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Hello! I have a question regarding the Art Gallery competition that several of us would like clarification on. Is traced artwork over OFFICIAL artwork (such as items or pet poses without significant changes to the overall linework/proportions) considered valid for the competition? ~tiffymew
Hello!! For the Art Gallery, you would not be able to use traced art work. It’s fine to use official art as inspiration for your images but they should be done 100% by the person entering. If you see these, please report them under Stolen Art so they will go to me, and we can get them replaced. Thanks!! ~~ Kikocat

Hi TNT! Thank you so much for adding the cute Marafin to the weekly rewards from Quest Log! Could we have new colours for Marafin to celebrate? Faerie, Royal or Plushie would be loved! ~kingambit
Hi there! The Marafin is such a cute Petpet! While we can’t make any promises, perhaps, keep your eyes peeled on future releases! ~~ Adler

Would you ever consider making more of the Brightvale Armor items wearable? I know they’re Battledome armor but they’re all so beautiful! At the moment, one of them (the Cloak of the Night) is a wearable item, so it’d be lovely if the other Brightvale Armors could get the same treatment! Thank you! ~mystic_mage_sprite
Hello! Thank you for the suggestion! While we can’t make any promises, we will absolutely keep this in mind for upcoming and future releases! ~~ Adler

Trudys Ball Gown covers up part of my Shoyru's hand when worn, please can this be fixed :) ~xxlozfanxx
Hello! We can absolutely fix this issue! Your Shoyru’s hand should no longer be covered when wearing this gown! Happy Customising! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

Hi there!! I'm one of the many people who have been absolutely loving and thriving since the return of UC styles. Though I have to admit, I've been extremely disappointed to see some of these styles return in their far less dynamic pose. Some designs seem to arbitrarily use the circle pose, while others use the happy pose with seemingly no formula behind that choice when the other is the more favored, exciting, or dynamic version of that pet. Is there any hope that we will eventually be able to unlock, or even pay for, the other pose that was not chosen? For example, Faerie Bori and Grey Kougra come to mind. ~rascle90
Hey there! We love to see nostalgic Neopia thriving~ It is unfortunately difficult to nail down a precise formula for picking poses, since each old Pet is as unique as the next and what works for one species might not be the best choice for a different one. Since art is very subjective and there’s lots of different types of poses that might be favourites for some and not so much for others, there will most definitely be room in your Styling Chambers for lots more poses in the future to pick your personal favorites from! ~Fae ♥

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