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Continued Series

A Hero's Journey: It Takes Two - Part 5

"After dawn, Jeran, Rohane and Will trudged through the woods back toward Meridell Castle – or rather, in the general direction they believed the castle to be."

by precious_katuch14
A Walk in the Woods - Part 2

"What was usually only a ten-minute visit was more like fifteen today. My watch now read six forty-five in the morning. I continued down the path to Neovia and enjoyed the spooky scenery as my feet went from a dirt path to greeting the cobbled walkways of the town."

by cyber1ofkakoradesert
And Time Stood Still - Part 2

“Hey!” a voice called again from the entrance to the fishing cove, “What are you doing here?!”

by kaitlinhoneybee
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The Library Faerie's Top 10 Books Around Neopia

Today we are going to talk about one thing: books. I am going to share ten awesome books that I hope you might take an interest in. They are from all parts of Neopia. From Lost Desert to Haunted Woods – books are here to stay. Anyway, I’m the notorious Library Faerie of the Faerieland Bookshop! I’m back again after my talk about my favourite glasses that I wanted to share with you all.

Other Stories


Alma the Brave Little Chomby
”Woah, there little one!” Scarlet swooped down and intercepted the little Chomby before she could wander into the cave. “That is no place for you.”

by rkbear


The Silent Warrior
"It all starts in the Battledome. There was a warrior who fought there called SEAGLA55-her trainer, Tallulah, or tarulliah, as she was formally known, was very proud of her warrior."

by tarulliah


The Non-Pirates of Krawk Island
"From the desk of Hawise Minthamm, Brightvale scholar, folklorist, and journalist."

by hyperspacebeing


Interesting Facts About Usukis & Quigukis
"Usukis have been the collector's craze of Neopia since 2001! While most Usukis are loosely based on existing feminine toys, some are just Usul items with the Usuki name, and some are just pink accessories."

by coolkaius


Blossoms~ Coming to Light Part 1
It's not about the money! It's about the experience!

by twillieblossom


Spot the Difference Edition #16
Can you find the 10 differences? collab with chantluigi and sandralala

by not_sporty

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