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Continued Series

The Return of Destiny

Chapter 7: "From afar, eyes turn black" collab with sportsagain and noelia_pets

by venused
Where Are They Now: Heroes, Villians and Icons

the final chapter!

by mickey_a94_a39
Tyrannian Concert Hall Bands: An Origin Story

the penultimate chapter!

by honorrolle
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"Castle Planners Journal: The Buried Medallion" by ferretboy85
Gaius the Bori climbed up the tall pile of dirt that he had created, and wiped some of the mud off his claws. Up a couple of feet higher on the dirt pile, he could get a slightly better view of the floor plan he had made so far. The end-of-Fall chilly air was starting to come in, so he had to dig the foundation for the next building, before the frost kicked in. To make the job harder, he had to dig the trench deep enough to be below the frost, a few feet down.

Other Stories


The Littlest Roo Island Fan
I decided to write this story after getting an idea about my Kougra Javaier helping out his favorite team, Roo Island.

by nickythewizard


Watching Petals
"Carpets of mountain pinks fringed the pathway of the Meridell Botanical Garden. Lush magnolias, cherry blossoms, and flowering pear trees covered the lawn. Pastel tulips numbering in the thousands spread into the distance. Everywhere, Spingabees and Beekadoodles flit this way and that, happily harvesting nectar from each bloom."

by parody_ham


Tyrannia in Modern Neopia
"Although still adorned with the prehistoric markers of a time long forgotten, Tyrannia has barely maintained it’s tough exterior through the ages and it begs the question - what does it mean to be Tyrannian in modern Neopia?"

by gloomrain


Some Wacky Ways To Improve The Altador Cup!
"The Altador Cup is in full swing as I’m writing this article, and the players are grinding away at the games! We’re playing Yooyuball, slinging slushies, making tons of noise, and shooting Yooyus past Jelly Chia goalies!"

by indulgences


Logging back into Neopets..#2
Meerca Chase when? collab with pisces_babe_

by hotredfirefaerie


AC Weewoo
I feel so honoured...

by linnipooh

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