on one of the pages there should be a list of possible random events. - flattboy

I think that when you changethe Pet Central Page you should put the pic of the pet your currently have on the spot that says pets. - iluvmypuppy202

I think that when you change pet central, you should add things that have to do with your pet, like when you edit your petpage, and your account info, and stats and possibly a small menu of items you have. something of the sort, I think it should just center mainly around the pets you have. ^^ - yyh_hiei_babe

You should create a icon on pet central to create your pet's page and info on how too! - notka

Everypersons pet central page has a link to there guild. - dorishammond91

It would be nice to have a link to the neopedia on the world page. - ixihelper380

On the pet central page you could change feed pet to feed pet info because when I first started I thought that was how you fed your pet. - animerawks

On the Pets Central page, a link to a page introducing newbies to neopets will be helpful and saves the hassle of the other experience neopians trying to explain the basics in the Help Neoboard for instance. Also, there could be a portal linking to our Neodeck Collection, Stamps etc, links to editing our neoboard preferences, userlookup all in a page. My last suggestion would be a conspicuous link to the Neopets Terms & Conditions as well as a list on what is to do and what not, on the website. - aphromeda

I think you should add a brief description of what's been happening lately like: dr sloth just attacked us, here's what that meant to you neopians, We had to do________to try to stop him ....etc.etc. - metris69

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