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Continued Series

A Corsair Among the Stars

"To say that tensions were high would have been an understatement..."

by zennistrad
Illusen's Quest

"Illusen stared at the Dark Faerie's outstretched hand. Her mind was no longer thinking straight..." Collab with knightwolfalex

by rurirawr
The Missing Mask

"The next day after breakfast, Toxi set out with Molly in tow back to the disco. This time..." Collab with somerebelkid

by 77thbigby
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"The Missing Shopkeeper " by orlytheowl
Kara the Kau was a familiar face for many Neopians. She had managed to do the impossible, - building a career working as a jokester for King Skarl. He had personally taken her in after she told him the best joke he had ever heard, one beautiful Spring day a few years ago. Kara had soon become close with the King. He would confide in her, complain to her about other Neopians' terrible jokes and tell her his worries and troubles. He was in fact quite a moody man, but Kara had somehow managed to get on his good side. Two things the King desired were food and wealth. The days passed on, making sure the King had what he needed and trying to keep him happy. It was a full-time job. One day King Skarl told her that he had heard rumours that the oh-so-wealthy Post Office Shopkeeper was missing: “If anyone gets their paws on that Chia’s fortune before I do, good Fyora, they are going to regret it!” King Skarl said with a vengeance. Kara saw an opportunity to get some time off from her usual duties and quickly replied: “Dear King, if you like, I could go check out the situation for you. I could look for clues about the whereabouts of the missing Chia. I mean, what good would it be to get your paws on his fortune if the Chia were to return next week and reclaim his fortune?” Kara said in a friendly tone. “THAT IS NOT FUNNY! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY!” The King yelled. He sighed. “But I guess you’re right. You are to report back to me immediately...

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Secret Origins of the Factory
"Many have heard of the fabled Grundo known as 'The Grundo Thief' – as if he does not have a name..."

by surging


The Missing Shopkeeper
"Kara the Kau was a familiar face for many Neopians. She had managed to do the impossible..."

by orlytheowl


A Tyrannian Victory Day Shopping List
"Every year, on May 12th, Neopians of all sorts gather to celebrate Tyrannian Victory Day. This day commemorates the brave Tyrannians who fought for their freedom against the oppressive and evil forces that sought to overtake the historic land of Tyrannia."

by cryistalene


To All Returning Players...
"I mean, Neopets offers a variety of activities and it can get overwhelming. So here's a little guide to help to ease the confusion and offer some things to start with." Collab with vanillerrybeitje

by maryannyks


Something has Happened! - Jubusul

by jjensen687


Window Shopper
A mutant should look their best!

by ingvani

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