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Hi TNT! I noticed that the new "Illusens Curio Cabinet Background" released for Illusen Day is a background instead of a background item? I'm not sure if this was intentional, but it felt weird not being able to have a background while using this item in customisation.. I noticed there were no other wearables like this in the background category, so I was wondering if this may be a mistake. If so, it would be really cool to have this as a background item instead! Thank you!! ~ jerkypal
Hello! Thanks for bringing this our attention. Perhaps Jhudora was up to her tricks again to “celebrate” Illusen Day… We have fixed this now though so you should be able to add whichever background you like! Happy customising! ~~ Adler

Hey TNT! Thanks SO much for the new Captain Bloodhook Stamp for the Krawk Island album! I was wondering if you had any plans soon for more stamp releases for unfinished older albums? Moltara, Qasala, Neovia and Treasures of the Deep could also use some love! ~ __ninth_gate__
Hi there! If you have any specific requests, head on over to the latest “Pet Day Suggestions” under Site Events on the Neoboards and feel free to request whichever stamps you’d like to see. We read through all of your suggestions for upcoming Pet Days! ~~ Adler

Around the edges of the Mara Xweetok's mane, there's a grey, opaque blob that was - rather obviously - meant to be a shadow. It overlaps and cuts the arm and body pattern in a very distracting way. Do you think we might see the Mara Xweetok gain it's shadow back with all the proper opacity it needs to not look weird? I can only hope for the blob to be vanquished and return as a proper shadow so that items like the Maraquan Rainbow Knitted Sweater don't look weird. ~ lunerflower
Hello! Thanks for writing in! We have made the proper fixes for the Maraquan Xweetok’s mane, so your Pet should now be able to wear the Maraquan Rainbow Knitted Sweater without looking weird! Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Happy Customizing! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

hi tnt! so, i've noticed a lack of pizza related wearables. there's like, 1 that i could find, and it's just a pizza splattered on the screen. my pizza delivery kougra needs somewhere to work, and the people need somewhere to eat! is there any chance you guys could put a pizza-related bg (and/or other wearables eventually?) on the list of things to do please? :') pizzaroo is crying himself to sleep every night and it's really sad! ~ anonymous
Hello! This response might be a little cheesy but we wanted to give you pizza mind… Rest assured that your delivery Kougra will be rolling in dough soon… ~~ Adler

Hi team, I love all the work you have been doing around the site - especially removing the issue that made foods yucky and books and toys boring! But I found an error while reading some newly unboring books to my Grundo. The book "Most Memorable Dr Sloth Quotes" has the caption "So no one will ever get the words of this fearless leader." As we all know how furious Dr Sloth can become over the simplest slights towards him, I think it's best to update the word "get" to "forget". Please include my username so he knows I'm a loyal servant. ~ callisto2002
Your dedication to Virtupets Corps has been noted and his evilness' manifesto has been adequately updated to portray his highest form of intelligence. Thank you for your loyal services. ~~ Fae

Hi TNT! I'm super excited about the next round of nostalgic styles :) However, it looks like the Maraquan Pteri was forgotten about even though the old art for it exists! Is there any way the nostalgic Maraquan Pteri could be included with the other Nostalgic Maraquan styles? Thank you :D ~ froguin_97_
The cute, chubby Maraquan Pteri will indeed be swimming into the Styling Studio with their other friends on 3/26! They were looking a little too close to their converted counterpart, but we took a closer look at the differences in that happy little face and added them in. c: ~~ Fae

My Mutant Grundo has been using the Laboratory Ray Background that I bought in the NC Mall a few eternities ago, and now it's not letting him hang out there anymore. What have I done to offend you? ~ anonymous
You’ve done nothing to offend us! Sorry for any concern, but we’ve looked into this issue, and have restored Labratory Ray Background so it ready for your Mutant Grundo to once again hang out there! Happy customising! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

Hi TNT! Any chance we could get the Winter Whimsical Faerie Wings re-zoned to 'Wings' instead of 'Right Hand Item'? My faerie Draik can't hold her Fyoras Collectors Staff and have pretty wings at the same time :( And speaking of the staff, it's zoned as both 'Right Hand Item Front' and 'Right Hand Item Back', which is messing with how it shows up. Could it be moved to just front? A million thanks!!! *tempts with huge bowl of sour candy* ~ dinosaur
*Tempted by huge bowl of sour candy* Hello! Thanks for bringing up this issue to us and for the sour candy! We have made the proper fixes, so now your Faerie Draik should be able to hold her Fyora Collectors Staff and wear the Winter Whimsical Faerie Wings at the same time! Happy customising! ~~Goldfish in Bowl


Thank you for giving us the option to click away the add banner. Sometimes it was hard to click on something which was hiding behind it (: ~ wewearinfinity

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